Enchanting Natural Portraits

The enchanting portraits of Anna Dittmann evoke different emotions. It is a right blend of real emotions showcased in a dreamy, whimsical setting using delicate detailing with natural elements. Here, she gives us an insight

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

With a keen interest in English Literature and Cinema, Dhiman Gupta channels his vibrant colours and lines in his pop art. Along with a unique sense of style, he captures the audience with his digital

minimalist logo by Hamed Haidri

Hamed Khan is a passionate logo designer, who was once a full-time IT and tech professional. He made the shift from the technical side to being a full-time logo designer. His logos are minimal and

Mumbai Artist Retreat is a rural retreat for artists wanting to work in nature while keeping the city skyline in sight, with a view of Mumbai’s metropolitan centre from across the sea.

Paper Art by Sabeena Karnik

Sabeena Karnik is a paper art creator that celebrates hand-crafted labour by making each of her paper typography pieces with immense meticulous detail and finesse.

Visual Art by Khyati Trehan

Khyati Trehan is a visual artist that thinks outside the box and redefines the creative process through her scientific approach to create distinctive art and elevate it through 3D animation techniques.


In such complicated times, it’s all about being simple. Simple is effective when it comes to design, believes Lundgren+Lindqvist, a Swedish design studio. It’s all about saying a lot more with a lot less. Engaging

All that is glitters (read foreign) is not gold. So believes, Studio Kohl, a boutique studio, founded by Mira Malhotra, that reflects the Indian culture and heritage in all of its works. After all, home

Lighting & Colours - Illustration by Naveen Selvananthan

Highlighting illustration aspects such as lighting and colours, Naveen Selvanathan also dwells on his own personal story as an artist.

Curving Walls Office Made of Recyclable Materials

The paper-based recyclable design by Studio VDGA was created for an electric-components manufacturing firm that is transitioning away from its past activity of producing gasoline and diesel car components.

How Important is it to Stick to Your Roots?

Arshad Sayyed is a passionate designer who makes a conscious effort to excel by following his aspirations while implementing basic design principles and advancing technology. He is an illustrator who is open to client interference

Narrating Stories Through Illustrations!

Yamini Sujan, an NID Ahmedabad student, on narrating stories through illustration – an essential skill for any illustrator out there.

Storytelling Visuals for PhonePe

Founded in the year 2015, PhonePe is a digital payment company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Founded by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari and Burzin Engineer, this app is based on the Uni ed Payments Interface (UPI)

Illustrations are taking place in Indian Brands

Art is once again gaining its momentum among the public thanks to the influence of social media. Hence, we at Creative Gaga wished to understand and shed some light on the role and importance of

Passion Behind Communication Matters

Adaar shares how understanding the contribution and significance of various aspects such as subject matter and the passion behind the designing process can help gain clarity from conceptualisation to execution.

The design has the power to solve any complex problem. Elephant using this power of design to create exceptional brands and develop amazing products for their clients. They have recently created many inspiring brand solutions

An administrative building in Orissa

Krushi Bhawan is a building built for the Government of Odisha Department of Agriculture and Farmers' Empowerment by Studio Lotus.

What should brands be paying attention to in 2021 by Lulu Raghavan

A good place to start is a better understanding of where consumer behaviour is headed. Mintel predicts that there are seven global consumer trends that will impact how brands will need to adapt their strategies

Illustrations by Monica Alletto

Illustrations are potent tools of communication. If used wisely, they are capable of creating wonders, especially in the world of branding. Illustrations can profoundly impact the viewer, thus imprinting the brand in a potential customer’s

Kurnal Rawat - How have Brands Evolved through Time?

Kurnal Rawat, Creative Director for Landor & Fitch, tells us how brands have changed in the past two decades and what it takes to build a brand today.

Architects by Sanjay Puri

The Rajasthan School is an interesting creation by Sanjay Puri Architects playing full tribute to the site, the context, and the functions.

Print Design trends

Let’s deep dive into the latest print design trends, the revolutionizing print industry and the brands that are already embracing this change.

Illustrations by Hazem Ameen

Hazem Ameen breaks down the unity of his illustrations and personality through his creative process and various influences, which do not always exist in the creative sphere.

Posters by Vivek Mandrekar

Vivek Mandrekar takes us through his journey of illustrating digital movie posters effectively. He also shares his own illustrating journey and insights.

Architecture by NUDES

Architect Nuru Karim introduces The Forest as a place that encourages hands-on learning, green learning possibilities, networked communities, and experiential learning while improving air quality and student health.


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