Royal Indian Luxury Watches Inspired by Rajasthan Palace


Studio ABD introduces and takes us into the idea and approach behind a range of luxury watches thoroughly inspired by Indian royalty (read kings, queens, palaces and the likes).

The Nebula Palace Collection: The essential idea

One of the legacies of India’s rich and varied history, which goes far back into early antiquity, is the numerous forts and palaces that dot the landscape through the length and breadth of the country. In the popular imagination, forts and palaces are redolent of mystique, romance, pleasure and intrigue. Above all the beauty, grace, strength and substance, though these proud sentinels are living reminders of India’s breathtakingly rich civilisation and culture.


The Nebula Palace Collection of watches was thus an attempt to celebrate this very spirit of splendour, romance, history, stories, and royalties with unique and contemporary forms; to find harmony between its graceful past and contemporary present, and to bring a fresh look in the world of watches.

Rambagh Palace, Jaipur: The focal point

The moment you step in Rambagh Palace, you inhale the warmth of the royal energy. The Nebula collection of watches hence revolves around and stems from this space, where each room is carefully detailed; from the architectural, upholstery and furniture to even bathrooms, they all have a unique style. The overall architecture of the palace, the beautiful courtyards; the fountains, paintings, jali-work, everything building up the unique experience of Rambagh is graceful and warm, thus also finding expression in The Nebula Collection.

Illustration: Studio ABD

King-spired for the Masculine

One of the main attractions of Rambagh Palace is the Polo Bar; it displays the glamour and pride of the Royal Polo. The main feature is the characteristic fountain inside the room, with Jaipur tiles creating a mosaic artwork. It radiates the equestrian prowess and style of royal men. The fountain is a circulating royal energy for decades, and this ever-moving energy is what attracts us to its masculine form.

Illustration: Studio ABD

Inspired by the iconic fountain form in the centre of the room, RPK combines elements of the palace to create a very elegant yet iconic timepiece. It has meticulous details on the side with royal horns and a dial layered with enamel, giving the watch a highly refined look. The hand-stitched leather strap integrates with the watch as beautifully as it articulates on the wrist.


The solid gold case is inspired by the iconic form of a fountain in the Polo club. The case adorns the polygonal shape of the fountain and captures the essence of the story of Polo Club.

Image: Titan Company
Image: Titan Company

The back cover is also in a polygonal shape to make the entire watch-story complete from front to back. Through sapphire glass, one can see layers of amazing Swiss movement which make the experience of owning a royal story complete with best of the world elements. A true royal lifestyle. Every element is refined, with attention given to each minute detail, so that every reflection of light creates a royal aura around the wrist…


Welcome to the Royal Club, gentlemen.

The ‘Queen’ like elegance of the Lotus

The lotus fountain is one of the iconic forms of royal architecture. It has intrigued visitors with its beautiful arrangement of petals and water pouring onto each layer. One can find the influence of peacock motif all across the Rambagh exteriors and interiors, but the most beautiful one is in the courtyard water body with mosaic tiles.

Illustration: Studio ABD

A symbol of royalty and grace, ‘Rambagh Queen’ unfolds its graceful corolla of petals. Inspired by the lotus fountain, the iconic symbol of Rambagh Palace, this ultra feminine watch shimmers with elegantly placed stones and layers of MOP petals placed on each layer of the case. The mother of the pearl dial with peacock motif adds a further touch of charm.

Image: Titan Company

The petit and beautiful queen’s watch is an epitome of a queen’s true character. The solid gold case revels in layers of beautiful and dreamy pearl petals.


The stones are hand-picked and set carefully to create an unmatched experience of luxury. A royal treat, indeed.

Image: Titan Company
Image: Titan Company
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