Coca-Cola, the beverage giants, have launched a new campaign in Europe, titled “Open to Better,” with an aim to encourage the fans to “pledge to do things differently in 2021.

UI Trends by Lollypop Design

Digital tendencies and users’ expectations change very rapidly. Some trends become outdated and move beyond, while others gain ground. Earlier these trends used to last for a couple of years, but now they get replaced


In the world of innumerable artists and their brilliant artwork, inspirations are everywhere. Follow the top 30 Indian illustrators and be a go-getter!

happiness-Lavanya Naidu

Animator and Illustrator, Lavanya Naidu, expresses how one can find more room to grow, not only professionally but also personally, by focusing on producing work that induces happiness in the audience.


Representing people is no small task, especially when each one is a complex amalgamation of peculiar moods, styles, experiences and so on. A sketch artist, Prakash Thombre, readily takes on the challenge of transmitting real

Digital art by Rahul Arora

The world of design is huge and every client’s need is different. As a versatile designer working for a broad spectrum with regards to commercial requirements, Rahul Arora is able to push his boundaries, explore

AnandRK - Enlighten

In today’s digital world, traditional techniques and practices of illustrating and painting are getting lost. For example, who gets to see oil glazed on canvas in a design that is not antique? Anand Radhakrishnan, an

Improve Your Designer Resume

Working as a freelancer can provide many benefits, but with the number of individuals hopping into the industry today, it's vital that you exert effort to make your resume stand out. This remains true for


Being different, standing out from the crowd and shining like a star is what every achiever dreams of, but not everyone achieves it. Jithin Roda has followed certain of his own principles to achieve this

Portrait by Vikas Sharma

Portraiture, as an art form, is much older than photography. Great masters have spent their lives learning this art. Vikas Sharma, a self taught photographer, finds himself in the same pursuit. He shares some of


Story-boarding is not just creating beautiful pieces of art. Instead it is presenting ideas and content in a strategical & comprehensible style. Saumin Patel tells us more.

Calligraphy Fonts

Add character and emotion to your designs with these amazing calligraphy fonts and grab your audience’s eye.

Illustrations by Bhavya Desai

Chennai based illustrator, Bhavya Desai, sketches the beauty of those fleeting moments of life, which we often overlook. Indulge yourself in illustrations made out of not just brilliant colours, but also of love, magic and

What should brands be paying attention to in 2021 by Lulu Raghavan

A good place to start is a better understanding of where consumer behaviour is headed. Mintel predicts that there are seven global consumer trends that will impact how brands will need to adapt their strategies

The Beauty of Women

The beauty of a woman is pure and refreshing; every man would agree. Spanish illustrator, Gabriel Moreno, is no different. Charmed by the raw beauty and behaviour of the female form, his artworks capture them

Overlooked Day-to-day Story

Concept Artist Renju MV discusses the process of creating an effective narrative by blending the knowledge of traditional mediums into digital tools and the interplay of line work and colours to convey the unique emotions

Brand Identity of Godrej Jersey by NH1 Design

The outdated brand identity of Jersey was redone by NH1 Design to communicate a contemporary and modern brand image to its audience.

Ancient Future

Finding the modern in the ancient is a matter of vision and desire, to renew the old in such a way that is thoroughly transformed in not only its form and look, but its very

Illustrating for a Publication

Wondering about the pros and cons of working for a publication or a media-house? Get an insight of what it is like to work for a media-house from the first-hand experience of illustrator, Gajanan D.


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