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We have all picked up a product off the shelf just because it looks attractive. Sometimes it’s the story on the packaging and other times, it simply looked irresistible. Whether we buy it or not, we cannot deny that the right packaging is capable of catching our attention.

Product and packaging design is a complex and delicate field of design, which requires great attention to detail and storytelling. It is all the more important in this discipline of design to understand and keep up with the latest fashion, since trend gives us a sense of what catches people’s attention, what they want and what they desire. Read on to catch the drift of what’s in style for 2021 in product and packaging design.

01 Go Green!

Packaging Design by Shaivalini Kumar
by Supernova Design

Packaging Design by Uido design Packaging Design by Uido design Packaging Design by UIDO Design
by Uido Design Studio and Lautaro Lucero


The threat of climate change and global warming are very real and every day takes us one step closer to our extinction. We can now witness the impact of the years of negligence and carelessness in all the wildfires, floods, droughts and diseases which are spreading rampantly across globe. This has opened our eyes to our errs. We now consciously choose to be as sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. This can be observed in the shift in product and packaging design. Brands and business now use biodegradable packaging with materials made from paper, corn, mushrooms and potatoes.

02 Sketchy

by Meroo Seth


by Sajid Wajid Shaikh


A well thought and carefully composed illustration can establish a unique and singular brand identity. Illustrations and graphics have the power to communicate beyond words and rationale and connect with consumers on deeper level. They have the ability to give profound meaning and identity to your brand.

03 Tell me a story

by Elephant Design


Everyone loves a good story. And by narrating the story of your brand, you are not only persuading your consumer to buy a product, but also building a personal relationship with them. It is important to establish a personal connection with our costumers to create an ever-lasting brand. So go ahead and engage with your consumers by telling them an unforgettable tale through your packaging.

04 Let’s Interact




Interaction is a vital part of brand building. Without interaction, consumers cannot relate to your brand and product. To create an unforgettable brand experience, it vital to interact with your consumers from unpacking to product experience. Using smartphones to engage with the consumers through packaging is the hottest upcoming trend. Smart packaging let’s the consumer scan and interact with the product, thus creating engaging and entertaining packaging.

05 Out of the box, Literally





The advent of 3D printers offers unique ways to package a product. The designers can now exercise their imagination unrestrained, coming up with creative, out of the box (quite literally) design ideas. However, these are highly lucrative options and hence may not be the most popular choice.

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As the world shifted rapidly online during the pandemic, packaging design took on a whole new layer of significance as it became one of the only physical touchpoints between many brands and their customers.

While e-commerce creates a raft of opportunities, you lose the experience of walking through a store. As a result, designers and business owners around the world have upped the ante when it comes to delivering a high-quality and immersive brand experience right to consumers’ front doors.

As 2020 draws to a close, creators in the 99designs community have mapped out their predictions for a few of the new packaging design trends that will shape 2021:

01 Packaging dressed in fine art

This trend has been gaining momentum among high-end products, but designers predict that it will filter into the mainstream in 2021. Drawing inspiration from paintings and textures inspired by brushstrokes, the goal here is to blur the line between packaging design and fine art to create something truly beautiful and unique.

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by LucaToni

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by Ostecx Creative via Behance

Design by _Ossobuko_

02 Hyper-simplistic geometry

Designers expect to see a lot of packaging that makes use of extremely simplistic, bold geometric concepts in 2021. With neat lines, sharp edges and angles, and expressive use of colour, this trend hints at the product inside, but in an abstract manner that makes a lasting – and intriguing – impression.

Design by exsenz

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by Senchy

Design by monostudio

03 Technical and anatomical ink drawings

While minimalism has reigned supreme in packaging for many years, prepare to see many more designs that look and feel as if they’ve been sketched and hand-drawn for scientific publications in 2021. Alongside bold geometry and tactile textures, designers predict that packaging that looks like it’s been pulled right out of an anatomical or botanical textbook will become increasingly popular.

Design by Emir Alcic

Design by Footstep

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by G@rry

04 Organically shaped colour blocking

What separates 2021 from previous colour blocking trends are the textures, the natural colour combinations, and their variance in shape and weight. There are no clean lines or grids here – instead, expect uneven layers, dappled collages, and a sense of realness that feels truly organic.

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by monostudio

Design by Eva Hilla

Design by Jelena M.

05 Irreverent and fun characters

Storytelling is a key part of any brand, and in 2021, designers and businesses will extend storytelling through to their packaging design. Using characters that move far beyond mascots, these friendly faces bring brands’ stories to life by treating labels, cans and boxes like a graphic novel that draws you in and demands attention.

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by drawziart

Design by monkey-mother

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by St. Pelmeni

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by Wintrygrey

06 Solid all-over colours

Right alongside bold packaging that reads like a comic book, brands will also present products in solid colours. Even though this trend works within a limited palette and pared-down aesthetic, the effect is truly striking, and in 2021 many packaging designers will let the colour do all the talking.

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by yand.

Packaging Trends 2021
Design by Archangelo

Packaging Trends 2021
Packaging design via Feel

Whether through fine art infusions or modern colour washes and organic blocks, these are just a few of the ways brands are looking to meet consumers where they are in 2021 by creating new and more immersive brand experiences through packaging design.