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In a world where technology is emerging as the winner, Aditi Dash, a young visual artist, takes on a massive challenge to create organised designs where concepts and innovative ideas are the first thing that meet the eye. The cheerful colours, the organised layout, all variables merge together to only highlight the fact that software is simply a tool of the trade and is dictated by the designer.

Aditi Dash tells us more about how she tames technology to create memorable designs.

Taming Technology to Create Memorable Designs by Aditi Dash - Creative Gaga

Never Dwell in a Comfort Zone and Work within Boundaries

Design should be functional while having visual appeal. And that’s why it’s important that a designer’s design sensibilities seem organized. The messaging in an artwork needs to be easy to grasp and understand, otherwise one loses interest. Designers can most definitely incorporate elements that inspire them like organized, and that does not mean it becomes their style. A designer must be able to continually challenge abilities and traverse through the vast possibilities this field of expression has to offer.

Mutton Munch - Taming Technology to Create Memorable Designs - Creative Gaga

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Mediums Change and so do Techniques

Print design is gradually losing traction and digital seems to be the new platform where designer chose to master their work. Although digital platforms miss out on the tangible appeal of print media, it is more versatile and can be explored as an experimental medium. Designing for a digital space has a whole universe of RGB colours at one’s disposal and requires being pixel perfect. Print on the other hand requires a good understanding of all the materials involved, like the kind of paper, inks, printing techniques etc.

Technology is Simply Tools of the Trade

Technology is not a choice in today’s world, and it’s something that design is incomplete without in most cases. And that is the challenge.

Magazine - Taming Technology to Create Memorable Designs - Creative Gaga

Anybody can learn how to use software and start designing but that’s not the point. It’s important to understand that we are the masters and not these tools. And hence a design sense and prowess is what one must work on before anything else. As a creative thinker, it’s important to make technology work as a catalyst for innovative ideas and concepts that should emerge as the hero of a design.

Mutton Munch -Taming Technology to Create Memorable Designs - Creative Gaga

Approach Challenges with Confidence

The goal of every design should be to serve a purpose and contribute to society. Once you plunge into the world of design, challenges will be thrown your way and the trick to overcome them is to face them with confidence, even if your mind is thinking twice. This attitude means half the battle won. There is no fear in design, because no one loses; there is nothing to lose. All there is to gain. Gain inspiration, knowledge and skill.

Jazila - Taming Technology to Create Memorable Designs - Creative Gaga
Nocturnal - Taming Technology to Create Memorable Designs - Creative Gaga

Published in Issue 29

As the growth of a tree can be determined by the strength of its roots, in the same way, we can try to presume the growth of design by the quality of fresh talent. So we dedicated this issue to all the Design Graduates of 2015. It includes all the young talent from last year graduates to recent graduates and students who will be graduating in the next few years. We also tried to understand the impact of digital medium on our design education. We have featured design graduates from varied fields of design from most of the top colleges and institutes.


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Creative Gaga - Issue 55


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We go through many interesting design projects each day and find them inspiring enough to be shared further. Projects which have the potential to inspire and spark multiple ideas. So, here are few selected one for this week’s design inspiration, enjoy!

Indian Princess Series by Nithin Rao Kumblekar

Branding, Stationery & Website Design for dots&dash by Aditi Dash

12 illustrations for summer Coca-Cola collection by Tania Yakunova

3D Illustration for Mastercard & Changi Airport by Petar Tarka

Illustration for British Council India by Studio Kohl

Website/Animation for IOCO/Biocomputer by Mike

Packaging for Country Chocolates by Muhammed Sajid

Packaging for Säpp by Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree

Illustration for Two Fresh Creative by Prateek Vatash

Actors Illustration by Ricardo Polo

Editorial Illustration for Elle Magazine by Aditi Dash

Packaging for Agua Bendita by Futura .

Illustrations for Dogs for arTTask by Marina Okhromenko

Casual (Character Illustrations IV) by Omar. Aqil

Identity design for Arkom group of the companies by Natli Dreval

The Astronauts Company by Tim Tadder, Hugo Aranha, Marcelo Kertész and Jana Heidenreich

If you have any of your design project or someone else’s, which is equaliy inspiring for fellow creatives, then share it with us on contribute@creativegaga.com

Creative Gaga - Issue 55