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Being different, standing out from the crowd and shining like a star is what every achiever dreams of, but not everyone achieves it. Jithin Roda has followed certain of his own principles since childhood to achieve this milestone of shimmer and brilliance.


A kid who not only loved watching cartoons but was quite a few steps ahead of his age as Jithin could spend hours thinking and creating his own versions of these cartoons.

Decapod Monsters
Indian digital Artists

Always wanting to do something which interested him, making a career choice came very easily to him. From childhood, with a mindset that constantly worked on creating the non-existent, Jithin decided to take up illustration as his profession as it was a tool for him to speak his mind and communicate with the world in a visual manner.

Creatures II

The Fantasy-land in Making!

A big fan of watching fantasy movies and an avid reader of the same genre of books, these interests transported Jithin’s mind to a parallel world. He has created a series of characters belonging to a fictional and imaginary world, some being inspired by animals of the human world.


With concepts in the making and story-boarding, he has created some of his characters to be related to each other, connected through a story. He hasn’t left it at just generating faces and giving these faces a body, he has also worked intensely on the background of these creatures with an intricate level of detailing in both, the creature and their surroundings.

Hunter and his beast

Sometimes the use of referential images helps him in channelizing his vision into visualizations in the right way, acting as a guiding factor and preventing him from getting lost in his world of imagination.

Decapod Monsters

Digital Impressions!

Using only digital mediums to transform his thoughts into reality, it is quite an investment of time to produce the output he wants. Being a digital creator, he spends a varying amount of time ranging from just ten hours on one piece to a couple of weeks on another piece, depending on what is required of it.


Depending on the need of the artwork, he makes a decision whether to create his character just to be looked at from one angle in a two-dimensional frame or does the character have to be designed with a possibility to be viewed from multiple sides, which then needs to be done in a three-dimensional frame giving the viewer a complete insight into his imaginative thinking.


Out of the Box Methodology!

Sometimes being different and not following the traditional path of portfolio making works out to be more successful than the regular and generic way of going about it. This is true in the case of Jithin and his career. While creating his portfolio, he did not follow the way of making what everyone does, instead he just did what he liked!


His portfolio work, mostly being fictional, never really was a hindrance in his career options. It rather opened up many more doors for him. Not really wanting to work with studios and in-house jobs, being hired or not didn’t deter Jithin from doing what he loved.


With the profile created using his portfolio, he has been able to find numerous freelance jobs as it gives him the freedom to express his creativity the way he wants.


”For the beginners stepping into this world of professionalism and tough competition, he is of the opinion that one should try and improve in every possible way out there”

Big Bug Monster

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