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Arjun Parikh’s creative and artistic journey reflects in his detailed illustrations. Animal portraits and ‘art with deeper meaning’ is what his portfolio showcases!

Illustrations by Arjun Parikh
The Man Who Felt Too Much
Illustrations by Arjun Parikh
Illustrations by Arjun Parikh

Detailed, bold and narrative, is what Arjun Parikh’s art represents. A professional illustrator and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, his artistic roots go back to his childhood days when he would adorn his books with doodles and drawings! These experiences pushed him to follow his passion and pursue a degree in Graphic Design which was followed by a Master of Fine Arts degree in Illustrations.

The Threat

While Arjun has a fondness for creating hand-drawn art, for the digital medium he prefers Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Beginning his design process with a solid brief putting all the key information in one place, he assigns specific words to his design and creates a bunch of thumbnail sketches. Converting these into compositional drawings, Arjun believes in keeping the client in the loop throughout the process to gather their perspective and inputs. Hoping to be an educator someday, Arjun is inspired by the works of Takehiro Nikai and Aaron Horkey amongst others.

Making Peace
Creative Gaga - Issue 51

Published in Issue 51

Business, studios, agencies, freelancer all have different perspectives to handle the pandemic and hurdle it brings. While some find pandemic an obstacle which will soon fade away and on the other hand, few saw opportunities in the same. Many creatives used the past few months to reflect on their styles and horn their art. Many utilized it for collaboration opportunities with national and international creatives. This issue is a must-read if you are looking for insights, inspirations and ways to bounce back in this unlocking phase.


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