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Linen Club is one of the top manufacturers producing pure linen fabric for over six decades. This pioneering brand has over 200 exclusive stores, more than 7000 multi-brand outlets, making them India’s leading linen brand. They approached VGC to help the brand expand their offering across the both fashion as well as lifestyle. VGC designed a new brand identity for them, let’s have a look!

Industry: Creative Advertising Agency

Services: Strategic Brand Identity, Packaging, Communication, Digital and Experiential Design


With a rise in competition and a surge in look-alike blended linen brands, Linen Club, the 60-year-old pioneer required renewed vigour and unique brand expression to reestablish their leadership position in the industry. Showcasing the natural origin of the linen and the proud legacy of the brand is essential for the brand’s identity and expansion. The premium experience of the product, the sophistication and luxury must be woven together to enchant the consumers and establish the brand in the fashion and lifestyle industries.


The timelessness of the brand and its vast portfolio remained a challenge. It was essential to simplify the brand’s portfolio and restructure its brand architecture. It was also pertinent to stay unique and distinctive in the sea of sameness, this called for demystifying the pastels and limited colours associated with the category. The brand’s proud legacy and heritage must be showcased while paying homage to its European origin and natural characteristics of Linen.


VGC designed a new brand identity for the brand celebrating its rich heritage and legacy while imbibing the natural characteristics of linen. Packaging remained a crucial element in the rebranding process. To capture the sophistication and premium quality of the product while also honouring the brand’s European origin, VGC drew inspiration from the hues and shades of flax, thus introducing a vibrant colour palette for the brand.

Through an intelligent, comprehensive and robust navigation system, the brand’s identity was further enhanced through a hybrid brand architecture system as well as a navigation system for the various brand offerings. It was also pertinent to provide a strong presence in the linen ready to wear segment, and hence VGC geared the brand for its ready to wear offering which paved the way for Linen Club Studio.

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Creative Gaga - Issue 55