Goddess Durga

Meditation, Motivation and Manifestation are the 3Ms that Lovely Kukreja, relies on while illustrating. Taking us on step-by-step approach through his painting ‘Goddess Durga’, he explains the basic guidelines that play a pivotal role in


If you’re talented, you will be noticed. The world is full of opportunity these days, just that one must know which and when to take one. A successful designer is one that find his/her niche

Brand Identities by Rahul Bhogal

For the majority of good design, less is, in fact, more. Rahul Bhogal and his team at Nothing Design Studio aim to declutter and simplify brand identities and strategies to make a memorable experience for

Balaji Temple in Nandyal

Sameep Padora & Associates creates an architecture that is part landscape and part building. This building absolutely marries the socio-cultural expectations with the ecological framework and dynamics of the site.

Matharoo Associates House

Matharoo Associates believe in the clear emphasis on functionality, use of materials in their natural form and exercising restraint while designing. Their buildings are designed to unfold and reveal their secrets and meaning.

Future Deluxe - Innovation & Originality

Innovation and originality require one to break free from the herd mentality. With design and aesthetics as its core, FutureDeluxe, headed by Andrew Jones & James Callahan, is a design and motion studio that is

Illustration by Roshan Gawand

Roshan Gawand, a freelance illustrator and design owner at Gangsta Paradise Tattoo, from getting inspired from his daily Pinterest feed to moving his flashbacks to his canvas, shares his process of creating art and how

Digital Illustrator Lovely Kukreja

Lovely Kukreja talks about his most popular series depict Indians gods and goddesses in a cute, child-like form with a vibrant colour palette. Having dabbled in various projects, Lovely’s philosophy is that “evolution is the

Brand Identity of The Earth Collective

The Earth Collective brings premium haircare range inspired by the goodness of nature. Believing in the process of finding beauty in everything around us, this brand has conducted extensive research and study to develop products

The well-known television network- BBC, has had a variety of logos in the past, from using the Court of Arms to redesigning the minimalistic three square blocks logo every few years. The last used logo

Portraiture by Mohan Sonawane

Portrait artist Mohan Sonawane shares his wisdom on the art of portraiture, revealing the secrets to capturing the essence of the individual.

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

Vijaya Laxmi exhibits the power that a woman possesses through her illustration series, 'Devi', 'Shiva-Shakti' and various other series, all are an exploration of her mythological concepts allowing viewers to see beyond the obvious.

Motion & Interaction Design

Motion and Interaction Design is an essential aspect of communication design. This field has been on a sturdy rise for the past decade, steadily growing more advanced and complex. Any design enthusiast must understand the

Illustrations by Arjun Parikh

Arjun Parikh’s creative and artistic journey reflects in his detailed illustrations. Animal portraits and 'art with deeper meaning' is what his portfolio showcases!

Graphic Design and Typography Trends of 2021

Words are compelling tools. They can create worlds of wonder and have the ability to destroy a million lives, all in a blink of an eye. When presented correctly, the power of words is enhanced

Type Design

A Visual artist playing with abstract ideas through the medium of Type design, NID student Syddharth Mate expresses his feelings about the contrast in the changing and everlasting qualities of life.

In Lollypop, all the artists have been illustrating on Procreate and have been keeping their Ipad pro closer; so we got on to understand what is it that they like so much about Procreate and

Motivated - Illustration by Annada Menon

It is important to be motivated and be inspired as an illustration. Annada N. Menon shares some of the tried and tested way to keep creating and growing.

Space design of Sarova Experience Centre

SD Corporation, approached Patch Design Studio for designing the interiors of their marketing and sales office in Mumbai 'Sarova Experience Centre'.

Mural artist Shahul Hameed unravels his secrets to remaining cheerful, positive and hopeful as we endure these stressful times while staying at home.

Packaging design by Sajid Wajid Shaikh

Packaging is more than just a box. It is a way to build a relationship with the consumer & establish a brand identity. Hence it is vital to know the latest trends & understand what

NH1 - Branding

NH1 Design takes us through its approach behind freshly branding a local Indian street food outlet while ensuring that it retains an identity credible of being authentic, fun, young and affordable.

Today, caricatures are not only synonymous with political and social commentary in newspapers countrywide but also an inseparable part of various digital expressions. Their conscious and sub-conscious existence in our psyche and social interactions cannot


Art styles are often regarded as something personal and subjective. It tends to vary from person to person. But there are certain timeless styles and design trends that one cannot overlook or disregard. But all

Brand identity of Forestscaping

The brand identity of the Afforestation project called Forestscaping created by Pratyush Gupta. Urban forestry is critical to the resilience of cities.


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