Shraddha Manohar Ghadigaonkar

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Holds a degree in Applied Arts from L. S. Raheja School of Arts. Shraddha Manohar Ghadigaonkar started her professional career as a Visualiser at Phonethics Mobile Media. For past six months, she has been working as a Designer at Togglehead, a full-service digital Marketing agency. She aspires to set up her own design studio someday.

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Every year brings many opportunities and hopes along with celebrations. For this issue, we reached many visual artists and designers to know their expectations from the year 2018.</p> <p>This issue’s cover designer, Shreya Gulati is exceptionally impressed by the advancement of technology in design, especially how VR & AR has impacted new ways of creating. Whereas Seerow Unni, a digital artist sees the simple and minimal design is here to stay for long. On the other hand, Caricature artist from Barcelona (Spain), Ernest Priego Martin is really satisfied with his techniques and materials and doesn’t want to see much change in this year.</p> <p>Honing and sharpening one’s skills is always a quest for every creative. So, whether you have many or none expectations for the year, this issue is a must-read. Go ahead and order your copy here or subscribe to not miss any future issues!

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