The journey and works of Jack Storms’s amidst his craft of glass sculptures.

The quote goes something like, ‘It’s never too late to follow your dreams, and there’s no time like the present to start’. Jack Storms’s beginning into fine art and his journey thereafter into glass sculpting is a fine testimony to this attitude and approach, for it wasn’t until the fairly “late” in life that Jack discovered his passion for contemporary art. At the time Jack graduated Plymouth State University with a BA in Art, focusing primarily on studio production, he was 30 years old. It was during his junior year at the University that he stumbled upon a nearby studio of a glass artist who had been producing a rare style of glass art, combining lead crystal and dichroic glass through the use of a cold glass process. This drew Jack, immensely, so much so that he delved deep into the detail of the intense and intricate process, further opening his own studio, StormWorks Studio, in 2004.

Jack’s work is a fine and apt display of class, elegance, glamour, finesse and craft, all neatly making way into and fittingly finding expression through his works. The perfection of geometry and form clearly strike out across all of his wide range of shining and shimmering pieces. The final output stands for not only being a glass art sculpture but withholding an entire symbol within or by itself. His glass sculptures represent, both literally and metaphorically, and even bear within themselves, his vision and attention to detail.

As an independent glass artist, one of Jack’s major breakthroughs and personal triumph was to have designed and created, himself, a cold-working lathe that empowered him. It provided him with the ability to transform glass into shapely forms that he would envision and desire to articulate, and thus sculpt with curves and details as has been done through generations ago through the use of a wooden medium.

This craftsmanship seems to run in his blood, as early memories of studying his father’s craftsmanship played out their role and found expression in Jack’s work. Remembering his father working for hours in his own studio with a wooden lathe, at the time, sparked Jack with the scheme of his vision. His deep longing along with a strong desire for glass art sparked him with the inspiration that leads him towards pioneering new trends and ways in the world of fine art. “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” Pablo Picasso.

Creative Gaga - Issue 55