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At times, we get stuck playing the tug of war between a client and designer so much so that we often forget about the product or brand in focus. Branding and packaging design expert, Petar Pavlov from Macedonia makes the product the epicentre of his thoughts and designs to create ideal protection and cover for them-just like our skin.

CG. You seem to have grasped the true essence of packaging, infusing a brand’s personality and flavour. What has changed in packaging design over the years? How do you make your designs look modern and cutting-edge?

Petar Pavlov. This is a hard one because the goal is not guided by finding modern and cutting-edge solutions, but rather employ what best fits the brand and product. There have been numerous times when I have tried to apply a certain trend and midway have had to return to exploring new solutions because the initial thought didn’t complement the product.

CG. How has being a packaging designer in Macedonia influenced you as a designer? What local traits do your designs possess? What traits make your designs competitive for the international world?

Petar Pavlov. I have been working in Macedonia and Serbia too, but it’s important to note that location nowadays has nothing to do with the influence. The situation in Macedonia design-wise is not really up there. However, it’s good to see more and more designers pushing boundaries.

Packaging Design - Box
Packaging Design - Domaine Lepovo Cork Screw

CG. What is your design process? And how much does the initial idea resemble the end design that the client accept? Do you dictate your designs or is it dictated by the brand and/or client?

Petar Pavlov. I always start with research and the results of such are what dictate the final design. The journey from the first proposal to the end solution is a complicated one and varies from project to project.


At times, clients can make critical decisions that result in a final outcome nowhere resembling the initial concept at all. And at times, there are instances where clients agree with your notions and understanding. But ultimately, in this business, it’s the brand that controls everyone, be it the client or the designer.

Packaging Design - Tga Packshot
Packaging Design - Tga Collage

CG. If you could pick any one brand/product in the world to design some packaging for, what would it be? How do you use your designs to enhance the product experience for the consumer?

Petar Pavlov. I love chocolate, so I guess I would pick Lindt. And to answer the second part of your question, I usually try to find small details that would surprise the consumer and allows them to connect more intimately with the product.

Packaging for The Pure Food Co.
Packaging for The Pure Food Co.
Packaging for Nasa Kuca
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Packaging is the first vital step towards enchanting the audience. Who doesn’t like a cute box or a trendy bottle? With this issue, Creative Gaga lets the cat out of the box to reveal the world of packaging design. Featuring various local and international designers like Petar Pavlov from Macedonia and Brandziac from Russia, Elephant Design and Impprintz from Pune, the issue promises to be a keepsake for many.


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