Android Jones - Consciousness

Art is an abstraction of the waking world, says Android Jones, the digital artist. As he explores his consciousness and finds visuals for his fantasies, he dwells between love and

Manoj Sinha - Caricaturist

There are stories hidden in faces and bodies. Exaggeration brings them to the fore. A good caricaturist lives the subject and discovers the multiple facets that make the story. Caricature

Made using staves from Glenmorangie whiskey casks, Glenmorangie Original by Renovo is an open acknowledgment of the understanding that bicycles are for “the adults” too. Meanwhile, the rather exclusive bike also

RajKumar- watercolour

Imagine a rickshaw puller who sits majestically in his vehicle, like a king, murmuring an old song, that’s one of those moments, which brings rural India alive. And that’s exactly


Rebranding is no easy task – to refurbish the existing not merely in sight but essentially in perspective. Yet, in this very subtle nature of the challenge lies the wide

Pallavi Sen - Joy

We are amidst the times of discussion and debate about art, craft, and design. In spite of that, the fact remains that a piece of creation should ultimately let the

Characters Shreya Shetty

Fantasy and realism are conflicting thoughts. Yet, for a fantasy character to be believable, it is important to bring in a sense of ‘otherworldliness’ while still keeping them anatomically and


Whether a hero or a villain, God or Goddess, in an illustration they’re all storytellers. Artist and graphic novelist Abhishek Singh believes that a character is the fulcrum upon which


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