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All of us watch online videos every day on our computers, smartphones and even on smart TVs. There is a surge in the rate at which video viewing is gaining momentum. Today, over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and above 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. And that’s just for YouTube!

Here, Jaseem Thayal Shareef, the CEO of WowMakers Digital Media Studio explains the benefits of having an explainer video on your website.

As per Cisco trends analysis, the video is projected to take up 79% of all internet traffic by 2018 and companies should leverage the benefits of this online video boom as it is not going to slow down anytime soon.

In tune with this trend, using animated explainer videos has become an effective online marketing strategy. More and more companies (both big brands and small companies) are innovatively using videos to their advantage. Explainer videos became popular in the last few years mainly because of its affordability and effectiveness in enhancing your business. Though explainer videos bring a whole range of benefits but here are the top 10 benefits of using it.

01 Clearly Conveys Objective

Using text to convey the product objective is a little tricky as it can be interpreted in many different ways. Explainer videos minimize the guess works and clearly explain the usefulness and basic function of a product or service.

02 Generates Interest in Consumers

More and more businesses are using visuals options such as images and videos to generate interest in their product as it is found to be very effective.

03 Intensifies Conversion Rates

According to Video Rascal study, over 80% of consumers prefer to buy a product if it is accompanied by videos.

04 Improves Ranking on Google

Websites with endless pages of block text and images are normally ranked lower in Google search. According to the Spork Marketing study, websites with videos rank much higher in Google’s global searches.

05 Increases Web Traffic

Going “viral” is a term that is closely connected to YouTube. Though there are no predefined ways to make a video “viral”, but many products have gained greater visibility through viral videos.

06 Helps Recall Information

More than voice or text, people remember what they see in a visual format. The average person remembers only around 10% of what they hear or read, but they remember 50% of what they see as per the Wharton Research Center study.

07 Brings Engagement

A multipage PowerPoint slide or a brochure with detailed text and pie charts are not effective enough to engage the audience. On the other hand, a well-produced explainer video with an interesting script and impressive visuals engages the audience in a better way.

08 Grabs Attention

When traditional web content and all those cool ideas are shown in an impressive video format, not only gives your website a cleaner look but also improves the chance to engage a potential customer.

09 Establishes Brand Identity

The prime reason that makes a customer come back to you repeatedly is the brand identity. It is important that the customer connects to your brand identity to gain trust and to make that happen; using explainer video is the best option.

10 Easily Sharable

An explainer video has a wider reach and it is not limited to just your website. People show interest in sharing the links of the videos they like.

Companies all over the world are creating videos about everything right from cause awareness to reviews, which clearly underline the gaining popularity of videos in marketing strategy. The promising future of video is waiting for you.

11 Intensifies Your Inbound Marketing

Explainer videos can help intensify your inbound marketing strategies. You can hire one of the best inbound marketing agencies to integrate your videos to your existing digital marketing strategies, such as email marketing and content marketing.

12 Increase Trust and Rapport

Explainer videos help promote your positive image. Whether you own a small, family-owned, medium-sized, or big business, uploading explainer videos help increase people’s trust and rapport among your target customers.

Tips When Creating Explainer Videos

Focus on a Well-Written Script

This is the key to creating a successful explainer video because it is the foundation wherein everything else is built. You can hire the services of a professional scriptwriter or “outsider” who can provide a fresh look at your business and explain your message in a way that your target audience can understand.


Keep It Short

The rule of thumb for an explainer video is 150 words per minute for the texts. It provides a time and breathing room for your message to sink in. Keep your explainer videos straightforward and concise to avoid boring the viewers.


Focus on the Benefits

Benefits heavily matter to customers. While the list of features goes on, it's crucial to let your audience realize what they’ll gain when availing of your products and services through your explainer videos.


Explain how your clients will experience an improved quality of life or better living instead of tackling the technical aspects. Highlight the benefits instead of talking about the specifications. Leave them to review sites or product review videos.


Show the Fun Aspect

Create a video that clearly resonates with your target audience. Entertain people while adding value and positive experience to your potential and existing customers.


Use a Professional Voice

Poor audio can ruin explainer videos quickly. Make sure that the voice in your videos are polished and delivered properly.

Companies all over the world are creating videos about everything right from cause awareness to reviews, which clearly underline the gaining popularity of videos in marketing strategy. The promising future of video is waiting for you.


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Creative Gaga - Issue 54


Did you know almost 90 percent of customers tend to go through online reviews before actually visiting a business and out of which 88 percent of customers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendation given for any product/service?

Standing out from the competition is the aim of all businesses and pulling customers towards your brand seems as a difficult task until you find a key to grab their attention. In the changing marketing landscape, people have a variety of options to choose from while selecting a brand.

Online Review

A number of factors affect the customer decision criterion out of which the power of reviews weighs so heavy. Your ratings and reviews double the chances of getting more revenues in the long-run. Therefore, its importance cannot be overlooked as it increases your visibility that in results improve your business performance.


Below are five incredible ways through which you can increase visibility with online reviews.

Updated Review Generation is Vital

One effective strategy to increase your online visibility is to make your review stream as natural and continuous as possible. It is estimated that 77 percent of customers consider reviews that are 90 days old as irrelevant and will not focus on them while making purchase decisions. Therefore, you have to target on creating a fresh stream of reviews for your customers to keep them satisfied. Well, getting reviews is a daunting task as many customers are so busy that they do not find time to give detailed reviews on how their experience was. However, if you reach them personally and ask for their feedback then people might consider it. Ensure that you always seek honest feedbacks and never go for false reviews, as it will destroy your brand image.

Online Review

Build Customer Trust

The most common phenomena, people are less likely to trust new businesses no matter how good you try to portray your brand it’s simply not enough. You can create a perfect marketing strategy, implement awesome promotion ideas and put as many efforts as you can. However, your efforts will get into vain if your customers do not echo them. Ratings and reviews can help you make yourself a leader in the industry as the more positive reviews you have the more customers will prefer your brand over your rivals and eventually, it will increase your sales. For instance, LogoOrbit is one leading creative design agency with tremendous success in building customer trust as they have online reviews on how their services are experienced by their customers. It is observed that customer confidence and trust level likely to increase when they get to see online reviews solely based on their experiences.

Key to Customer Retention

You have to communicate effectively when it comes to dealing with customers virtually as your one bad move can either make or break your online presence. Negative reviews are a part of the process and you have to deal with it in such a way that it ends up positively. Remember every single review holds an opportunity for you to learn in-depth about your customers and in what way you need to deal with them. Moreover, you have to acknowledge the fact that the way you interact with your customers play a key role in analyzing how good and authoritative your brand is. A wide audience sees the way you are responding to the reviews either positive or negative globally. For that reason, ensure to create a positive impact.

Online Review

Get Local & Cultivate Online Reviews

To boost your clientele you have to reach out customers locally and try to generate ongoing reviews and feedback related to your products/services. When people think of buying any product or service they are exposed to a number of brands who are dealing in the same market as of yours. The key here is to ensure people find their way to your brand when they search for their desired product. Consequently, you have to assure you provide them with a way to find bundles of positive yet detailed reviews focusing on why they should go for your brand as compared to the competitors. The more reviews you have in local searches the more the chances are people will search for your brand and will want to try it.

More Reviews, More Visibility

Every business you encounter has one ultimate goal and that is to have more customers and to make a continuous stream of sales. The secret to achieving this goal lies in how your brand is perceived in the market by your customers. You have to ensure you get a bundle of quality reviews online, as it is one crucial way to increase your online visibility. As the competition gets fierce between brands, you have to be extra vigilant in delivering a positive brand experience. Businesses with the highest average ratings and plenty of reviews tend to have more traffic than those with very few reviews so far. For increased visibility and traffic put consistent efforts in generating more reviews.

Online Review


Many organizations fall into the trap of ignoring the importance of review generation and leave it to fate. They do not consider it as the main ingredient that can nurture and elevate their brand presence. Reviews are one great way to know how credible you are in the industry. It will show your customers how good you have done in the past. It will also give you the room for improvement.


You have to participate in interacting with your clients to know how they feel about your brand or the services you are providing and try to engage on a one-on-one basis to get better insights. To recapitulate, online reviews are a great source of making your customers loyal while lightening up the path for new potential prospects. With above-listed tips, you can strengthen your brand positioning.

Creative Gaga - Issue 54