Škoda’s New Sleeker Logo!

Skoda's New Sleeker Logo
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The Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda recently launched a new logo. The brand has described the change as its the biggest revamp in the last 30 years. The new logo embraces the trend of a clean and simplistic look

Škoda considered 165 proposals which got tested with feedback from several respondents from the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Norway, India and Israel.

Škoda has upgraded its colour palette by replacing the traditional green with two new shades: emerald and electric, which the brand says will look better on digital devices. According to the Head of Marketing, Petra Mackeová, “few brands have the colour green as ingrained in their DNA as Škoda. The new shades maintain the link with history but refresh the design and allude more strongly to electromobility.”

In addition, the brand has also attempted to resolve an issue; the inverted circumflex accent, or caron, over the S in the brand name, that it says was confusing global audiences. Škoda has incorporated it into the shape of the S itself, which for someone who is unfamiliar with the automobile manufacturer would not be hard to miss.

While looking at Škoda’s new logo, you might notice its resemblance to another renowned electric car manufacturer, Tesla. The look has a vaguely similar shape to the top of the A in the Tesla logo. Although it is a small detail and might go unnoticed, both the brands are in the same field and coincidentally even have the same number of letters in their respective names.

Skoda's New Sleeker Logo

The new logo will roll out across communications materials and won’t appear on cars until 2024.

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