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Product design has evolved from simply taking into consideration the physical dimension and form. It’s now all about using technology and design to give it an intangible appeal that converts into a memorable experience for the user. Studio ABD has mastered this through their designs and here they give us some tips that can enhance this very experience.

Product Design
Wet grinder for the Indian market

Tip #1: Experience Wins Over the Physical Form

In today’s world, what sets similar things apart is the experience it promises and gives to its end user. It’s mesmerising to see how a lamp of one type can be preferred over another simply because of the way it is designed. Hence, product designers all over the globe are focusing on taking the extra step to incorporate solutions in simple and every day things to bring about a sense of wonder when it is being used. As technology and the internet merge, so is the tangible and intangible world. Thoughtful details, user empathy, appropriate application of technology and good execution is key to good design.

Product Design
Titan Nebula Palace Collection - For Rambagh Queen
Product Design
BPL - Studylite- LED lamp design for kids

Tip #2: Bring Back Culture of Aesthetics in Your Designs.

Good design creates culture of aesthetics that can inspire everyday life by sharing the joy of creativity with society.

Product Design
Pure It water purifier

Tip #3: Awesome is Just the Tip of the Iceberg Beneath Which Lies Great Effort and Engineering.

With solid design, intelligent use of material and process knowledge and quick prototyping, comes innovative, cost sensitive and manufacturing friendly engineering solutions while enhancing designs to the very core.

Money Plant - Indian dream of growing money on tree
Product Design

Tip #4: Love the Unknown.

Follow this tip like a religion to make your design journey exciting and refreshing. The trick is to remain positive and optimistic in any given situation and never give up. Always say ‘let’s explore’; make that your mantra.

Valli - celebrating spade used in construction

Tip #5: Respect Natural Resources.

It’s not just designers but people as well these days that are turning to respect recycling and the use of renewable sources and materials. Design has also tapped into this great way of life. Use materials carefully and wisely. Ensure material you use in your designs come from natural sources and that they belong to everybody.

Mum’s Care - expressive baby cereal packaging
Paper Boat - Gift box made of reusable tin

Tip #6: Treat Your Products Like Stories.

It’s key to not treat your product designs like objects. The idea is to tell stories through them; stories of people’s lives, their culture, beliefs, dreams, past and future.

Product Design
Bat installation celebrating Sachin Tendulkar
Bat installation celebrating Sachin Tendulkar

Tip #7: Motivate Yourself With Indian Inspirations.

The whole world looks at India for inspiration, be it Yoga, Ayurveda, our culture or traditions. As designers, it works to include Indian characters in designs to make them appeal to a wider audience.

Product Design

Published in Issue 27

This issue explores one of the widely discussed product design and automobile #design which is very close to our heart. We spoke to few leading names to find out the future of product design and understand the Indian designer sensibilities and practices. Everyone believe that it’s not just functionality but also the visual appeal of the product which plays a crucial in the success of a product. This issue is a bundle of inspirations and insights from the well know product and automobile designers. A must read which you will enjoy for sure.


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Studio ABD introduces and takes us into the idea and approach behind a range of luxury watches thoroughly inspired by Indian royalty (read kings, queens, palaces and the likes).

The Nebula Palace Collection: The essential idea

One of the legacies of India’s rich and varied history, which goes far back into early antiquity, is the numerous forts and palaces that dot the landscape through the length and breadth of the country. In the popular imagination, forts and palaces are redolent of mystique, romance, pleasure and intrigue. Above all the beauty, grace, strength and substance, though these proud sentinels are living reminders of India’s breathtakingly rich civilisation and culture.


The Nebula Palace Collection of watches was thus an attempt to celebrate this very spirit of splendour, romance, history, stories, and royalties with unique and contemporary forms; to find harmony between its graceful past and contemporary present, and to bring a fresh look in the world of watches.

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur: The focal point

The moment you step in Rambagh Palace, you inhale the warmth of the royal energy. The Nebula collection of watches hence revolves around and stems from this space, where each room is carefully detailed; from the architectural, upholstery and furniture to even bathrooms, they all have a unique style. The overall architecture of the palace, the beautiful courtyards; the fountains, paintings, jali-work, everything building up the unique experience of Rambagh is graceful and warm, thus also finding expression in The Nebula Collection.

Illustration: Studio ABD

King-spired for the Masculine

One of the main attractions of Rambagh Palace is the Polo Bar; it displays the glamour and pride of the Royal Polo. The main feature is the characteristic fountain inside the room, with Jaipur tiles creating a mosaic artwork. It radiates the equestrian prowess and style of royal men. The fountain is a circulating royal energy for decades, and this ever-moving energy is what attracts us to its masculine form.

Illustration: Studio ABD

Inspired by the iconic fountain form in the centre of the room, RPK combines elements of the palace to create a very elegant yet iconic timepiece. It has meticulous details on the side with royal horns and a dial layered with enamel, giving the watch a highly refined look. The hand-stitched leather strap integrates with the watch as beautifully as it articulates on the wrist.


The solid gold case is inspired by the iconic form of a fountain in the Polo club. The case adorns the polygonal shape of the fountain and captures the essence of the story of Polo Club.

Image: Titan Company

Image: Titan Company

The back cover is also in a polygonal shape to make the entire watch-story complete from front to back. Through sapphire glass, one can see layers of amazing Swiss movement which make the experience of owning a royal story complete with best of the world elements. A true royal lifestyle. Every element is refined, with attention given to each minute detail, so that every reflection of light creates a royal aura around the wrist…


Welcome to the Royal Club, gentlemen.

The ‘Queen’ like elegance of the Lotus

The lotus fountain is one of the iconic forms of royal architecture. It has intrigued visitors with its beautiful arrangement of petals and water pouring onto each layer. One can find the influence of peacock motif all across the Rambagh exteriors and interiors, but the most beautiful one is in the courtyard water body with mosaic tiles.

Illustration: Studio ABD

A symbol of royalty and grace, ‘Rambagh Queen’ unfolds its graceful corolla of petals. Inspired by the lotus fountain, the iconic symbol of Rambagh Palace, this ultra feminine watch shimmers with elegantly placed stones and layers of MOP petals placed on each layer of the case. The mother of the pearl dial with peacock motif adds a further touch of charm.

Image: Titan Company

The petit and beautiful queen’s watch is an epitome of a queen’s true character. The solid gold case revels in layers of beautiful and dreamy pearl petals.


The stones are hand-picked and set carefully to create an unmatched experience of luxury. A royal treat, indeed.

Image: Titan Company

Image: Titan Company

Founder of Studio ABD, a Bangalore-based design consultancy firm that specialises in innovation, packaging and environment design, with the intention of creating meaningful and memorable design solutions. Over it’s span of 10 years, the company have worked with various brands such as Colgate, Titan, Fastrack and the likes.

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We all face it! But everyone has their own unique way to come out of it, in this issue we try to explore these different ideas of handling the ‘Creative Burnout’. The most common of all was travelling, through everyone do it in their own unique style. Like Luke Ritchie from South Africa finds the nature and mountains as the best source of inspiration while Sushant Ajnikar says riding his bike and meeting four-legged loyal friends, dogs, on the way is the best way to learn. This issue is bundled with inspirations and suggests you to travel a lot. So, pack your bags and don’t forget to subscribe your copy before you leave!

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Some accomplishments can never be expressed enough, but can only be represented best – That is why there are awards. Abhijit Bansod, founder Studio ABD shows what it’s like to carry the responsibility of crafting such awards that endlessly embody stories of excellence.

Awards Acknowledge Exemplary Deeds.

Just like DNA, trophies or awards tell unique stories of achievement. They have a priceless value that illustrates the idea of success and excellence. It not only celebrates efforts but even inspires further. Metaphorically, they are invaluable as illustrations of victory and brilliance.
Designing a trophy really starts with an understanding of the event and its purpose – how the trophy would be handed over, who would be presenting and receiving it, whether it’s for a team or individual effort, how much the trophy should weigh. The visual narrative, iconography and form are based on these insights. After a series of prints, mock-ups, digital renders and prototypes, the form goes through various stages of refinement till it attains the perfection.

An award must exhibit immaculate finish, powerful form, and intricate details while representing beautiful stories. The symbolism makes it a memento depicting a specific moment of pride in one’s life.

Zigwheel Awards.

Designed and crafted for the Auto Awards, power and speed are the main inspiration here. Capturing the elegance of an aerodynamic form, it represents forward motion or swift movement.

Forbes Art Awards.

With subtly sculpted intricate curves patterns on a sturdy and disciplined structure, this monolithic structure complements each of the converse aspects of a true art connoisseur

Forbes Leadership Awards (The Forbes India Leadership Award 2015)

An elegant celebration of the leadership spirit. The smooth towering trophy with a Golden Halo burning in the centre showcases the vision and hope a true leader embodies.