Art is an abstraction of the waking world, says Android Jones, the digital artist. As he explores his consciousness and finds visuals for his fantasies, he dwells between love and fear to create a body


As designers, ordinary events shouldn’t be ignored, for in them lie ideas and insights that everyone saw but never noticed. How good you are with tuning your eyes to your mind is what counts, believes

Fashion Trends

Watching fashion shows and latest trends season after season we have realised that clothes have become a symbol of individuality while being more outrageous than ever before. The social landscape today is altering at a

Good Product

Every invention sparks from a problem that needs to be solved. Young product designer Uttara Ghodke feels a product is simply a unique combination of science, technology and creativity. “But a designer needs to create

Childhood Memories & Stories

Childhood memories and stories are two things we can never let go of. Giving form to characters and shape to fairytale stories, US illustrator Chris Beatrice is the hand behind those wondrous drawings that we

Vijaya Laxmi - Devata or Devi | Creative Gaga

Vijaya Laxmi exhibits the power that a woman possesses through her illustration series, 'Devi', 'Shiva-Shakti' and various other series, all are an exploration of her mythological concepts allowing viewers to see beyond the obvious.


Portraiture, as an art form, is much older than photography. Great masters have spent their lives learning this art. Vikas Sharma, a self taught photographer, finds himself in the same pursuit. He shares some of


Everything around us is the result of a design thought, conscious or unconscious. Diving deep into the story behind its creation inspires original creativity. Ruminates the young and promising illustration & design studio, LOCOPOPO.


Snow, rain, forest, desert - nature never follows any particular style. Graphic design studio, Prasun Mazumdar Design believes in a similar variety. Inspired by nature, it likes to work with natural tools, the hands, to


Whether a mystery is intriguing or not depends a lot on how you tell it. “Abstract ideas, when combined with the correct medium, give rise to captivating artworks” says illustrator Saloni Sinha. She shares some

Everyone notices a unique look and style. It’s the same for a logo or branding. “They are the face of a brand.” says Ketaki K, founder of Cub Design Studio. “And the industry is all


Imagination is the greatest form of flattery and for a designer; it doubles up as a way to pay homage to legends, icons and inspirations. Illustrator Shesh Kiran created the caricature portrait of flute maestro


The real world is rich in experiences. But the one created by our imagination has greater possibilities. Inspired by the latter, Ishan Trivedi lets his brush loose when he goes on a fantasy drive to

Product Design

Product design has evolved from simply taking into consideration the physical dimension and form. It’s now all about using technology and design to give it an intangible appeal that converts into a memorable experience for


Digital and Ball-point artist, Shital Verma, tells us about his process and idea behind creating portraits of renowned individuals from various fields and what exactly it takes to bring out their stories which create them

Branding Design

It’s not just the design, the elements or the colours in an artwork that blow us away. It’s the concept; a force that resonates from the designer to the audience. Edmundo Moi-Thuk Shung, a graphic


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