Indian Illustrator Karan Singh’s recent involvement in creating digital artwork for the 2021 Oscar awards has been making rounds on social media.

The buzz started when he published the promotional graphic he made for the purpose on his Instagram handle @madebykaran and revealed, “I’m so excited to have worked with @theacademy to create artwork for this year’s Oscars. It was a dream come true to illustrate an icon and such a pleasure to work with the crew on this. Thank you, thank you. It’s been a memorable week and I’m feeling truly blessed…”

The graphic features an enticing dream-like multi-layered silhouette of the distinguished Oscar statue that keeps expanding from within itself through an array of bright colours, thus producing a hypnotic or hallucinatory effect. It could well remind one of the surreal artwork from the hippie era of the 60s and 70s.

Karan’s appointment as an illustrator for a global stage as grand as the Oscars pushes the envelope for others part of the Indian design scene, thereby setting a new benchmark to take from and build on. On the same lines, it is being viewed by many as a stepping stone and inspiration for India’s design community at large, especially for those who are young in their craft, to keep enhancing their skill and effort with the actual possibility of making it to the higher grounds of the world.

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