The Story of Carving & Nurturing Niche Fonts!

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Fascinated by Typefaces, Shibu P.G. guides us into the world of letters and fonts, where so much can be said even between the words.

The Oomph Factor.

Fonts have forged an almost unreal significance since the era of letter printing. There came the Serif, Sans Serif typefaces, which then evolved into Segoe, Frutiger, Univers, Helvetica and a multitude of other fonts that are presently innumerable. Inspiration from them to develop a new font was only found to be innate.

Finding New Font.

The font ‘Achi’ aims to outshine the regular fonts, radiating a unique style in the very first glance. The decision to choose only uppercase in the font stemmed from the desire to see it appear in bold and fascinating titles, phrases and of course brand names. With this in mind, the vision and purpose were
clearly set.

Carving a niche.

Creativity vocalises itself to each designer in its own specific manner, including through ink and paper – for example, letter-forming by hand being the first instinct. It is often the most simple of acts that finds itself being used as the common construction, shape or character, then applied to all letters in a font. In Achi’s case, it was the parallel line-formation and its spacing between each and every letter. Once a letter was shaped, the command over the font enabled executing an almost similar style to all other letters. Articulating the hand-drawn designs into the computer, using basic shapes and grids in Adobe Illustrator canvas, is time-consuming but effective, followed by polishing and tweaking as a final touch using Fontlab.

Published in Issue 39

As the festivity is all around, every brand or business is trying to impress the Indian audience. But what really works for us Indians? What is an Indian design? And how we can make designs for India? To understand it, we interviewed some Indian creatives who are successfully creating designs for the Indian audience. This issue of Creative Gaga is a light read for someone looking for inspirations or insights on Indian design and how the Indian audience can be enticed. So go ahead and order your copy or subscribe if you want to keep receiving a regular dose of inspirations!


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