The base colour of new 10 rupees note is quite delicious, indeed, one could say, that’s because it is chocolate brown.

New 10 rupees

New additions to the 10 rupees note, most commonly used in Indian currency, include fresh designs and geometric patterns featuring a rich representation of India’s cultural heritage. These, for example, are symbols such as the motif of Sun Temple, Konark, depicted on the reverse side of the note, and an image of Mahatma Gandhi on the front side. A conscious effort seems to have been taken to make sure they fit in well with the primary or base colour scheme.

New 10 rupees
The 10 rupees note is to be 63 mm x 123 mm in size, with the number 10 written in the Devnagari script on the back end. Likewise, the year in which the notes go into print will also be inscribed on the reverse sides of the currency, towards the left-hand side, while the emblem of synonymous and symbolic Ashoka Pillar will find its way on the reverse.
Quite a spectacle, we must say, at a price of “10 Rupees only”.