New styles keep developing; that’s evolutions. Yet, they root out of the vintage, mostly. That’s why illustrator, Bobby Evans, refuses to ignore retro and acknowledges it through his personal and professional works.

January Bloody Mary
Retro Roots Revived
June Margarita. 2016

CG. How do you achieve the Retro or classic style of illustration, and how do you think it contributes in the modern context?

Bobby. In recent years, I’ve found commercial clients often looking to convey a sense of heritage and history to their brands, and vintage-looking work has been at the heart of that. I think, in such a fast-paced modern world, people are looking to hark back to ‘simpler times’, and a ‘classic’ illustration style can make something feel timeless along with a reassurance of quality.

October Thermos
Vodafone Adverts

I learned to build the illustration up and, then, when I thought it was ‘finished’, started to remove layers while taking away anything superfluous that might distract from the core concept of the image. More often than not, I would end up with a more concise and pure piece of work that did its job more effectively.

Vodafone Adverts
Vodafone Adverts

CG. How do you manage to balance contemporary style of illustration with a retro feel?

Bobby. I don’t refer to a specific piece of collected imagery. The work is a result of taking in a multitude of influences from both, the past and the modern world I live and work in.

Hawt Sauce Packaging
Full Moon – Potion Bottle

I want to avoid pastiche or mimic a vintage piece of design; that work has already been done. I want to create something new, but, obviously, it will be informed by the style of things I am naturally drawn to – most of those things are vintage.

Black Cat’s Hiss – Potion Bottle
Hawt Suace Packaging 2

CG. What and how much do you think is the role of a simplistic and minimalistic approach in your work?

Bobby. As my illustration skills developed, I often found my work is more complicated, but I noticed they weren’t saying anything more. So, I work to convey the idea as best I can on a poster i.e. “What is the simplest way I can represent X?”

Baku Old Town
Acadia National Park Poster

I love design and illustration with function – anything from old flight safety cards to vintage science diagrams. Anything that distills an idea or visual down to its basic parts gets my vote. A canvas such as a matchbox or stamp forces the artists to be clearer and sparing with line and shape to carry their idea over.

LA ROUX Gig Poster
Customisable Travel Ticket

CG. How do you feel the retro styles of representation can be used to enhance the communication in today’s times?

Bobby. Having a background in screen-printing, I love imagery harking back to an age of craft and care – enjoying all the trappings, limitations and errors caused by unreliable printing technology. Misprints, broken halftone and loose registration show a human touch to the image that I think we miss with computer-based artwork.

Tiger Print

I illustrate with modern tools, but have a history in screen-printing, and love how a print process can affect the work to create interesting outcomes you wouldn’t have initially thought about. The imperfect results of archaic print processes have added a unique and finished warmth to vector based illustrations that would otherwise feel cold and clinical.

Illustrated Laser-cut Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments

CG. How do you make this classic modern appeal to the audience, such that they relate to it?

Bobby. I think, creating an image that initially grabs the audience with its bold clarity and immediate recognition of both tone and subject is important. But, then, also having a further depth and detail to investigate means the audience will take it in for more than just a second and want to stay with the piece. It’s always about balance.

Rolling stones 7” sleeve

Published in Issue 35

The season of the festival has started and everyone is preparing to have a unique one this time with less cash and more fun. We interview many creatives who creates promotional or calendar design each year. As most of the thing around us had shifted to digital, even calendar design and the promotion has shifted. But Yorick Pintos, a strategic consultant at studio Kohl suggests that best option would be a mix of both. If you are interested in print design & want to understand the future of the same. So, go ahead and order your latest issue copy!


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What happens when designs rise from a curious, innovative mind and meets the kind of expression that is liberating? What happens when designs are an amalgamation of ideas and inspirations accumulated across the life of a designer? Graphic Designer Neha Hattangdi explores these possibilities by exuding her inner self in every design to instinctively create a visual solution. She reflects on her thoughts and process.

Ideas Kindled by a Flame of Self-Expression!


Put Yourself Before The Process.

The process of creation begins with visuals conjuring up in the mind after the brief has been carefully read and the brand understood. In the visuals lies a cue to conquer the challenge that awaits at the end of the tunnel. Freeing the mind from opinions and limitations, playing along as the idea expands through the execution, design that dittoes the designer’s thoughts come into being. This spontaneous process is the most flexible and productive way to go ahead.

A series of posters inspired by the song ‘Aqueous Transmissions’ by

Poster using type
and photography to
visualize a song and its meaning and emotion.

Design To Unveil And Educate.

A design school is nothing like working with clients. Working with assignments fare through easily. Whereas a design presented to the client has to stand a series of tests. Fitting well with brand guidelines, personality and objective and of course, personal liking. Some clients believe in playing safe, some may not know anything about design. The need of the hour varies with clients. So educating them becomes a part of a design presentation and convincing them, the objective. A good design is worth all that.

Branding, Illustration and Packaging for DUTCHBOY PAINTS

Meet People, Meet Ideas.

Interacting with people is surprisingly very inspiring. That’s what gives way to know their experiences, their inspirations and their work. Blogs, photographs, art, music etc can definitely be the source of inspiration but nothing beats a face to face conversation. It actually lifts the veil from some of the best work and the thought behind them. Moreover, in every conversation lie cues and insights that can strengthen a design and give ideas a long life.

Trash Talk. Combines
illustrations with
loud type and bright
colors to bring in fun and humour to a dull subject

Trash Talk. Draws attention to the garbage produced every day, encouraging recycling

Trash Talk. Catches the eye of urban citizens and makes them realise the importance of recycling

Keep Yourself Detached From Your Idea.

There are all kinds of ideas. Some ideas are born brilliant, they just seem to make things work. While others could be troublesome and require a lot of time and energy to get chiselled before they look good and some just don’t work. The best way out is to never have an attachment with a particular idea or thought. If it has merit, it will survive. If not, you won’t like it anyway. Since being one’s own critic can be tough, feedback and opinions from others always come to rescue.

Branding for AIGA NOW

Branding for AIGA NOW

Branding for AIGA NOW

When Planning Ends, A Great Design Emerges.

A great design must be well-planted, not necessarily well-planned. After the subject, the elements need to fall in place.




However, the layout is best when it is spontaneous. It introduces a special thrill to the whole creation, apart from making it more engaging and challenging. The beauty of searching the mind while exploring new elements, whether they grace the layout or go, makes a design unpredictable, more innovative and intriguing.

Cover Design. For the book Trash Talk.

Trash Talk. Draws attention towards garbage produced everyday and the huge difference recycling can make

Freedom Is Being New, Every Time.

Though signature works for some, not giving in to following a particular style is liberating in its own way. A designer’s true strength lies in following intuitions and treading territories that don’t exist for others. Going away from signature makes happen distinction, all the time.

Just Like That. Hand drawn type with pen and ink

Published in Issue 11

This issue also explored the Jewellery Design & Wedding Photography with some cool techniques to learn from experts in Gyaan section.


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Illustrator and Graphic designer, Pooja Bhapkar, shares her insights on design with clarity, so that the outcome is as desired.

Clarity of the purpose of the design is most important as you have to think from a client’s perspective, that may differ from your own. To fulfill this gap you should always create something for you that will be beyond the boundaries and beyond any purpose. My approach to any project is ‘How can I make it different than the previous one?’ and along the way of learning some new techniques and treatments.

Each illustration is a story and surrounding elements make it complete. I play with geometric shapes, but, to cut the flow, I added some elements which have motion or living objects such as birds, humans or animals and trees etc. which make it more live and interesting.

Likewise, texturing is the best technique to separate the surfaces as well as create dimensions. Aesthetically, lines and dots are two textures which are way different from each other but they also complement each other.

Published in Issue 40

We all have favorite TV shows and we passionately discuss the stories and characters of it. But sometimes, we tend to ignore the channel and its branding. Now with many different channels to choose from, we are experiencing many new branding overhauls to grab the audience’s attention. In this issue, we focused on Motion Graphics design and people behind some awesome channel rebrandings.


If you are interested in moving design or animated content then this issue is a must-read for you!

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For most people, starting alone is daunting; Anjali DSouza explains how she feels about the entire concept of being a freelancer? Read on to know what a young designer should know before jumping down the freelance path…

World of freelance


Dealing With Real Problems

For most people, starting alone is daunting; however, for Anjali, the entire concept of freelance was a welcome challenge. In order to create a lasting impression and stamp her mark on the global level, she has worked hard and tried to put herself in the shoes of her client. Earning the praise of clients and critics alike, this designer knows the emotions of design problems enabling her to arrive at a solution.



World of freelance

Perseverance Pays

Being a designer in India is not easy, competition is tough and her mantra is to work hard and believe in oneself. Creating your own distinctive style that sets you apart will always help you move forward; for Anjali, Indian folk tales combine with bold colours and expressive line work elevating her above the rest. After understanding the problem, adequate research is required to move ahead and execute the solution and this is exactly what makes Anjali DSouza click!

World of freelance

“For Anjali, Indian folk tales combine with bold colours and expressive line work elevating her above the rest in freelance”

World of freelance


Young Designer should keep in Mind

Being a team player is integral, working with strong-minded individuals can help shape a fresh career and provide opportunities to learn from other designers. Another important aspect is to connect with the client so as to find a common point and further a healthy process of working together. Lastly, in order to ‘grow’ as a designer, one must be open to working hard and accepting both praise and criticism


Published in Issue 32

If you are a recent graduate or about to finish your college then this issue may have answers to many of your questions. Like, how to get the best placement or the internship? How to present best in front of the interviewer? Which studio or agency to choose to start your career? How to work in a team or choose to be a freelancer? This issue has advice from many experts such as Ashwini Deshpande and Gopika Chowfla who gave the secrets of choosing the right intern for their well-known design teams. And on another hand, Rajaram Rajendran and Ranganath Krishnamani advise young designer to gain multiple skills and be the best at them. Also, recent MIT Post Graduate Vinta Jakkal shares her secret with which she grabbed the great opportunity of joining the Elephant Design, Pune team to start her career.


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The subconscious is a powerful inspiration cauldron. Without one’s knowledge, experiences, emotions, and beliefs find their way into anything one creates. Designer duo, Shrinivas and Shivaram of 9Twenty Creative talk about what makes them experiment with that wily mistress, imagination.

Bumjo Turns Pink

Bumjo Turns Pink

Imagination is where intelligence has fun.

The subconscious is a pot overflowing with ideas. And when two heads ponder over it, the result is a mix of thoughts that are free expressions of both. Entering the realm of surreal and inexplicable gives the freedom to do whatever the pen wants.


On the way, trying to figure out the design philosophy, dabbling in the uncertain, unresolved realm of the subconscious. This results in a progressive moulding of the creative synergy that binds together any collaboration.




Surrealism stems from life.

Each artist is a source of untapped inspiration.The subconscious is a powerful inspiration cauldron. Before you know, your experiences, emotions and beliefs find their ways into anything you create. The subconscious is the universe. Our thought process is unfettered. This perhaps results in the varied, bizarre forms that our works exhibit.


Arriving at an idea is not a process but an experience.

Two heads bring to the table different perspectives. A heated brainstorming session leads to a potpourri of ideas and media. And suddenly, a pattern emerges; a combination arises almost as if it was tailor-made. Different areas of interest thrown together create unique visual performances.


The right feel and combination is not a structured process. A subliminal sense helps create the story with the elements.

Clients do understand creativity.

There seems to be a general consensus that clients are evil creatures who do not understand the vastness of the creative idea. We have not had to divert too far from the original concepts with the clients we have dealt with so far. We put forward our creative thoughts and try to stick with them.


Incorporating client preferences to mesh with the original concept also requires creative agility and should probably be treated as a creative challenge by itself. Having clients give us creative inputs makes the final output stronger.

An idle brain is nobody’s workshop.

It is difficult for any creative brain to sit idle. The exhilaration lies in experimenting with different media. The saying ‘You may fail when you attempt but are doomed if you don’t try!’ has always been an inspiration. Origami, illustrations, photography, designs; there is still a lot more to cover.


The challenge lies in extending an idea to different media. The execution, the adaptation, and the exhilaration at the final result drive us to try something different each time.

There’s a real delight in putting pen to paper.

Yes, there is a certain thrill in dipping a brush in ink and swirling it across a white sheet. This training and experience in the traditional process is a must-have for any designer. The feedback that you get from the physical feel of a brush on canvas or folding paper is something that you just cannot argue with.


While the classic will always have its place, using technology for easing workflow and quickening turnaround time is only common sense.

The road to the imagination is never-ending.

It is never easy to start by being different. A roller-coaster ride with the ups and downs with all the twists and turns awaits every artist. This is a never-ending journey. And for a designer, just moving ahead with all the new experiences is the key.

Published in Issue 06

With festive cover, this issue offers in-depth insights into contemporary jewellery design, controlling light in your photo shoots, surreal illustration by 9Twenty studios and many more! So, if you like to take a deep plunge into the imagination and inspirational word of these artists, don’t miss this issue and order your copy here!


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Currents in the graphic design world are constantly changing, and those trends that keep adapting, growing and switching affect the entire business world. If you want to release a product, create a new website, rebrand your business, or invest in your advertising, you need to know what is in and what is popular right now.

However, quality and popularity are two very different terms that you need to have in mind. Some trends are popular for a short time –they light up in flames as fast as they go out. So, if you’re on a serious project and you’re in need of a valuable design that won’t be forgotten quickly, then you need to do your homework and find out which trends will be left with a quality stamp. The following definitely worth your attention.


Although symmetry isn’t dead, it’s clear that it’s now shadowed by a trend which enables richer options when it comes to composition – asymmetry. Because of its form, asymmetry opens more possibilities for accenting; it’s simpler to make action buttons visible this way, for example.


Bold Colours

Pastel and soft colours are now a thing of the past – neon as well, thankfully. During this year, many outstanding pieces of graphic design contained two strong, vibrant colours. If you decide to go with this trend, you can be positive that your brand will stand out.

5 Essential Tools of Motion Graphics

Geometric Shapes

Those with OCD will be happy to know that there’s still some structure left. Geometric shapes have been introduced to graphic design, and it’s not at all uncommon to see them used as a minimalistic element. So, if you desire simplicity, this is a trend you should turn to.

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
All About by Anant Kulkarni

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Phone Cover Design Applications by Anant Kulkarni


When we speak about the trends that marked 2017, illustrations must be mentioned. Original artwork finally found its place in the contemporary graphic design, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your run into a website that consists only of illustrations. They give a whimsical storytelling vibe to the digital world.

While we’re on the subject, you should also pay attention to modern retro – it has very interesting elements that simultaneously breathe with urban and vintage. These two currents will give your business a spirit and make it alive.

Meroo Seth


If you’re ready to go beyond limits and incorporate something completely different into your brand, then you should know that now is a perfect time. Dynamics designs that are completely chaotic and without any frames or outer lines are a new movement that’s taking over the internet. So, if you think you need something bold, daring and unexpected, this is the thing for you.

Another consequence of disorder is a mixture of photography and other elements – open composition. So now you don’t have to dwell on a decision in order to figure out whether you want to implement photos or original artwork to your business because you can go with both.

Playful Fonts

Up until recently, graphic design was minimalistic, which also implied that the lettering needs to be neat and clean. However, these limits were also broken, and now it’s not at all uncommon to come across playful writings, scattered letters and cropped titles. It’s a trend that goes well together with reigning chaos and designs without determined restrictions.

It’s obvious that this trend can do damage to your business – it takes a real professional to develop a design like this that works well, so make sure you find the right person for the job.



A wonderful addition to all trends listed above are cinemagraphs – a moving picture is the final puzzle piece that the world of graphic design needs. However, simplicity is the key here; if you want to implement a cinemagraph on your website, make sure that it doesn’t draw too much attention to what you have to offer. But, if you make the right decision, you can be positive that it will leave a wow impression on your visitors.

It’s obvious that minimalism which was extremely popular up until this year, became boring to everyone. So now, graphic designers worldwide turned to drawing and experimenting, and welcomed chaos into their work. Each of the trends listed above will linger on – it’s up to you to see which one is the most suitable for what you have in mind and need realized.



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Veteran Illustrator and designer, Anant Kulkarni, takes us through a visual journey by illustrating and explaining how imagery is a powerful tool of communication. He describes how one can keep an audience intact and engaged through the still medium.

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Ganesha Design 4

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Bird Typo

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Symmetrical Graphic design

CG. What is the main intention or idea you desire to achieve through your work?

AK. It is my responsibility to get as close as possible to the audience, communicating through visuals. So, I always keep myself engaged in creating visuals that are a part of my study, besides assignments. This practice really helps every creative person, whether a student or professional. I try to express my views through every picture, conveying the same message through different visual solutions and like to keep my audience engaged in the visuals, maintaining their curiosity. As every artist has his/her own way to express, in my case it is visuals, and visuals only. I look up to each day as a new challenge and start thinking of something new!

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Ganesha Graphic Design 2

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
All About by Anant Kulkarni

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Art Prints

CG. What role do aspects like geometry and symmetry play in your visual works?

AK. I’m always searching for new things to execute through visual forms. Geometrical design patterns are a part of my study – a technique developed over years of consistent practice. Though I don’t know much about technical geometry, except the basic shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, lines etc. provoke me to explore them in all possible combinations. I started creating very simple forms, and it became a habit while trying to convert objects into forms, using geometrical shapes. Symmetry and asymmetry are principles of design, but I ignore these terminologies while working, as they may disturb my visual thought.

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Food Typo

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Visual Language.

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Ganesha Graphic Design

CG. How do you choose your colours and apply them to be balanced across geometric patterns?

AK. Visual concepts and drafting are very important; colours come later. The use of colour has its own purpose, and it depends on various factors. Of course, it is a choice of the artist, as to which colours to choose as per the concept. If you observe, a lot of famous artists can be identified through their colour palette. The use of colours helps to enhance the beauty of your visuals. Some artists use and apply particular colours to convey messages and create moods. I try to keep my designs bright, eye-catching and more attractive, but I give maximum attention to the visual form. The only care I take while using colour is to not disturb the image.

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
City Life

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Scary Sketchbook

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
Ganesha Graphic Design 3

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni