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Siddhesh Surve, created this advertising campaign for Strepsils as his final year project, which is an effective and impactful campaign.

Advertising Campaign

The Brief/ Challenge

As his final year project, Siddhesh was required to create an advertising campaign. He decided to create communication for Strepsils.

Advertising Campaign
Advertising Campaign

Strepsils is a line of lozenges used to relieve discomfort caused by mouth and throat ulcers. The ad campaign needed to create awareness and talk about the effectiveness of the product in an impactful manner.

Advertising Campaign

The Solution

Strong visuals are a terrific way to make an impact. Siddhesh made the strong visuals the centre piece of the campaign with the headline “Unfurl the Real You”, multiple characters have been created to depict people from different walks of life. The exaggerated caricatures and their over the top expressions capture the viewers’ attention. The detailing of the style and expression cannot be missed allowing viewers to truly connect with the discomfort of a sore throat.

Advertising Campaign

Siddhesh has used his colour palette very thoughtfully where tones like orange and yellow are used for the background and character, while the discomfort is depicted in the cool tone of blue. This presents a contrast directing one’s attention to the cause of the trouble, the throat.

The campaign created is a nice balance of visual and text, both conveying the message well.

Published in Issue 48

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Tapping into adversities our society faces on a day-to-day basis, Siju RS art directs a campaign that attempts to call out to the conscience of the onlooker and prompts for an action. The Winter Collection campaign draws public attention and interest to a raging issue.

Winter is the most difficult time for the underprivileged in India. And after the long and hot summers, the homeless and especially the children, are the most affected by the harsh weather conditions.

Winter collection
Newspaper - Winter Collection campaign for New Ark Mission of India by Ogilvy & Mather

Winter collection
Sack - Winter Collection campaign for New Ark Mission of India by Ogilvy & Mather

The campaign innovatively tackles this social issue. With street children posing as models and adorned in clothes made from discarded newspapers, sacking and cardboard, the campaign satires a fashion shoot. This juxtaposition succeeds in making people stand up and notice the plight of the less fortunate and donate clothes to help them. The sophisticated look and feel does not shout to sensationalize but creates enough room for curiosity and learning, while being packed with a punch. Thus, articulating what they call in advertising – success.

Winter collection
Cardboard - Winter Collection campaign for New Ark Mission of India by Ogilvy & Mather

Published in Issue 12

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Every year AAAI (Advertising Agencies Association of India) invites agencies to take a part in Adfest’s contest which help spread a social message. This year’s they invited the ideas on ‘To End Food Wastage’. The creative team from FCB Interface tailored the theme and gave a new perspective to the whole concept. Lets have a look!



The Advertising Agencies Association of India’s contest agenda was inviting the ideas to ‘End Food Wastage’.



The FCB Interface advertising agency’s creative team came up with the idea of looking inside and introspecting rather looking for solutions outside, highlighting the issues that actually need attention. They initiated with the thought of taking up issues within the industry and further narrowing it down, to their own agency!


The final ideas was very simple and thought provoking, to make a ‘food-wastage’ poster using the food wasted by advertising people everyday.

Then waste food from all leading advertising agencies was collected by FCB interface and carted away in mini trucks to create 14 feet by 19 feet. The typography was created using the fonts of the agency. The production house McTolan Films collaborated with FCB to execute these posters. The final posters were then hanged in the air with a crane to shoot, while shooing away the crows and dogs that were hell bent on eating the posters.



This idea was just not to make the posters for an entry but also to bring behavior change on this serious issue of wasting food within our own advertising industry.



Client: Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI)

Advertising Agency: FCB Interface

Brand Team: Sudesh Kapoor, Chetan Salian

Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Rohit Ohri

Chief Creative Officer: Robby Mathew

Chief Executive Officer: Joemon Thaliath

Senior Creative Director: Mukesh Jadhav, Ashutosh Joshi

Art Directors: Durgesh Satish Amble, Ketan Sudhir Kadam, Shireesh Bhavsar, Ashwini Raorane

Copywriters: Vignesh Iyer, Adith Mili Francis Fernandes, Imaan Surve

Account Management: Cornell Rocha, Andrea D’souza

Print Production: Hemant Randive, Aditya Dighe, Sajid Sheikh, Dilip Indule, Akash Surve

Photographer/Director: Aslam K Puriyal, Akhil, Raunak Kanade

Producer: Nizam Tolan, Dildar Tolan

Production House: McTolan Films