How can your style revolve around colours?

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A bold use of colours throughout his work makes for a signature that Artist, Shinoj Padmanabhan doesn’t force. Find out more how this doodler at heart has been using technology to enhance his love of drawing.

Fascinated by Deelip Khomane’s work, artist, Shinoj Padmanabhan believes there are millions of unique styles out there. So why not be open to everything?


Pushing his boundaries and not being limited to the size of his canvas, has led to exploring various styles, keeping his portfolio fluid and dynamic. Subject to his mood, his work uses anything from one to the innumerable amount of colours which is also based on characteristics and attributes of his project.


Watch out for his straightforward visuals, they turn into prominent complexities through layers of colours and silent backgrounds!



Individual renderings of two colleagues fused together to represent the next stage of their lives; a gift to two colleagues who got married.


Sree Muthappan.

Dashes of colour to the folk Hindu deity, Sree Muthappan make this rendering a modern vision of the age-old depictions of the God.



Adding his vivid style to a favorite look.

Published in Issue 35

The season of the festival has started and everyone is preparing to have a unique one this time with less cash and more fun. We interview many creatives who creates promotional or calendar design each year. As most of the thing around us had shifted to digital, even calendar design and the promotion has shifted. But Yorick Pintos, a strategic consultant at studio Kohl suggests that best option would be a mix of both. If you are interested in print design & want to understand the future of the same. So, go ahead and order your latest issue copy!


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Creative Gaga - Issue 51


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