Illustration Inspiration

We go through many interesting design projects each day and find them inspiring enough to be shared further. Projects which have the potential to inspire and spark multiple ideas. So, here are few selected one

Pencil Sketches

We all have seen many pencil sketches but these artworks created by the artist Premraj Meher are little unique. The artist smartly captures the essence of the Indian cities, culture and state in each portrait.

Illustration Tutorial

Advertising is an interesting profession and those who work within it know of the everyday humps and bumps, the charm and harm that one has to deal with. As an Illustrator, when the brief is,


Usually, the idea of working on the creative front for a Government project is not welcomed by many studios. But Lopez Design has accepted the challenges that come along with these big scale projects and

Advertising Campaign

Siddhesh Surve, created this advertising campaign for Strepsils as his final year project, which is an effective and impactful campaign.


Sri Priyatham takes us through his beautiful journey of establishing himself as a freelance illustrator in the digitalised world of today. Here, he also highlights the merits and demerits of being a freelancer.

After Effects Tutorial - Glowing Lines

A trend of glowing line video animation is catching everyone's attention these days. Specially on social media they are being liked and shared alot. So if you want to try your hands then here we

Blotter Media - Animation

Blotter Media owned by Ofir Shoham creates these kinds of glowing animation of dancers, celebrities and skaters which remind us of the 80s wave art. He is successful in getting the attention of one million


After graduating from D.Y. Patil College of Applied Arts & Crafts, Pune, young Yogesh Bhusare dreamt of creating master pieces and hitting it big early. To kick start this he worked with various companies, picking

Corona Free Workspaces

Now all the team member, customers and business owners need to follow a new level of hygiene and preventive measures to be safe from the Corona Virus (COVID-19). NH1 Design has taken the initiative to

Art of Sool - Collaboration

Marc, Claudio and Nicola came together to create the larger than life collaboration, Art of Sool. They talk to us about their passions, challenges and future plans.

Parvati Pillai-36 days of type

36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to create their own interpretations of alphabets and numbers. Illustrator Parvati Pillai beautifully captured the different-different stories in each alphabet.

brand - Landor Mumbai

Whether it’s a cultural transformation, differentiated customer experience, or tech-enabled innovation, every business needs to evolve with today’s rapidly changing world. Landor is helping its clients using the brand to transform their business for the

Digital Art

The transformation in the art styles from hand-made to computerised and digitalised versions is taking the world and people in its wave of craze! This fast-growing art style has its own beauty and charm to

Motivated - Illustration by Annada Menon

It is important to be motivated and be inspired as an illustration. Annada N. Menon shares some of the tried and tested way to keep creating and growing.


It's really good to see more inspiring illustrations and designs by Indian Illustrators/Designers during the second phase of COVID-19. Let them coming and keep sharing your creations to be part of this list.


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