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Fashion can be presented in various ways but understood by an individuals the way they wish to see it. Richa Maheshwari has explored the digital lens to create still imagery, conveying an artist’s thoughts to the public through photography.


Avocation to Vocation

Not really sure of which field to specialize in her final year at design school, Richa had luck by her side to be guided by a professor in choosing photography as her major. It did not stop there. She very easily transformed her passion for photography into her flourishing profession.


She started freelancing while pursuing college. Having no godfather in the industry or having assisted no photographer, she learned everything by hit and trial, watching tutorials and self-practising. Taking on various projects boosted her confidence and helped her establish her own style and techniques.

On the Job

Richa uses photography to translate her vision into reality. She feels communicating the idea of a fashion designer to a commoner in a comprehensible style while retaining its essence is the job of a fashion photographer.


She defines fashion and lifestyle as her main subjects for photography and provides the entire shoot production from conceptualization of an idea to final print or digital realization. Her client list spans from ad agencies and fashion houses to individual artists and designers.


An Artist’s Ideology

I want to give something back to society, Richa used her skill-set to make documentaries and done photography on various social issues, many of which have been used as fund-raisers by different organizations. According to Richa, an artist is fully satisfied when he utilizes his creative best with full liberties. But sometimes, commissioned and client works come with a restriction on the imagination. She overcomes these restrictions on creativity while working on personal and social projects.


Stumbling Blocks

Photography is a very strong medium of communication that comes with its own set of limitations. The content portrayed to the masses should be crisp, clear and innovative, devoid of complexities and philosophical connotations. Producing work in a multi-cultural country like ours, one needs to respect the sentiments and emotions related to various beliefs and ideologies that are followed.


Motion-graphics today constitutes the peak of communication systems. But Richa is of the opinion that the still medium of photography is of much more explanatory worth than a motion-graphic.


Garnering professional experience while studying absorbed the survival pressure for Richa, which would have otherwise existed. Hence, she had the cushion to work upon all the technical and professional mistakes and keep growing in her field to become the success she is today.


Words of Advice

For the budding professionals of the field, she has some quick tips to keep in mind:


1. Be original with your ideas or even if you are drawing inspiration, do not replicate.

2. Develop your style and stick to it.

3. Don’t blindly follow rules. Be creative and as experimental as possible.

4. Be open to learning and keep researching about the latest happening in the industry and technology.

5. Never be satisfied or you will stagnate your growth.

6. Take calculative risks.

7. Give something back to society.


Published in Issue 45

When celebrations are all around for the new year, everyone is curious about what this new year will bring. So, the rounds of looking back to the past year and trying to predict the new one starts. We started the same exploration through this issue by reaching various experts for their take on the trends for their respective fields. So, go ahead.


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Creative Gaga - Issue 55


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Watching fashion shows and latest trends season after season we have realised that clothes have become a symbol of individuality while being more outrageous than ever before. The social landscape today is altering at a pace where diversity, unity and power to express freedom through clothes is reigning in the fashion corridors and so is peoples’ inclination to adorn this transformation.

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and symbolizes a fresh birth. A period when fashion is likely to celebrate individuality, diversity and unity. Fashion styles will activate a change by paying homage to the old and getting influenced by the new standout trends that will rule the 2020 runways. These are the five fashion trends to make your own style statement by Antonio Maurizio Grioli, Dean, School of Fashion, Pearl Academy.

01 Power of Equality

Why should fashion have rules? And if it does, then this year is all about breaking the rules and celebrating freedom. The past few years have been transformational for India when it comes to discussing the notion of gender fluidity. It gained massive attraction and continues to do so with people expressing their inner-self by adorning clothes that express their desires to look a certain way.

Gender-neutral fashion is set to be a new rage in 2020. Initiated in the last decade, gender-neutral trend gives us the freedom to celebrate all aspects of our personalities. From the runway to the streets, fashionistas are challenging the norm and embarking on uncharted paths and breaking the stigma attached to what is too masculine or feminine? In the real sense, nothing of such a kind exists. Rather, it is all about the right to equality, the right to express by being our most fabulous selves, and exude glamour and confidence.

02 Let there be Joy!

Yes! It is all about joy at the end of the day and the colour of joy and celebration is expected to rule this year. It has the sunshine of yellow and the luxurious feel of gold. You can shine with grace and panache by adorning vibrant mustards and yellows. While mustard may not be your favourite condiment, but it can definitely add a sprinkle of joy to your wardrobe this year. It works well with both, Indian and western clothing. If an overdose of yellow is not to your liking then adding hints of it by incorporating it with your accessories, such as socks, bags and scarfs, can make a huge difference.

03 Room to Grow

The boxy blazer has been in trend for a while and it would continue to make its presence felt in 2020 as well. It gives a sense of power without any constraints. Layered or double breasted, neutral or brightly coloured, basic or patterned; the boxy blazer gives you the room to experiment and express your most confident self. Pair it with pants and stilettos or denim cut-off and ankle boots; boxy blazers have a way of bringing cohesiveness to all kinds of styles statements.

04 Is Our Future Spotty?

Welcome to the year of Yayoi Kusama. Polka here, polka there, polka dots everywhere! Polka dots are always fun. This year, they are going to be all rage and will give us major retro feels. Polkas can be playful and childlike, elegant, geometric or just random! You can either go polka happy or wear them with understated sophistication. They are available as prints, embroideries, weaves etc. and can be adorned both formally as well as casually.

05 Let’s Save the Planet

Sustainability is not a new concept, and neither is upcycling. However, 2020 is going to break the notion that upcycling is only for a selected few and a trend which can only accomplish a certain look and style. From artsy patchwork, deconstructed garments to elegant and glamourous power suits, this year upcycling is going to get a makeover. Not all of us can be completely sustainable, but we can do our bit. From chic to quirky, ethnic to modern; rethinking and restyling of old pieces, the notion of sustainability with fashion will let us enjoy our individuality through garments while helping the planet at the same time.

Trends are a great framework to be updated in the world of fashion. There are many more in 2020 that could help you feel fabulous and updated, such as crochet, true blue, puffy sleeves etc. However, don’t be afraid to express your unique individuality. Be glamorous, chic or quirky. More importantly, just be you!

Creative Gaga - Issue 55


Extravagance can be deceptive. Three art forms – photography, styling & illustration – are thus merged to create The Bizarreness Called Beauty by Lucky Dubz Trifonas, a visual portrait of the unfavourable side of contemporary fashion industry.

Uncovering Realities

The attempt was to break the veil that exists between the fact and fiction of fashion business. Sexualising and objectifying models are practices that are sustained casually off and through the ramp. Shaking away this indifference, these realities are openly brought to the forefront.

Saying the Truth

Bad dreams, sinful desires and strange fashion statements have been constantly represented throughout the series. Precise photography and loud hairstyles provide a conducive environment to depict these representations.

The Disillusioning

What resulted was a not-so-pretty picture of what is otherwise posed as charming. Pronouncing loudly the uncharismatic in a brave tone, this depiction is a pointed stare into the ugly traditions and practices thriving within the fashion world.


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Here is a campaign of Japan Senses that mesmerises the viewer by retaining its traditional style, yet embracing a contemporary outlook. Kahori Maki’s work is breathtaking and inspiring.

Japan Senses
Japan Senses

Brief/ Challenges

Japan Senses is a project that brings Japanese products under one roof to showcase their qualities to the world. And for this, the campaign needed to have the right mix of tradition and global appeal.

The Solution

Kahori Maki collaborated with a host of talented individuals to create a story that not only demonstrated the Japanese culture in a new light to the world but the local Japanese as well.


The theme revolved around the traditional cherry blossom and the floral essence indigenous to Japan, with a contemporary spin that creates an immersive and surreal experience.

The larger than life-sized petals and floral form is breathtaking and mesmerising. The visual that comes together transports the viewer into an unreal alluring fantasy. The very modern take is simply an overlay on the traditional art, without robbing it off of its essence. The ‘Japan Senses’ is a beauty that leaves the viewer with goosebumps.

Creative Gaga - Issue 55