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Rebranding is the art of refreshing the existing and inducing a new spirit into it. The process can be challenging, if not daunting, but that is where the fun and excitement lie. Here are some of the best rebranding projects in recent times; take a peek.

Rebranding – Aditya Birla Group​​​​​​​

Ranked among the top four Indian Design agencies by The Economic Times, VGC has designed the third and even more dynamic avatar of the Aditya Birla Group logo.​​​​​​​
Aditya Birla - Creativegaga
Aditya Birla logo - Creativegaga

The detailed Case study is here


Rebranding Bake Factory, the Art of Baking


A Pune-based branding & design studio, Cub Design recently created an identity for Bake Factory which will have you reaching out for the genuine baked goodness!
Bake Factory Logo - Creativegaga
Cub Design Bake Factory - Creativegaga

The complete Case study is here.


Rebranding ​​​​​​​Bombay Brasserie, the Culinary Expert


Design Stack owned by Anoop Patnaik and Priyanka Bhasin runs us through their approach, idea and process behind providing a concept-based branding solution to culinary experts, Bombay Brasserie.
Bombay Brasserie Logo - Creativegaga
Bombay Brasserie - Creativegaga

More on Case study here.


Rebranding the ​​​​​​​Classical Identity of SBI


Design Stack spells out the major and minor of rebranding State Bank of India from its conventional state to one more representative of current times and digital services.
SBI - Creativegaga

Detailed Case study


Reimagined the 2016 Games for Costa Rica


The Costa Rican advertising agency, Publimark Mullenlowe, imagined what the branding & identity for the venue of the games would look like, and explored the possibilities of design.

Game of Costa Rica - Creativegaga
Alajuela 2016 GIF - Creativegaga

A complete Case study is here.


A Self-rebranding Project – Curiosity


Curiosity enables us to question everything around us and lean into uncertainty with a positive approach. This self-branding film by artist Eui Soo Lim showcases curiosity as an integral part of problem-solving to find creative solutions.
Curiosity - Creativegaga
Curiosity Project - Creativegaga

A Luxury Client Rebranding


A purely design based service, LOCOPOPO Studio attach contemporary graphics to their clients need for branding that is simple, bold and fresh!
Locopopo Luxury - Creativegaga

The detailed Case study


Rebranding – Mumabaiya Vada Pav​​​​​​​


NH1 Design takes us through its approach behind freshly branding a local Indian street food outlet while ensuring that it retains an identity credible of being authentic, fun, young and affordable.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Maja ni Life - Creativegaga

The complete Case study


Rebranding – The age-old brand, MTR


We all have a soft corner for the old brands as they been helping us in many odd times and needs. But as our lives are getting modernised so do our choices and requirements. To match that and continue to stay on our kitchen shelves, MTR has gone for a rebranding exercise with the help of Elephant team. Here, the Design Director, Mayuri Nikumbh explains the process and thoughts behind the rebranding of this age-old brand.
MTR products - Creativegaga
MTR - Creativegaga

More details on Case study


Rebranding – The Ruby Mills


Polishing century-old successful brand values to be in possession of a fresh and refined visual identity for ones’ clients and competitors is a must-do these days. ‘The Ruby Mills Ltd’ aka ‘Ruby’, rebranded in collaboration with Elephant Design, is a perfect example to follow.
Ruby Mills - Creativegaga
Ruby Mills Magazine - Creativegaga

A detailed Case study here.


The Spectranet


The new revamped design of Spectranet by Ochre is bold with its unique typeface and successfully encompasses the vision of the company making it seamless and customer centric.

Spectra - Creativegaga
Spectra Business Card - Creativegaga

More details on Case study


Rebranding – ​​​​​​​The Tooth Company

The dentist is one person no one really fancies. Isn’t that true for most of us, out there? Not many cherish or take delight in the idea of going even for the “routine check-up”. That was considered to be the fundamental problem when coming-up with a whole new campaign for The Tooth Company, a multi-speciality dental care centre in Hyderabad. As a result, NH1 Design, a boutique design studio in Gurgaon, chose a completely new approach one that would turn out to be more friendly and communicative, on the whole-while spearheading the designing process.
The Tooth Company - Creativegaga
The Tooth Company Treatment - Creativegaga

Find a detailed Case study here.


Rebranding – Witlinger Beer’s Packaging

Pune-based design agency, Elephant Design, recently displayed the power of the British Bulldog, Witlinger beer’s powerful mascot, in a re-branding initiative and process for the beverage company. Here is how they did it, as we run through the process behind the whole act.

Witlinger Beer Packaging - Creativegaga
Witlinger Beer’s - Creativegaga

A detailed Case study


Rebranding – ​​​​​​​Zee Cinema

The changing times often call for channels to rediscover themselves and refresh their brand as a whole. Zee Cinema approached Dynamite Design to revamp its brand undergoing a total visual transformation at the commencement of a new era in cinema.
Zee Cinema- Creativegaga
ZeeCinema Menu - Creativegaga

More Details on Case study

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