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People don’t buy products or logos, they buy stories, they buy experiences. Believing this, NH1 Design, an integrated branding consultancy has always kept its focus on making a brand more loveable. Here are some of the recently created stories and experiences have been presented.



Services: Naming, Branding and Editorial Design

The Loft is one majestic building that towers over the vibrant financial district of Hyderabad. Designed to form an iconic residential high-rise in the heart of the city. The views and sunlight orientations are spectacular, no matter which side you’re on, or which apartment you book for that matter.


The Loft’s Jenga-like structure is also an ingenious architectural device that creates a multi-volume experience throughout. Shooting vertical fins and inner glass capsule elevators gives one a breath-taking view of the city, as one travels upward.

NH1 Design was commissioned to develop a brochure and identity that would enable prospective buyers to experience a taste of life in one of their luxurious residential projects.

The Logotype cleverly hints the unique stacking’ structure of the facade, by stacking L&O together.


The Brochure was designed to be perceived as a photo album, a visual representation of memories the future residents will live. The vertical orientation of the brochure also symbolises the high-rise structure of Myscape Loft.

Published in Issue 49

The Design in 2020! Each year starts with many predictions, anticipations and a lot of hope for bad things to go out and good things to come in our life. The year 2020 has already started with eventful initial months and may hold more surprises in coming times. To understand what’s coming from the design perspective, we featured some of the best design projects from last year. Also discussed a few broad questions like how minimalism will affect our designs or what all an illustrator to keep in mind to be successful and much more.


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Creative Gaga - Issue 55