Design has always been a catalyst behind the success of many successful brands, its product, service, or ad campaigns. Today it is considered one of the most critical aspects of development in every domain. The growing acceptance of the importance of design has brought forward the lesser-known collaborator “the designers” into the mainstream stakeholders.

Designers are expected for their expertise right from the early stages of development to help build the best possible product or service with the optimum use of the available resources. Since design is not limited just to graphics, advertisements, fashion, or interiors but it’s something that’s been at the core in about everything. Be it politics, medicine, technology, culture, and much more. It’s omnipresent.

Hence it would be apt to ask, “Can designers influence change?” and “Can India lead the way through design?”

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About this Webinar

Anthony Lopez, founder & CEO of Lopez Design, will take you through the life journey that led him to realize his full potential and discover his true purpose as a designer. Anthony will share several client case studies across Corporate, Government, and NGO projects to showcase his thought process and how design can strategically rise to meet every project’s unique challenges.

Through his creative journey, he will highlight how designers can contribute to shaping the future and talk about design thinking and various other aspects of design that influence our lives on many levels.

Why Should You Attend?

The design sensibility is growing in India at a rapid rate, and it has also emerged as a promising career option for the youth, and it is. Anthony Lopez – a design veteran with three decades of experience, will share his understanding of design and its implications on our lives.

So whether you’re a brand owner, a creative professional, an aspiring designer, or a concerned citizen of India. The webinar is for you!

The Speakers

In a world where design has become inseparable from technology, graphic designer Anthony Lopez brings a human face to branding. The NID designer’s award-winning studio Lopez Design in New Delhi is shaped by his passion for collaboration, dialogue, creating contextual solutions, and integrating Indian values, culture, and ways of seeing. For Anthony “the why of what we do is more important than what we do.”



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The creative industry is perhaps one of the fastest evolving industries of our times. Every day there is something new, something innovative, and something unimaginable happening.

One such innovation is the integrated experience of print and digital owing to the rising digital fatigue. With the advancement of print possibilities today, brands have embraced the seamless experience.

But this creative wave at this point is limited to a few brands and a few designers. On the one hand, we see designers at the forefront of this creative wave, overwhelmed and neck-deep in the quantum of creative work. And on the other hand, we see an entire segment of designers completely cut off from the brilliance of this cutting-edge movement.

For designers to flourish as a community, collaboration, inclusivity, and collective work is the need of the hour.

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About this Webinar

What is the current scenario in the creative industry? What are some innovations every designer must know? And how can you get involved and co-create with other designers?

These questions, and more, will be addressed in this very timely webinar. Through the webinar, we will take stock of what is happening in the design world, what is being talked about, and what is not being talked about. We will also look at how print technology has transformed how brands’ experiences are designed, and finally the importance of co-creation in these current times.


Why Should You Attend?

Are you missing out on all the fun in the latest design happenings and dying to get in? Or are you just too burdened by the crazy workload, and you wish every night it magically gets done when you wake up the next day?

If your answer to either of those is yes, then this webinar is just for you, where you will get a sneak peek of the innovations today and learn a few tricks of the trade for collaboration and co-creation.


The Speakers

First Design Job - Vantage View by Lulu RaghavanLulu Raghavan is the Managing Director of Landor Mumbai with over 20 years of experience. Having worked in Landor San Francisco, New York, and London offices before establishing the Mumbai office, she has vast expertise across various international markets. A renowned industry commentator and thought leader, Lulu anchored Bloomberg UTV’s show Beyond Logo and continues to be a sought-after speaker and moderator at brand-focused conferences. Among her many awards, Lulu was named one of India’s 50 most influential women in media, marketing, and advertising by Impact magazine.


Arnab RayArnab Ray is the Creative Director of Landor Mumbai. He has 16 years of experience in design and advertising across India and SEA – skilled in brand identity development, communication design, graphic design, packaging, art direction, and strategic concept development. He had worked in leadership roles in top leading agencies like Happy mcgarrybowen, Brand Union, Ogilvy, Y&R, and JWT.


Guy Bibi is a Product Manager at HP Indigo, Israel. He is also a UI/UX designer. He has worked in the print industry for about two decades now. Guy Bibi is an expert in Print Management, Digital Printing, Print Creative Tools, and he has a great understanding of how print and design can converge.


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The biggest fear for any brand is to become irrelevant. Every day creative teams work tirelessly to ensure their brands are always in line with current times.

So when we began to notice the awesomeness of print technology today and the stunning print trends that are on the rise, we had to share them with you!

In collaboration with HP Indigo, we have put together a webinar with the award-winning creative director, Kurnal Rawat, to bring forth the untapped Power of Print and its exponential impact on future brands.

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About the Webinar

Printing until now has had its limitations in terms of size, quantity, customization, material, and so much more. These limitations have clipped the wings of brands to a great extent. But now, with the advancements of printing technology today, most of these roadblocks exist no more!

With a wide range of new technologies built to address versatility, scale, security, AI enhancements, material options, virtual-real integrated experiences, and so much more – now brands can break many physical barriers to create larger than life communication.

So through a collaborative series of webinars, let us get down to the details of these innovative print possibilities.


Why Should You Attend?

As a brand custodian, it is your responsibility to bring in the best for your brand. To be a brand trailblazer is not just to be creative but to also be innovative with all the tools at your disposal. This webinar will open doors to advanced printing technology that you can immediately apply in all your creative works to mesmerize the brand owners.


About the Speaker

Kurnal Rawat

Kurnal Rawat is a creative director at Landor & Fitch whose work brings Indian contemporary design to the forefront.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Kurnal began his career by co-founding Grandmother India – a pioneering move to start a branding and design agency when the Indian market was full of advertising houses.

From startups to Corporates, Kurnal has successfully worked across varied industries like Aviation, Banking, Consumer Goods, Exhibitions & Events, Fashion & Lifestyle, Hospitality, Sports, and Government initiatives.

Some of the renowned names he has worked with are Hinduja Healthcare, British Council, Godrej, to name a few.


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