Strategic Design & Communication Agency VGC have been Aditya Birla Group’s brand custodians since 1997. The latest campaign, conceptualized and executed by VGC, is the next step in the Aditya Birla Group’s brand journey.

Aditya Birla Group


The vision of the Chairman, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla whose deep commitment towards creating a brand of immense worth based on solid foundations of impeccable values, has seen the Group journey across many a milestone to emerge as a multinational power-brand of statesman stature, in the matter of just two decades.

Aditya Birla Group

The Group’s radical shift from being architects of a global India to a powerhouse across the globe & various sectors has now led to the understanding of how ABG is a big part of peoples’ lives at every step.


This called for revamping the group’s identity to match with the contemporary world.

Aditya Birla Group


VGC has partnered Aditya Birla Group over two decades to build an iconic brand and continues to do so.


Over the years, VGC has conceptualized and developed all of Aditya Birla Group’s brand campaigns. Starting with the ‘Taking India to the world’ campaign, which introduced the Group as an Indian Multinational with diversified interests across the world, VGC through continuous strategic and creative efforts has helped the group reaffirm their position as a powerhouse across the globe and across sectors.

Aditya Birla Group

VGC refreshed the company’s identity, defining it as a new mark for new milestones. Based on this, the new brand language was extended across various touch points and collaterals, the details of which can be read here

To add more power to the deep-rooted brand that the Aditya Birla Group already is, VGC as its strategic brand and communication partner took the campaigning spirits to a whole new level!

Aditya Birla Group

Following the logo change campaign in 2016, VGC conceptualized a brand communication campaign called ‘Big in your life’, to highlight the Group’s journey to a super-brand that enables and empowers people at every step in their life. The campaign in India was launched as a television commercial and was digitally broadcast across USA, Canada, the Middle East and Japan.

Aditya Birla Group

While the previous campaigns highlighted and established Aditya Birla Group’s ‘Big’ geographical presence, economic might, omnipresence of the Group’s products and the way they touch lives across the world, this latest campaign showcases the narrative of the company moving from ‘Being Big’ to creating and delivering ‘Big Value’ for its consumers and people at large.

Aditya Birla Group

It introduced a new icon for the group – the Aditya Birla Giant, who travels across the world enabling, empowering and enhancing the lives of millions.


The film, directed by the globally renowned Eli Sverdlov and post-produced by Gravity from Israel, carries forward the surreal epic signature of all Aditya Birla Group’s films.

Aditya Birla Group


The television commercial is about the group and its journey towards crossing new milestones, culminating with the logo reveal. With the conceptualisation of this commercial, VGC has taken forward the ‘Big In Your Life’ position and adds a greater purpose to the group. Big is what big does.

Aditya Birla Group

The evolution of the brand with time to keep up with the versatile eye-catching recognition-screens of the present day while still being true to its roots is a symbol of its genuineness and client-commitment that it has followed since its inception.


Aditya Birla Group
Design Studio: VGC
Film Director: Eli Sverdlov


We’re all looking for something unreal, something that could hold our attention and give us something new. Locopopo DesignStudio, founded by Lokesh Karekar, helped create an illustrative series for GDPL design studio for Godrej Properties – Kolkata. The aim of the campaign was to focus on the greenscape the property had to offer, with the scope for multiple activities at different gardens. The beautiful colour combinations of blue-yellow, red-blue and more help grab the viewers’ attention. The illustrations are wonderfully layered into the backdrop and the foreground, giving the feeling of depth and never-ending gardens. The overflowing green from all ends certainly conjures an enticing visual.


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Designing by developing personalities is one of the best ways to create relatable, relevant and successful campaigns, and Saatchi & Saatchi Integrated Solutions shows us how with the Nobile’s ‘Hang Loose’ campaign for the wakeboards.

Brief / Challenge:

Nobile, a Polish manufacturer is worldwide critically acclaimed for its adventure sports products like skis, wakeboards, snowboards and kiteboards. In 2017, Nobile wanted to engage young wakeboarders with their products. For this, they needed a new upbeat and relatable campaign that would catch one’s attention.


Saatchi & Saatchi created the ‘hang loose’ concept to encourage wakeboarders to look inwards and identify with their uniqueness. For this, the agency put together five distinct personalities as themes and created five wakeboard designs around them. Each of the personalities, and thus designs, are youthful, contemporary and fun.


‘Shaka’ captures the elements of our childhood imagination. ‘Brah’ talks of brotherhood and adventure. ‘Aloha’ encompasses spritely feminine characteristics. ‘Akaw’ illustrates the yearning for adventure and discovery. ‘Bee3’ displays the fierce need for freedom and individuality.



Saatchi & Saatchi IS, Poland


Nobile Sports, Poland

Creative Director

Michał Pawłowski

Design Director

Rafał Nagiecki

Art Directors

Anna Caban
Bartosz Morawski
Kamil Bugno
Rafał Nagiecki


Aleksander Bieroński
Bartosz Morawski
Kamil Bugno

3D Artist

Bartosz Morawski

Senior Copywriter

Marta Frączek

Account Director

Jakub Krawczyk

Account Supervisor

Anna Borysewicz


Malgorzata Rosiak-Brawanska

Marketing and Communication Officer 

Maciej Jaźwiecki

Brand Manager

Dominika Jagodzinska

If anything, a campaign should make a viewer look again. And that’s how we felt with the Lawman PG3 campaign by AutumnWinter Communications & Design, a Mumbai based agency. Each of the imageries draws you into its surreal world. The eccentric composition encourages curious to know the story behind it. Each poster focuses on a specific feature of the wire stitch, smoke wash and organic stitch. And each poster is designed around each of these features.


Karan Singh Rawat, the founder and CCO of AW, after graduating from J.J. School of Applied Art, gained years of experience working with renowned agencies like McCann Erickson, JWT, Umbrella Design and more.


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Here is a campaign of Japan Senses that mesmerises the viewer by retaining its traditional style, yet embracing a contemporary outlook. Kahori Maki’s work is breathtaking and inspiring.

Japan Senses
Japan Senses

Brief/ Challenges

Japan Senses is a project that brings Japanese products under one roof to showcase their qualities to the world. And for this, the campaign needed to have the right mix of tradition and global appeal.

The Solution

Kahori Maki collaborated with a host of talented individuals to create a story that not only demonstrated the Japanese culture in a new light to the world but the local Japanese as well.


The theme revolved around the traditional cherry blossom and the floral essence indigenous to Japan, with a contemporary spin that creates an immersive and surreal experience.

The larger than life-sized petals and floral form is breathtaking and mesmerising. The visual that comes together transports the viewer into an unreal alluring fantasy. The very modern take is simply an overlay on the traditional art, without robbing it off of its essence. The ‘Japan Senses’ is a beauty that leaves the viewer with goosebumps.

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