Gone are the days of drawing portraits using pencils and brushes. Digital is the new canvas and Photoshop is the new tool. Digital Illustrator, Vivek Nag is fascinated by ‘Sadhus’ and here he takes us


A Pune-based illustrator, Rohan Dahotre has graduated in animation from the Symbiosis Institute of Design. After working for about 2 years in the animation and gaming industry, he took a break to explore his own

Budapest - Margeza Design Studio

The everyday living need not necessarily be mundane, tedious or 'routine'. When one's very own personal dwelling is beyond the ordinary, life can definitely be more than cyclical and monotonous. Located in Danube, right in


Kevin Roodhorst shows us through the process he adopted to transform a stock image of the Buddha into one that represents the mysticism and divinity the being represents.


Tapping into a world that’s wonderfully chaotic, digital artist Satish Gangaiah integrates new-age technology with traditional art to bring out the central and common pursuit of his core project – people.


Changing jobs and switching fields never let Zigor Samaniego’s love for art die. It instead inspired him and gave him the strength to follow his passion and go ahead with what he really wanted to

Visual Design

Here Sonia Tiwari explains the importance of Visual Design in Children's Education and how every successful learning tool has been created using strong visual design aesthetics.


Mimicking nature is no small task, especially when it involves a moody and constantly swinging factor such as the weather. Yet, watercolour artist from Pondicherry, Nadees Prabou, attempts to bring to life nature’s aspects in


Though we are a country full of festivals all around the year, this special time of year when not only you change your calendar but also the gifts, family dinners, celebrations and new year resolutions

Winter collection

Tapping into adversities our society faces on a day-to-day basis, Siju RS art directs a campaign that attempts to call out to the conscience of the onlooker and prompts for an action. The ‘Winter Collection’


Before you even think of the character, you need to grasp what is going on in the game, says illustrator Shyam Deshpande. The story gives way to an ecosystem that automatically translates into details for

Why not templates - Visakh Viswambharan

Since the time I started working on the web and the mobile industry a common question, which I come across, is “Should I go ahead with a template design?” My immediate answer would be NO,

Freelance Illustrator

Satish Gangaiah, a successful independent illustrator and designer, teaches us a few tips and tricks of working in the creative field.


In such complicated times, it’s all about being simple. Simple is effective when it comes to design, believes Lundgren+Lindqvist, a Swedish design studio. It’s all about saying a lot more with a lot less. Engaging


Every designer develops a style, which can be seen through his or her work. No matter which medium you choose to work in, it is this unique point of view that gives an identity to


Nature is blessed with a wonderful variety of things and one that captures the eyes of many are the animals. Created in various forms and having unique patterns, Richard Field, illustrates them in his own


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