Revealing Character Using Peculiar Exaggerations!

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We live in a world where everyone around is a character, playing a role for some reason. Art Director, Saurabh Chandekar, takes notice of every day people and reveals his interpretation of them using contorted and distorted illustration styles. Here he talks about this unique skill he’s got.

The Modern Buddha - Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
The Evil Spirit - Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
KAMALA - -Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
KAMALA. A gorgeous lady lotus seller standing with a sense of grace is “Kamala".

Making it More than Just a Hobby.

The first step for any artist or designer is to realise that they ha ve the skill. And if it is a yes, then you must evaluate how much you enjoy it. And depending on what your answers are, sets the course of whether you’ll be making it a profession or not. From drawing doodles in notebooks when we were kids, only some grow up to study design at university level. Once the platform is set, the world is all yours. Every designer must find a niche, whether it’s abstract or the real world around you, from the emotions in your heart to the very real fruit seller on the street, it’s all about how you want to represent the world through your designs.

Attitude Woman Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
A WOMAN OF ATTITUDE. Treading through a station like she owns the whole road. “A Woman of Attitude” triumphs all.
The Intertwined Chaos - Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
The Story of Long -Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga

Exaggerate because the World Does So.

The world is full of exaggerations, so why not use that in your designs? We live in a world where people sometimes pretend to be more than what they are. A unique take on the world can be achieved by using illustrations to disclose the reality of exaggerations. It’s important to be mindful to not encroach into the caricature territory, as that form of design is all about appearance. Try and explore how every person is. Depicting that using contorted and distorted shapes is one way.

Chunky -Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
CHUNKY. “Chunky” is a fat boy walking on the street who goes ‘awe’ over a dog.
The Black Magician - Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
The Sister Love - -Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
Iqbal Chacha -Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga

Step Out of Structure.

Design comes from the heart irrespective of the place or ambience. Try not to stick to a particular canvas or tool. Be it a marker, a rotring pen or just a simple pen, it’s the idea and observation that creates.

Kashitrance -Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga
Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga

Illustrations are No Longer for the Back Pages of Your Pads.

In the net-savvy world, where it’s become to easy to obtain ready-made art, the scope of illustration has been the widest thus far. People, companies and brands understand the importance and value in investing in illustrations, and therefore hand crafted techniques are in demand.

KISHOR - Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga

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The Abstract Krishna -Illustration Graphic Designing - Creativegaga

Published in Issue 28

This Illustration Special is best to know why and how illustration as a popular medium is taking the design world by storm! From evolution of illustrations to its place in the world today, renowned designers and illustrators like Abhishek Singh, Mukesh Singh, Archan Nair, Alicia Souza, Raj Khatri with some international talent such as Fil Dunsky from Russia, Iain Macarthur and Richard Field from UK, who live and breathe illustration, would be the right people to gain some insight from. With many more talents to explore with great insights and excellent techniques, again a fully packed issue is waiting to amaze you!


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