Heartbreak and sorrow are emotions that everyone would have felt at some point in their life. That’s what makes Katherine Dawson’s illustration relatable; ones that people can look at and go “Yeah, I know that feeling.”

But a closer look at her designs reveal that in the negative imagery lies a positive spark. The use of bright colours communicates a spark of optimism that motivates to carry on. Her designs exemplify how designers can use personal stories and inspirations to project unique outcomes to the world.

How Can An Organ Hurt This Much? The feelings of pain and heart break are represented though this touching illustration.
Heart Felt emotions
Life Is Unfair. The illustration is made using watercolours, coloured pencils and ballpoint pen.
Heart Felt emotions
Wraped Heart. Inspired by the low point in life, the colours in illustration are the indication to still remain positive.

Published in Issue 28

This Illustration Special is best to know why and how illustration as a popular medium is taking the design world by storm! From evolution of illustrations to its place in the world today, renowned designers and illustrators like Abhishek Singh, Mukesh Singh, Archan Nair, Alicia Souza, Raj Khatri with some international talent such as Fil Dunsky from Russia, Iain Macarthur and Richard Field from UK, who live and breathe illustration, would be the right people to gain some insight from. With many more talents to explore with great insights and excellent techniques, again a fully packed issue is waiting to amaze you!


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