Sharan Grandigae

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Sharan Grandigae

A business graduate from Drexel University, Philadelphia, Sharan Grandigae is a self-trained software developer who started his first company in 2000 designing beautiful and usable softwares for small and medium-sized businesses in Philadelphia and the Tri-state region. Post a tenure of three and half years at Adobe India, designing Flash Builder, Flash Professional, Fireworks and Dreamweaver, Sharan resigned as its Design Manager only to start Redd Experience Design, a dedicated UX design company in April 2012.

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When celebrations are all around for the new year, everyone is curious about what this new year will bring. So, the rounds of looking back to the past year and trying to predict the new one starts. We started the same exploration through this issue by reaching various experts for their take on the trends for their respective fields. And with many expert interviews, we got various unique viewpoints, as Elephant Design shared the importance of having a well-thought packaging design for products. And on another hand, VGC gave an insight into, how a brand should be created for the Millennials. But to top it all, with very deep logical design thought, Itu Chaudhuri says that the trends are a modern seasonal disease, and we designers should continue taking it with a grain of ethically-produced, iodide-rich rock or sea salt. All-in-all this issue is a very interesting and a must-read, if you’re looking for greater clarity and want to start your year with a lot of deep design knowledge about the brand development to packaging design, user experience design, to storyboarding and more.

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