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Creative Gaga is India’s first serious design magazine for creative professionals Published by Open Bracket Publication. A knowledge-rich publication, an enthusiastic creative journal with a focus on Contemporary Aart, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Product & Packaging Design, Photography, Animation, Illustrations, Brand Strategy and Freelance Designers.


Unbiased, appreciative and focused, it is about the latest trends in the trade and expert-speak. Today, Creative Gaga enjoys both national and international readership from countries such as India, Australia, UK, Newzealand, USA, Indonesia, Italy and Russia.

Our readers are aspiring Designers and Creative Artists, Design Institutes, Design Studios, Advertising Agencies, Industry Professionals and many creatively inclined professionals. We have growing subscriptions base from Design studios and Advertising agencies, individual artists in the niche segment and other creatives.


We are present in the Libraries of all prominent IITs, Design Colleges, Institutes, Advertising Agencies and Studios.

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