December 2018 is loaded with creative and entertaining workshops, events and exhibitions to give you a dose of inspiration and motivation to strengthen up the work spirit.  Read through to know about all these happenings in India and around the world.

With 2018 almost coming to an end, do you feel that you have missed out on opportunities of this year to engage in design, art, and other creative platforms?


Not to worry. There still is the last month left.


Read through this list of events happening in December and make the most of it!


1st – 3rd December
Udaipur, India

Kumbhalgarh Festival

With people exhibiting and curating business during the day transforming to a crowd tapping their feet to the rhythm of the beats by the night, the Kumbhalgarh Festival is where India’s finest artists and craftsmen put up their best work. Featuring Rajasthan’s folk performances along with an art camp, puppet show and some activities for the youth, it also promotes the heritage site, the Kumbhalgarh fort, the location of the festival.


Venue: Kumbhalgarh Fort, Udaipur

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1st – 5th December 
Konark, Odisha

International Sand Art Festival, Odisha 2018

Organised by the Odisha tourism department, The International Sand Art Festival witnesses the best of the sand artists from across the globe. On display is the live creation of sand sculptures outdoing wooden, bronze and stone sculptures of the world. These sand exhibits can be seen at the Chandrabhaga beach, just a few kilometres from the town of Konark.


Venue: Chandrabhaga Beach, Konark, Odisha

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1st – 9th December
North-East India

Photography Tour – North-East India and Hornbill Festival

This photography tour of North East India and Hornbill festival will allow you to immerse yourself in the cultural landscapes and interact with the indigenous people of small-towns and villages of Nagaland. A chance to visit the Kaziranga National park and navigating through the less-explored regions of India, this is the perfect opportunity for you to capture some unique frames and delightful sights of people and nature through your lens.


To Join Contact:  Arun/ Shreeram/ Sreedevi at 9880006460/ 9740083260/ 7022166822
Or Email at photography@darter.in

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1st – 10th December 
Delhi, India

Delhi International Arts Festival 2018

Projecting India as a brand, the Delhi International Arts Festival attempts to draw the attention of the world to India’s soft power expressed through the arts. It promotes Delhi as a destination for international cultural tourism by incorporating national and international art forms varying from music, dance and theatre to literature, poetry and cuisines, thus providing a significant forum for cultural diplomacy.


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4th December 

How to Paint Botanicals by the Ink Bucket

A nature lover and admirer? Want to draw leaves, flowers and everything else that you see in your garden? This is just the right workshop for you. Register yourself with The Ink Bucket to experience calmness and relax your mind by painting beautiful flowers, foliage and the artsy botanicals of mother nature in a simple manner and elevate your painting skills.


Venue: Café Arpan, Mumbai

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6th – 7th December 

The Economic Times Emerging Media Summit 2018

With media breaking through the barriers of technology and consumers demanding interactive rather than informative communicative methods, The Economic Times has announced the launch edition of Emerging Media Summit, two days of a mega-confluence.


This is a platform which will bring together the universe of the media industry to discuss the underlying challenges, come up with technology-driven innovative solutions and eventually carve a roadmap for this emerging ecosystem.


Venue: Hotel Novotel, Mumbai

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7th – 8th December

The Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing (FOAID)

Originated with the idea of celebrating the glory of Indian Architecture & Design, the Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing has lived up to its promise. A platform for creative minds to meet & discuss the new facets of the design fraternity, FOAID in its journey of design has embarked on to the 5th year, this time in an attempt to explore the theme, Time To Reimagine.


Venue: MMRDA, Ground BKC, Mumbai

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7th – 9thDecember

22nd – 23rd December

Comic Con India

Hosting the largest pop-culture conventions in India, Comic Con is back again this year hosting two exhibitions in December in Delhi and Mumbai. Not only does it provide a platform to expand and promote global popular culture, it also gives brands a chance to engage with passionate fans across the country. It is a chance for comic book fans to dress up as their favourite character and meet other comic characters.


Venue: NSIC Ground Okhla, Delhi

Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

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8th December 

Modern Calligraphy Workshop

If you like receiving a hand-written note on any occasion from your loved ones, why wouldn’t they? Ever thought about it?


Join this Modern Calligraphy Workshop to learn the basics of modern calligraphy, from ink flow and pen pressure to shapes and a modern set of alphabets. Just in a few hours, you will be able to develop your own style and soon will be sending love and warmth-filled hand-written cards to your near and dear ones.


Venue: Ministry of New, Fort, Mumbai (South)

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9th – 19th December
Antarctica, South Pole

The White Continent – Antarctica Photography Tour

Situated at the South Pole, Antarctica is the coldest and whitest of all continents. Exposed to icy winds and surrounded by ice-bergs, it does have a brief window every year, during the Antarctic summer, where it becomes possible to travel to this wonderland and watch the nesting penguins. So, register for The White Continent – Antarctica Photography tour, travel on a small luxurious ship to experience the unique continent and photograph the wonders at the end of the world!


To Join Contact: Arun/ Shreeram at 9880006460/ 97400 83260
Or Email at photography@darter.in

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12th December 2018 to 29th March 2019

The Kochi-Muzhiris Biennale 2018

The largest of its kind in South Asia, the fourth edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, an art exhibition and festival is scheduled to run from 12th December, 2018 until 29th March, 2019. It aims at introducing contemporary international visual art theory and practice to India and showcasing new Indian and international aesthetics and art experiences, in an attempt to initiate dialogue among artists, curators, and the public.


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3rd – 8th December
Hong Kong

Business of Design Week (BODW)

A platform for business people to get creative and creatives to explore business opportunities, Business of Design Week (BODW) is Asia’s premier annual event on design, innovation and brands. Organised by Hong Kong Design Centre, BODW 2018 is based on the theme of “Think-Collaborate-Create”, teaming up with various economies to explore design and innovation across all creative forums.


Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhition Centre, Hong Kong

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4th – 6th December
South Florida

International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)

An unparalleled opportunity to view a broad yet highly focused selection of the world’s finest, most innovative, and original avant-garde home and contract products under one roof, International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is back for its third annual meet in South Florida from the 4th till 6th of December, in close proximity to the Art Basel and the Miami Design Week events . To know what’s the latest in the luxury interiors for South Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin American markets, this a must-visit exhibition.


Venue: Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center, South Florida

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5th – 9th December

Design Miami

Design Miami/ is the go-to place to get the best from the most influential collectors, gallerists, designers, curators and critics from around the world celebrating design culture and commerce. A visit to Design Miami/ will leave you in awe of museum-quality exhibitions of twentieth and twenty-first-century furniture, lighting and objets d’art. Strategically planned, it also allows you to visit the Art Basel in Miami.


Venue: Miami, USA

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8th – 16th December

Chiang Mai Design Week

Presenting design innovations catering to the needs of modern living and functioning as aplatform of conversationbetween people and designers to share design knowledge, Chiang Mai Design Week brings together creators, entrepreneurs, young designers, local communities, tourists and anyone interested in design through multiple activities like exhibitions, installations, art and music, thus enriching the city’s creative atmosphere.


Venue: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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10th – 12th December

An Event Apart

An Event Apart, San Francisco is two days of sessions from 12 speakers with intense focus on digital design, UX, content, code, and more. Following the two-day conference comes a full day, A Day Apart, with a single speaker diving deeply into one important topic. Attend this conference, be influenced by industry leaders who are a constant source of inspiration and take back home some tips that definitely will help you grow professionally.


Venue: San Francisco, California

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Creative Gaga - Issue 48


With each passing year, design is becoming a global want. Different cities want to give its people the experience of witnessing what design actually is and thus host design events and festivals. November is jam-packed with such events from all across the globe. Read through and choose the one you wish to attend.

With design-awareness growing at an unimaginable speed, there is a higher demand for designed things and designed services. This gives designers the chance to produce more and more to satisfy the clients and provide them with happiness. And with this comes a crazy schedule of events happening globally.

Here is a list giving a gist of these various events taking place in November 2018 for you to choose from!

15 – 18 November
Bikaner and Khichan, India

Of Raptors and Cranes – Wildlife Photography Tour of Bikaner and Khichan

If you are an animal lover and have a keen interest in bird observation, then this is just the right workshop for you to register with. Of Raptors and Cranes – Wildlife Photography Tour of Bikaner and Khichan offers you 4 days of sighting beautiful birds and animals in their natural habitat and capturing them through the lens of the camera. Enjoy the hues and shades of nature, witnessing the sun and the moon spread their magical wings and enchanting everything under their cover!


To Join Contact: Shreeram at  97400 83260
Or Email at Photography@Darter.in

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15 – 18 November 
Mumbai, India

Economic Times Acetech Mumbai

A premier platform for hosting and promoting innovations in the industry and creating better business networking opportunities among decision makers of procurement companies and suppliers, the Economic Times Acetech is once again back to the city of Mumbai from 15th to 18th November 2018. A pioneer in the domain of Indian trade fair, the ET Acetech is deemed the largest exhibition in Asia and the third largest in the world.


Venue: Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

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16 – 17 November 
New Delhi, India

India Design Summit

India Design summit is a stage to bring the traditional fields of design in partnership with the technology and business towards the development of new products – real and virtual. It is a platform to create an enduring partnership between design and organizations leading to innovation and increased economic competitiveness. This is open to people belonging to the world of design be it software, engineering, human-interaction or product, industrial and graphic design.


Venue: The Park Hotel, 15 Parliament Street, New Delhi – 110 001, New Delhi, Delhi, India

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21 – 24 November 
Varanasi, India

Varanasi – Photographing Karthika Poornima/Dev Diwali Festival and Ancient Traditions

Varanasi, a traditional Indian town on the banks of the river Ganga glimmers and shimmers on the occasion of Dev Diwali celebrated on the evening of Karthika Poornima. Join the tour of Varanasi – Photographing Karthika Poornima /Dev Diwali Festival and Ancient Traditions, capture the beauty and elegance of this vibrant evening and also grab your chance for street photography capturing people celebrating and enjoying the festivities.


To Join Contact: Arun/ Shreeram at 9880006460/ 97400 83260
Or Email at Photography@Darter.in

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22 – 25 November 
New Delhi, India

India Art Festival

A contemporary art fair founded in 2011, India Art Festival is a model for dialogue and collaborations between art galleries, art dealers, art buyers, artists, interior designer, architects and art connoisseurs, bringing all of them under the same roof every year. It also provides opportunities to young emerging designers to get noticed and engage with the established artists.


Venue: Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi, India

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23 November – 02 December 
Bangalore, India

Bengaluru By Design

Addressing design, innovation and sustainability, Bengaluru By Design brings forth a 9-day long programme with creativity at its centre and a focus to make an impact on the public at large through learning, exchange and collaboration.Attend Bengaluru By Design to be design-inspired by immersing yourself in a world of design witnessing a series of engaging talks, installations, exhibitions, design districts and more.


Venue: Bengaluru, India

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31 October – 4 November 

Design Korea

Launched in 2003, Design Korea this year is celebrating its 16th anniversary. A chance to see the global design trends at a glanceand alsothe winners of the world’s most honourable design awards, this design business exhibition is alsoa platform to discuss the value of design and its importance in the future.


Venue: Kintex Hall 4-5, Korea

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2 November
United Kingdom

UX Brighton 2018 – Advancing Research

Design these days is all about user experiences and user interaction. One such platform to know all about this is the UX Brighton 2018 – Advancing Research taking place on 2nd November, a place for designers, developers, project managers, entrepreneurs, copywriters and everyone else who wishes to provide the best to their users in terms of experience and interaction.


Venue: Brighton Dome, England, United Kingdom

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5 – 8 November 

Web Summit 2018

A company from Dublin, Ireland that hosts events across the world,Web Summit is scheduled to be held in Lisbon from 5th to 8th November 2018.Quoted by Forbes as “the best technology conference on the planet”, it gathers the founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing start-ups, policymakers and heads of state to ask a simple question: where to next?


Venue: Altice Arena, Lisbon

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8 – 12 November
New York

The Salon: Art + Design

From classic and abstract antiquities to Art Nouveau, Deco, Mid Century Modern and the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s culminating in the latest work of emerging masters, The Salon: Art + Design showcases global material for every taste. With the world’s finest international galleries exhibiting historical, modern and contemporary furniture, ground-breaking design and late 19th through 21st-century art, the Salon is scheduled to take place from 8th to 12th November in New York.


Venue: Park Avenue ArmoryNew York

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11 – 12 November 
New York

BDNY – Boutique Design Trade Show

Boutique Design New York (BDNY) is the leading trade fair and conference for hospitality design professionals, serving the eastern United States, Canada and Europe.Ranked among the fastest-growing trade fairs in the U.S.,it links manufacturers, marketers and people from the design field and serves as the creative nexus of the industry.


Venue: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City

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12 – 17 November

Dubai Design Week

The largest creative festival in the Middle East, Dubai Design Week reflects Dubai’s position as the regional capital of design. It is a programme spanning over 6 days and made up of numerous events covering design across a range of disciplines including architecture, product, furniture, interior and graphic design. It acts as a catalyst for the growth of the creative community in Dubai, provides an accessible meeting point for the global design community and serves as a platform for regional design.


Venue: Dubai Design District (d3), Dubai

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13 – 16 November

Downtown Design Dubai

Happening in Dubai, Downtown Design serves as an opportunity for design to meet the commercial front. Based on the theme of Liveable Cities and set on the waterfront overlooking Dubai Creek, Downtown Dubai brings a whole lot of installations and exhibits along with curated talks and workshops. It will also showcase limited edition design from individual designers, studios and design collectives.


Venue: Dubai Design District (d3), Dubai

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14 – 15 November

A@W Milan

Dedicated to the theme of light, Architect @ Work, Milan is scheduled for 14th and 15th November 2018 in Milan. With thematic exhibitions focusing on the relationship of light with materials, the architecture, public and private space and photography, the event is dedicated mainly to architects and designers giving them a chance to live the space and appreciate the sensorial qualities.


Venue: Fiera Milano Congressi, Milan

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15 – 18 November 

Eastside Culture Crawl

A 4-day visual arts festival, Eastside Culture Crawl involves artists on Vancouver’s East-side opening their studio to the public. Focusing on emerging as well as internationally established artists, it is an invitation to anyone from the creative field to exhibit their work and it also hosts workshops for visual artists.


Venue: Vancouver, Canada

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20 – 21 November 

Sleep + Eat

Sleep + Eat brings together hospitality leaders with Europe’s foremost designers, consultants, architects and emerging talent in an attempt to merge concept, design, style and innovation to define the evolution of hotel, restaurant and bar design. It is an opportunity to celebrate and experience the industry’s creativity , gain inspiration and strengthen networking within the world of professional design.


Venue: Olympia, London

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23 – 24 November 

A@W Istanbul

Themed wood and architecture Architect @ Work, Istanbul is a 2-day event happening on 23rd and 24th of November in Turkey. With a display of innovative products for interior and exterior solutions in the construction and design industry, A@W is also a meeting point for design professionals and a platform for the audience to engage with these designers through talks, seminars and discussions. 


Venue: Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), Istanbul, Turkey

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22 – 25 November 

Design Fair Paris

Design Fair Paris by Les Puces du Design has been the first historical market exclusively dedicated to design from the 50s to the 2000s. The first of its kind, it is dedicated exclusively to vintage design. Believing in experimenting and bringing in the spirit of new and the unusual,  Design Fair Paris presents an upstream selection of exhibitors, who are specialized professionals, thus making it a safe and ideal place to buy design pieces from all periods.


Venue: Espace Champerret, Paris

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28 – 30 November 

World Architecture Festival

Dedicated to celebrating, sharing and inspiring outstanding architecture, World Architecture Festival is the only global awards programme where architects present their completed buildings and future projects live to a panel of internationally renowned judges and delegates from around the world. It is a call to the professionals from the world of architecture and interior design to showcase their best and also take back some inspiration from reputed global designers.


Venue: Rai, Amsterdam

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Creative Gaga - Issue 48


Creativity is infinite, devoid of a starting and an ending point. So are the creative design festivals and workshops. In this coming month of October, gear up for some crazy design intake, set your mind free, let creativity sink in and shape your design thoughts into valuable wonders.

October 3-6
Mumbai, India

Design of Signage Systems

Signages are vital in informing, guiding and directing the public. With technology developing, new techniques are being used to make the signages aesthetically appealing and also economically viable. Attend this workshop, Design of Signage Systems and gain holistic information about signage design, manufacturing and fabrication and be a part of lectures and discussions on the same.


Venue: IDC, IIT Bombay

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October 4-6
Bangalore, India

International Conference on User Experience Design

A not-for profit venture, UXINDIA is built by, built for, and sustained by its growing community of designers, enthusiasts, influencers from business, education, and governance. UXINDIA is presenting an opportunity for 3 days of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience designers, UX leaders, visual designers, user researchers, front end designers, program managers, start-up founders and design students at the International conference taking place in Bangalore. Hear out the top global leaders of the industry and get some hands-on experience through workshops.


Venue: ITC Gardenia, Bangalore

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Changpa Nomads Ladakh - Creativegaga

October 6-14

Life of Changpa Nomads Photography Tour

Ladakh: Life of Changpa Nomads Photography Tour is a unique photography experience that is crafted and led by the triad of a local expert who is a part of the nomad community and two of the finest travel photographers in India. Enjoy the beauty of nature by staying in camps alongside the locals amidst the serene landscapes of the Himalayas and breathing in fresh and pure air. Capture the life on the mountains through your lens taking memories back home to be cherished as treasure down the years.


To Join Contact: Arun at 9880006460
Or Email at Photography@Darter.in

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Dot Painted Jewellery - Creativegaga

October 7
Maharashtra, India

Workshop on Dot Painted Jewellery

Join the Dot Painted jewellery workshop to learn the meditative and therapeutic Australian aboriginal art form and paint your own handmade jewellery for this Navratri. Create pendants, earrings and bracelets, take them home and deck yourself up for the festive attire.


Venue: Kalakar Bhavis Art Studio, Shani Mandir Rd, Godrej Hill, Khadakpada, Kalyan, Maharashtra

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Pointed Pen Calligraphy Quill - Creativegaga

October 13
Jalandhar, India

October 21
Chandigarh, India

Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Get ready to be swamped in with the secrets of professional calligraphy. Register yourself for the Pointed Pen Calligraphy workshop and know the tips and tricks that professional calligraphers use to make their work look smooth, balanced and consistent- all while sipping some delicious drinks and filling your tummy with sumptuous food. Get ready for a day of fun, meeting new people, making friends and learning the calligraphy skills.


Venue for Oct. 13: Chatterbox, 803 Model Town Road, New Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar

Venue for Oct. 21: The Back Room, SCO 165-167, Sector- 34A, Chandigarh

More details for Oct. 13 here

More details for Oct. 21 here


Iceland Photography Tour - Creativegaga

October 18-27

Iceland Photography Tour – Landscapes & Northern Lights

Iceland Photography Tour is a specially designed tour to cover the best of everything that Iceland has to offer. Experience the joy of watching and photographing the dazzling night skies that glow with the northern lights by joining this tour group. Mentored by well-known travel and landscape photographers, grab this opportunity to polish your photography skills while capturing some of the most beautiful views of the world and.


To Join Contact: Arun/ Shreeram at 9880006460/ 97400 83260
Or Email at Photography@Darter.in

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Aplavirama- Creativegaga

October 23-27
Ahmedabad, India

ALPAVIRAMA: Asian Short & Documentary Film Festival

Aplavirama is a five-day film festival organised by the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad  providing a platform for the exhibition of short films – especially those given life by the under-30 youth, in these disparate yet uniquely alike lands of Asia. Alpavirama 2018, in its fourth edition is looking forward to celebrate the vibrant Asian spirit and the diverse yet converging flavours of Asian Cinema in all its short form glory.


Venue: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

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Istanbul Design Week - Creativegaga

October 4-7

Istanbul Design Week

A week dedicated to design with mutual benefits for designers to project their designs and for companies or buyers to be exposed to the best before setting up and developing their business, Istanbul Design Week is open to be visited from the 4th to the 7th of October, 2018. Visit some of the best design exhibits, be a part of the conferences, hear eminent speakers’ thoughts and take on the design world of today and enjoy the parties at various design events.


Venue: Old Hat Factory, Istanbul

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BITS8 - Creativegaga

October 5-7

Bangkok International Typographic Symposium 2018 (BITS 8)

BITS 8, the only Typographic & Type Design Festival in South East Asia is now happening on the beach. Block your dates from 5th to 7th October, pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts and tees and gear up for a fun and design-filled  beachy weekend. Meet some of the coolest graphic designers and up your game of graphic designing!


Venue: Inter Continental Hua Hin Resort, Thailand

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Venice Design Week - Creativegaga

October 7-15

Venice Design Week

With the goal of enriching the relationship between design, arts and crafts, Venice Design Week is now in its 8th year of successful operations feeding both, the locals’ and the tourists’ architectural and design appetite. Designers and companies from all over the world are invited to take part in exhibitions, competitions, and special events.


Venue: Venice, Italy

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Salone Del Mobile Milano - Creativegaga

October 10-13

Salone del Mobile

Maintaining a relationship and ongoing dialogue with its own public, Salone del Mobile.Milano is back with its 14th edition to the capital city of Moscow showcasing home furnishings, lighting systems, kitchens, offices, accessories, bathrooms and textiles. With an increasingly keen interest in quality products portrayed by the Russian market, the festival this year has 280 companies exhibiting and more than 30,000 visitors expected.


Venue: Crocus Expo-2, Moscow

More details here


Mexico Design Week - Creativegaga

October 10-14
Mexico City

Design Week Mexico

Providing a common platform to professionals from the cultural, educational, commercial and institutional spheres of the country to Mexico to gather and participate under one roof, this year the tenth edition of Design Week Mexico is representing Mexico City as the World Capital of Design under the theme of Socially Responsible Design. Merging in architecture and design with urbanism, the design week aims at introducing the public to the concept of city development through design envisioning a sustainable future while also exhibiting various proposals for home decor, lifestyle and fashion.


Venue:Mexico City

More details here


Adobe Max - Creativegaga

October 15-17

Adobe MAX

Let free the design spirit in you for Adobe Max is back to LA on from the 15th to 17th October with labs, workshops, events and talks, all set in place for the design-hungry community. Get your ticket now for this is your chance to meet your kind of people, be inspired and informed about the latest in global design and get a chance to sharpen your skills by learning from your own design heroes!


Venue: Los Angeles, California

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Paul Jackson Night Scene - Creativegaga

October 15-18

Night Time in The City

Nature is the biggest playground for artists. With the sun at its setting time and the lights beginning to glow, with people getting into a party spirit and the sky being lit by the stars, Paul Jackson invites all you people out there to join him to explore the Miami nights in water colours over a period of 4 days.


Venue: Miami Watercolor Society, Miami, Florida

More details here


Architect Work - Creativegaga

October 17-18

A@W Rome

ARCHITECT @ WORK returns to Rome with its third edition on October 17th and 18th 2018 bringing together designers and companies in a professional and informal context. Experience crazy innovations and products, sensationalize your sense of vision with some photographic projects and be a part of the latest digital platforms in the field of design. Relax in the lounge bar, grab a coffee, enjoy free catering, get some good reading content and satisfy your design soul!


Venue: Rome

More details here


We Make - Creativegaga

October 19-20


WeMake is a local, non-profit that helps to foster art and design in Portland, Oregon’s creative community through hands-on experiences, creative dialogue, and design-in-action initiatives, with a focus on the process of making and the spirit of community. This year, WeMake invites you all to DISRUPT, their fourth annual design conference in an attempt to understand how disruption in art and design affects the process and work.


Venue: Portland, Oregon

More details here


Dutch Design Week - Creativegaga

October 20-28

Dutch Design Week

9 days of activities spread across 110 locations and distributed in about 400 different events, the Dutch Design Week welcomes more than 2600 designers to showcase their vision through a combination of art, design and technology. Get your tickets, experience the beauty of design while engaging in conversations with designers over food and drinks and not to forget, 9 days of party atmosphere with some amazing music.


Venue: Eindhoven, Netherlands

More details here


Core 77 Conference - Creativegaga

October 25
New York

Core 77 Conference

Want to focus on starting and running a design business, or launch your own product line? Buy your tickets now for the Core 77 conference and walk away with tangible skills and toolkits to help produce, finance and promote your products, services, and even yourself. Gain a network of connections to move forward and then you are all set for your big day!


Venue: Brooklyn, New York

More details here


Creative Gaga - Issue 48


With September almost hitting the calendar, don’t lose out on a minute more! With lots of creative platforms organising workshops and events this month, sign up for something new, look out for your best suitor and get your mind’s creative skill development in action!

CSDO Candle Making - Creative Gaga

September 6-8
New Delhi, India

Startup Candle Making Course

Taken in by the fragrances of wax in different shapes, forms, sizes and colours?


Join this Startup candle making course, learn a detailed step by step procedure and create the beautiful candles that you have always wished to see in the surroundings of your everyday environment and add some cosiness in your life!


Venue: Craft And Social Development Organisation (CSDO, E-61), South Delhi

More details here


Rohan Dahotre - Creative Gaga

September 8
Coimbatore, India

Doodle Owl Workshop

Doodle Owl Workshop will be conducted by Rohan Dahotre, one of the top 30 illustrators of India. Register yourself for this workshop to learn the secret tips and techniques to doodle a variety of owls in different styles. Also get to know how to apply recycling techniques while creating doodle art.


Venue: Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

More details here


Indian Photography Festival - Creative Gaga

September 6 – October 7
Hyderabad, India

Indian Photography Festival

A Not-For-Profit initiative of Light Craft Foundation, the International Photography Festival (IPF) showcases a wide range of photography from India and around the globe with a series of events, including talks and discussions, portfolio reviews, workshops etc.


It is a platform for professional and aspiring photographers, photography lovers and the public, IPF promotes the art of photography as well as addresses the social issues through the medium of photography.


Venue: State Art Gallery, Hyderabad

More details here


NatureIn Focus Festival - Creative Gaga

September 7- 9
Bangalore, India

NIF Festival 2018

With its fifth edition rolling out, Nature in Focus Festival is back once again fabricating a platform  to bring together people who think-alike,to spark conversations among the novices, amateurs  and the experienced, recognizing and awarding the best work and inspiring the community.


Join this community of people from a variety of fields related to nature, wildlife and conservation, be a part of debates and talks and take back some interesting information.


Venue: The Oterra Hotel, Hosur Road, Electronics City Phase 1, Electronic City, Bengaluru

More details here 


Wood working - Creative Gaga

September 8-9
New Delhi, India

Advanced Woodworking Workshop

Seeming just right for a budding DIYer, this advanced woodworking workshop will teach you about wood as a material, the various joinery techniques and the use of advanced woodworking tools like the table saw, compound miter saw and a plunge router.


The creatives out there, grab this chance to learn something new in the world of wood and also take back with you a self-made barn stool!


Venue: Makers box, D-181, Okhla I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi

More details here


Stories In Art - Creative Gaga

September 15
Mumbai, India

A Brush With Art – Stories In Art!

The tradition of narrative art dates back to the early ages of humanities, representational and symbolic of the times it was created in.


A brush with art stories in art is a workshop for people to dive into the rich history of narrative art in India,examine the works and the style, trace the stories and narratives and create their own visual stories as takeaways.


Venue: The Pomegranate Workshop, Gr. Flr, Kalpana Bldg, Plot No. 14, Marubai Mandir Rd, Matunga (East), Near Don Bosco School, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400 019

More details here


Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop - Creative Gaga

September 15-16
Bangalore, India

Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop

Looking for a place to learn the calligraphy techniques to beautify the small pieces of text that you write for personal use or as gifts?


Be a part of this Copperplate calligraphy workshop taught by the master Avinash Kharat, explore the creative potential within you and learn the magical tricks to add grace and delicacy to your calligraphic skills.


Venue: 91 Spring Board (7th Block, Koramangala), 4th Floor, No 22, Salarpuria Towers-I, Hosur Road, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560095

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September 15-16
Mumbai, India

Copperplate Script – A Pascribe Approach

Learn Copperplate Script using the 4 Fold Symmetry and gain an accurate control over curves by joining Copperplate Script, a Pascribe Approach in Delhi and Mumbai. An introduction to the anatomy of the letters gleaned from 18th century English Writing Master Copybooks, learning breathing and rhythm techniques for a better insight into the lightness of touch and the construction of flourishes comes along.


Venue: Rachna Sansad Prabhadevi

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Darter Food Styling And Photography - Creative Gaga

September 21
Gurgaon, India

Food Styling And Photography Workshop

Tired of posting cliché food pictures on Instagram? Not to worry anymore!


Join the food styling and photography workshop, learn new skills through live demo sessions by food bloggers Deeba Rajpal and photographer Prasad Np for pro-quality food photographs.Also get introduced to the basic concepts and props used for food styling, a must-know for food photography.


Venue: GREENR, 01, 32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurgaon

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FOAID - Creative Gaga

September 21-22
New Delhi, India

Festival Of Architecture And Interior Designing

Originated with the idea of celebrating the glory of Indian Architecture & Design, the Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing has lived up to its promise.


A platform for creative minds to meet & discuss the new facets of the design fraternity, FOAID in its journey of design has embarked on to the 5th year, this time in an attempt to explore the theme, Time To Re-imagine.


Venue: NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi

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Darter Wildlife Photography - Creative Gaga

September 21-23

Jungle Tales – Wildlife Photography Tour Of Kabini

A wildlife photography enthusiast? Cherish natures’ beauty captured as still imagery viewed on digital screens?


Grab this perfect opportunity, be a part of the Jungle Tales a wildlife photography tour of Kabini and enjoy a weekend of photography by exploring, experiencing, learning and sharing the rich diversity of wildlife by vehicle, boat and on foot.


To Join Contact: Sreedevi/ Shreeram M V at 9740083260/ 7022166822
Or Email at Photography@Darter.in

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Bird Photography Workshop - Creative Gaga

September 22- 23
Jaipurdoddi, India

Bird Photography Workshop

Enrol yourself for this one-of-a-kind bird photography workshop to go beyond the basics and master advanced techniques of bird photography. Taking place at a beautiful lake edge and instructed by an award-winning wildlife photographer Phillip Ross, there can be no better option for you to improve your skills of capturing these grand flying creatures in their natural habitat.


Venue: The Outback Farm, Jaipurdoddi, Karnataka

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May 26 – November 25 2018
Venice, Italy

Biennale Architettura 2018

16th International Architecture Exhibition

The Biennale Architettura 2018 is a six month long International Architecture Exhibitiontaking place in the venues of the Giardini and the Arsenale in the beautiful city of Venice.


This edition themed ‘FREESPACE’ puts forward examples, proposals, elements – built or unbuilt – of work exemplifying essential qualities of architecture, which include the modulation, richness and materiality of surface, and the orchestration and sequencing of movement, revealing the embodied power and beauty of architecture.


Venue: Venice, Italy

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Beijing Design Week 2018 -Creative Gaga

September – October 2018
Beijing, China

Beijing Design Week

Beijing Design Week (BJDW), launched in 2009, is a national large-scale annual cultural event and international A-type creative design event held in Beijing with the approval of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, which is cosponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Beijing Municipal Government.


As the design week with the largest scale in Asia and creative design public service platform with international influence in Beijing and with sustainable development, every year BJDW attracts more than 2000 designers, institution representatives and academic professionals, more than 100 registered media and an audience of about 5 million.


Venue: Beijing, China

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Design Junction 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 1 – 23
London, United Kingdom


Designjunction connects the world’s most renowned design brands with some of the world’s leading design professionals. Showcasing more than 200 brands in a series of inspiring and centrally-located venues, it has built an unparalleled reputation as the show ‘where design meets’ during the London Design Festival.


Having attracted more than 28000 visitors in 2017, this year designjunction is moving to the cultural hub of the South Bank.


Venue: London, United Kingdom

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London Design Biennale 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 4 – 23
London, United Kingdom

London Design Biennale 2018

The 2018 London Design Biennale, devoted to the theme, ‘Emotional States’ will see participants from six continents exhibiting engaging and interactive design installations across Somerset House.


The world’s most exciting and ambitious designers, innovators and curators gather in the capital to explore and show how design impacts our very being and affects every aspect of our lives – the way we live and how we live – and influences our very being, emotions, and experiences.


Venue: London, United Kingdom

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Paris Design Week 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 6 – 15
Paris, France

Paris Design Week

The eighth annual Paris Design Week, scheduled to overlap with Maison&Objet Paris, invites French and international professionals and the general public to discover the best showcases of design in Paris.


This event is an itinerary uniting 250 participants who proudly promote first-rate design in Paris and also brings together the talents and forces of retailers, galleries, showrooms, hotels and restaurants for ten days to share their experience in design and creation with the public.


Venue: Paris, France

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Helsinki Design Week - Creative Gaga

September 6 – 16
Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Design Week

Helsinki Design Week is a multidisciplinary design festival that presents design from a number of fields as well as fashion, architecture and urban culture. Held annually in September, the festival programme contains around 250 events every year and boasted about 161,000 visitors in 2016. Helsinki Design Week chairs World Design Weeks from 2017 to 2020.


Venue: Helsinki, Finland

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MAISONOBJET 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 7 – 11
Paris, France


MAISON&OBJET is a great lifestyle platform formed at the intersection of business and creativity, revealing solutions to visitors from around the world in search of uniqueness.


A key meeting place for professionals in the art of living, M&O brings together a 360° product offering ranging from home decor and interiors, accessories and furniture to fragrances, kitchen-ware and kids things, fulfilling the diverse needs of global users and markets.


Venue: Paris, France

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Top Drawer 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 09-11
London, United Kingdom

Top Drawer

Top Drawer, London’s largest design-led gift trade event, is a perfect platform for UK and international lifestyle brands to present new ranges and best sellers in the curated and complementary worlds of home, gift, fashion and craft.


With each world showcasing an expert sector edit, this is where the leading brands, designers, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors come to do business with the most successful creative retailers and contract buyers from across the UK and beyond.


Venue: London, United Kingdom

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London Design Fair 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 15 – 23
London, United Kingdom

London Design Festival

The London Design Festival is an annual event, held to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world, and as the gateway to the international creative community.


It aims at promoting the city’s creativity, drawing in the country’s greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to a deliver an unmissable celebration of design. 2017 saw an inflow of about 450,000 individual visitors from over 75 countries.


Venue: London, United Kingdom

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100 Design 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 19-22
London, United Kingdom

100% Design

The commercial cornerstone event of the London Design Festival, 100% Design is officially the UK’s largest design trade event and the dedicated meeting place for business and design in London.


Attracting more than 27,000 visitors over 4 days including architects, interior designers, retailers and designers, 100% Design features unrivalled talks programme, bespoke installations and a curated selection of world-leading international brands.


It is the destination for architects and designers to discover interior design trends and emerging talent during London Design Festival.


Venue: London, United Kingdom

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IDSA International Design Conference 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 19 – 22
New Orleans, LA

IDSA International Design Conference 2018

The Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) International Design Conference aims to celebrate the diversity, overlap and undeniable power of design.


Placing multi-disciplinary design through multi-sensory experiences on the main stage will cultivate a shared understanding that allows designers from all backgrounds to rally around common themes and challenges.


Venue: New Orleans, LA

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London Design Fair 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 20 – 23
London, United Kingdom

 London Design Fair

London Design Fair is the most international trade destination during the annual London Design Festival.


Located in the creative heart of East London, it brings together 550 exhibitors from 36 countries and attracts a design-savvy public to enjoy the very latest trending from an international collection of furniture, lighting, textiles, materials and conceptual installations.


Venue: London, United Kingdom

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Brand Design Conference 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 21 – 22
London, United Kingdom

Brand Design Conference 2018

The Brand Design Conference aims at establishing a new forum for brand research and discussion, putting Design at its core, as Design is the craft for Branding. It seeks to focus on the vital and underrepresented role of Design theories and practices in Branding, unveiling Design’s potential to create brands and the wider impact of Design in Branding.


Venue: London, United Kingdom

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Bologna Design Week 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 25 – 29
Bologna, Italy

Bologna Design Week

Bologna Design Week (BDW) is an international event devoted to the promotion of design culture in Emilia-Romagna. Organized in the historic centrein collaboration with Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, BDW is an event that maps and combines cultural, creative, creative, productive and distributive excellence into an integrated communication project.


Venue: Bologna, Italy

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MARMOMACC 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 26 – 29
Verona, Italy


Marmomacc is the world’s leading event for the lithic industry and represents the entire supply chain, from raw, semi-finished and finished products, machinery and processing technologies to the possible applications of stone in architecture and design. A platform where business meets professional updating, Marmomacc is the go-to fair for operators in the stone industry.


Venue: Verona, Italy

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PHOTOKINA 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 26 – 29
Cologne, Germany

Photokina 2018

Photokina is the world’s leading trade fair for imagery. Photokina is setting new standards as a provider of impulses and it will in future thus optimally reflect the fast-paced nature and the ever-briefer innovation cycles of an increasingly digitalised industry.


In addition to innovations from the core areas of the imaging workflow, the entire range of products, applications and services of relevance for imaging shall in future be presented in Cologne.


Venue: Cologne, Germany

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A@W Paris 2018 -Creative Gaga

September 27 – 28
Paris, France


The unique and innovative exhibition layout of Architect@Work, PARIS was created by C4 -Creative Fo(u)r. Here the presentation spaces are transformed into a gallery of exposure and to ensure an optimal contact between exhibitors and visitors, visitors are automatically led along a route that winds its way through small, uniform modules.


Exhibition gallery is composed of uniform modules grouped by a unit of 4, forming a square. The corners of these squares are used to showcase the innovations of the exhibitors and in the centre each square, a multimedia console accommodates multimedia equipment and documentation.


Venue: Paris, France

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Vienna Design Week 2018 - Creative Gaga

September 28 – October 7
Vienna, Austria

Vienna Design Week

Defining design as an essential part of the cultural production,Vienna Design Week is Austria’s largest design festival. Opening up creative processes and giving scope for experimentation on site are core elements of the festival concept.


The festival shows that design shapes our material culture, our every-day life and our world as consumers. Simultaneously, it influences our lifestyles and most fundamentally, our aesthetic senses and judgments.


Venue: Vienna, Austria

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