LA-based freelance concept artist and illustrator, Shreya Shetty, shares her insights about handling and organising finances as a freelancer, so that it no longer feels a daunting task.


Art is an expression of yourself, whether you work with a team or not, the design is all about putting yourself out there. Thinking creatively, acting spontaneously and satisfying a wide spectrum is what Abhishek

Here are 15 Indian #artists that, through the infusion of our traditional heritage with modern styles, have created impactful #wall #art and installations, leaving a legacy in the spirit of preservation, expression, and #inspiration for

visual designer

What sets apart successful designers from the rest? In our hunt for this answer we came knocking at the doors of Simoul Alva, an up and coming yet very successful Visual Designer and Art Director.


Ben Kwok, who got his BFA in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach, takes us through his own experinces and insights gained as a keen illustrator.


Every designer develops a style, which can be seen through his or her work. No matter which medium you choose to work in, it is this unique point of view that gives an identity to

Food-Styling by Payal Gupta

Eco-Honours graduate transformed into a food-styling expert, Payal Gupta, takes us through her detailed process of food-styling and what it really takes to be successful in the industry.

Build Your Own Style to be a Successful Digital Artist!

Brice Chaplet aka Mr.Xerty from France shares his journey and insights as to what it takes to start out and establish oneself as a freelance digital artist and illustrator and create some surreal artwork.


Illustrator, Mohan Sonawane, takes us through the process it took him to find and create a portrait with just the right amount of depth and perspective, one that would go on to bring a character

Rebranding of San Francisco Symphony

Strategy, design, and communications company COLLINS has partnered with the internationally acclaimed San Francisco Symphony to affirm that classical music is a relevant and evolving art form – completely reimagining the organization's brand and mission

Amazon Karigar Campaign

Creative use of miniatures, intricate production design, and a stirring poetic narrative are the materials used to celebrate the work of artisans in India for Amazon’s handicraft retail section.

BITSoM Branding by VGC

Branding for an expansion can be challenging in the shadow of an established legacy. However, the solution may exist with the slightest reminder of its roots while allowing modern values to take hold.

14 Indian Portrait Artists

Of all the art styles, there is one genre that often gets the double-take. "Realism" has been prominent since the 1970s, and the talent we have curated represents some of the best in India today.

Make a Digital Portrait

Art is all about materialising your expressions. Vishnu PR takes us through his tutorial of how he transforms the expressions in his mind or even the expressions visible in a piece of art into his style

By Lettering Artist Tobias Saul

Tobias Saul, lettering artist and illustrator, shares secrete and throws light on the realm of lettering and the effects of the pandemic on Germany’s art and design community.


For an artwork to be complete in an emotional and outstanding manner, characters and stories contribute as inevitable components. Danny Jose is a staunch follower of this theory, clearly evident in all his works.

Starting from scratch isn’t that big a deal. Putting in your hundred percent, grabbing the right opportunities and administering patience go a long way in the evolutionary development of an idea. Gopika Chowfla shares her

Caricature by Uday Mohite

Painting characters as they are art. Discovering features that define the subject and exaggerating them is communication. Illustrator Uday Mohite explains how manipulating proportions helped him create a caricature of Naseeruddin Shah.

Look for the Story Behind Every Expression!

Every day, one encounters all sorts of people – happy, angry, sad. These emotions are all displayed in their expressions, which give birth to different stories. Therefore, it’s the expression that’s the starting point for character artist Manav Sachdev.


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