Issue 13 – Jan-Feb 13

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Indian Animation

Coming from a country of stories and storytellers, Indian animation professionals are sitting on a gold reserve. Yet, we are miles behind the Western world. We spoke to few leading names to find out the reason and understand the Indian animator's sensibilities and practices The house unanimously opined that we need to develop more original ideas and also create exclusive stories for animation, rather than going the other way round…

Cover story by Sonia Rajendra Tiwari

with Alicia Souza. Ruchi Shah, Abhishek Singh, Balasubramanian, Kriti Chaudhary, Ashwin, Jugal Shah,Pradeep Soni, Rayika Sen, Sameer Kulkarni, Ek Karkhana, Pratyusha Venugopal, Rajoo Naik Karma,Pankaj Anand, Amarjeet Maggu, Kaushik Bhatia, Ranjana Sharma, Rasna Vaidya, Manpreet Ahuja,Laavanya Sharma, Naresh Bhatti, Murtaza Mickey Khan, Saurabh T, Prerna Pant, Jassi Oberai, Poornima Sharma.

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