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David Padilla enjoys creating the imaginary world, which comes from the reality. He is heavily influenced by photography and science fiction. He likes the fantasy world as it can help you turn your imaginary thoughts into a reality. He also talks about what inspires him to create this surreal world.

Alteration. It shows the decomposition happen inside someone’s head when facing a reality.

CG: How would you define your design language?

David. I mostly use photo manipulation techniques to build my scenes by combining different images and creating a composition that represents the idea. I also use 3D programs to add depth and that extra dimensión to my work.

Halloween. A tribute to the day of Halloween.

Brainstorm. An explosion of ideas happens inside us when we try to create something new.

CG: Any artist who has influenced your work over the years?

David. I am inspired by artists from all disciplines of art but photography is my prime source of inspiration as the play of light and composition are the key elements that helps me in creating the scenes. In the realm of digital art, few artists who have influenced me are David Fuhrer, Valp Maciej Hajrich, Niklas Lundberg, Stu Ballinger and Mart Biemans.

Death. Skeleton figure is decorated with shapes of colours and textures.

CG: What inspires you to create the fantasy world in your artworks?

David. In my opinion the inspiration comes from what we usually do, our routines and our lifestyle but what I really like about the fantasy world is tha it’s a way to express what we can think of even though it might not be real. I am influenced by movies and books; science fiction being my favourite genre.

Extraction Point. Inspired from the video game “The Division”. It represents chaos in a lonely city.

Drone. An experimental artwork, character with vibrating textures and colours.

CG: What is your design motto that you live by?

David. My design motto is “Less is more”. Besides being an illustrator I’m also a graphic designer at Woka, a Spanish design agency, and I always take this motto into account. I believe that beauty lies in representing the idea in the most minimalistic way possible as trying to add extra elements only adds to clutter.

Distortion. An interpretation of deformation as a core element.

CG: How do you avoid creative burnout or what do you do in case you feel creatively exhausted?

David. Experiencing something new makes a difference here but what helps me the most is travelling. I love to break the routine and travel as it is a way to disconnect and experience new cultures and landscapes. This fuels my creative thinking and inspires me.