A brand is like a living being, as it grows and evolves in response to the audience and the environment. Rebranding is like the shedding of old skin in lieu of a new, improved and relevant one. Let’s look at 10 successful rebranding case studies.

1. Animal Planet


Animal Planet is loved world over for bringing people close to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Their universal message required a universal and fun logo that transcends all platforms. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv recreated a new mark for Animal Planet that embodies joy and is universal.


The detailed Rebranding Case Study here


2. Easyday Club


Rebranding a well-established company, giving it new additional values and sustaining it of its exceptional worth in the eyes of its customers is not an easy task! Elephant Design has successfully achieved this in its encounter with Easyday of the Future Group.


The complete Case study is here.


3. Evernote

Sometimes reworking on just a few elements of the already existing package of multiple things and leaving the rest as they are proves to be successful. DesignStudio used a similar theory to rebrand Evernote as a brand.


More on Case study here.


4. Mailchimp


Mailchimp, a successful marketing company, announced a rebranding that stands out while staying true to the essence of the company.


Detailed Case study


5. Ogilvy

While we know that change is an integral part of life, David Ogilvy strived to make his company, “Ogilvy”, better and prepared for the future, by seeking certain changes. COLLINS, a brand design company, stepped in and created perfect strategies for Ogilvy in the form of rebranding, and also for its fundamental work environment.


A complete Case study is here.


6. The Ruby Mills

Polishing century-old successful brand values to be in possession of a fresh and refined visual identity for ones’ clients and competitors is a must-do these days. ‘The Ruby Mills Ltd’ aka ‘Ruby’, rebranded in collaboration with Elephant Design, is a perfect example to follow.
Ruby Mills Magazine - Creativegaga

A detailed Case study here.


7. Slate

Slate, an online editorial, partnered with Gretel, a New York-based design studio to redesign the way they work and build much more than just a new look.


More details on Case study


8. Tumblr

A typeface is not just the namesake of a brand. It instead reveals the brand’s story, indicating its nature and rendering it tangible for its users. Tumblr is one such illustration, illustrated by Dinamo.


Find a detailed Case study here.


9. Uber

In a want to make the UI and the internal functionality of the brand as easy as the services the brand provides to its users through its app, Uber teamed up with Wolff Olins to create their dream brand system through rebranding process.

More Details on Case study


10. Dunkin


Dunkin’ is a now single as ‘donuts’ has officially been dropped off from its previous name. Nevertheless, the team of Jones Knowles Ritchie put their creative caps on and worked hard towards transforming the brand in such a way that the exclusivity remains pristine.


The complete Case study is here.

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Sometimes reworking on just a few elements of the already existing package of multiple things and leaving the rest as they are proves to be successful. DesignStudio used a similar theory to rebrand Evernote as a brand.


Evernote was launched in 2008 as a way to remember everything from anywhere. In the lead-up to its ten-year anniversary, the company embarked on a mission to reposition itself from a note-taking app and more clearly reflect what the company does today-helping people manage information overload and find their focus.


DesignStudio were brought in to develop the brand strategy and a visual ID system to bring this to life.


DesignStudio partnered closely with the Evernote team to develop a brand purpose, helping Evernote and its users to focus on what matters most.


Starting with an exploration of the logo and wordmark, they developed a fresh, energetic and modern visual system to bring the positioning to life. Also, a brand video was developed for a company-wide brand reveal as part of Evernote’s ten-year anniversary.

The Foundation

It all started with the logo, an elephant (affectionately named Mads, after Evernote’s first paying customer). An elephant is thought to “never forget”, representing the company’s original mission, and over the years had developed equity with Evernote users. Launching a wide-ranged exploration of elephant logos, from the elaborate to the deconstructed, was a great help in determining that Mads needed more evolution than revolution.

The Evolution

Mads, the elephant, was evolved with more rigorous geometry, unified shapes, curves, and a trunk composed of a spiral, a shape that represents progress. Mads was then paired with a new wordmark comprised of initial case serif typography, with an editorial feel that nods to Evernote as a writing tool and its founder, Stepan Pachikov, and his belief in the importance of the written word.


The overall effect is optimistic, clever, confident and clear, more trustworthy than trendy.

Bringing It to Life

A fresh, modern and clean colour palette was developed to evolve the brand’s heritage green, vibrant chartreuse and black and to create a visual system that prominently featured bold graphic illustration and typography.


The illustrations communicate the idea of focus by organizing disparate information and inputs, represented by colour blocks and patterns. The illustrations were then scaled from complex, large-scale marketing messages to smaller product illustrations and a system of iconography.


DesignStudio created the new Evernote brand to tell a story of how the organization allows people to focus on what matters most.


Evernote is loved by a devout user base, so care was taken to retain the spirit and charm of what existed, while evolving the brand to appeal to a broader audience.


The new visual system echoes the brand DNA of Optimistic, Clever, Confident and Clear. Bold colours, pithy language, and a modern illustrative and photography approach work together to create a brand system that’s cohesive and decisively Evernote.