Gaming No More A Couch-potato Act with Nintendo Labo

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The Nintendo Labo ‘Combines the magic’ of the portable gaming console Nintendo Switch, with the fun, creativity and imagination that comes while involving with DIY creations. Gaming just got even more real, quite literally, but no more just within the realms of the virtual world.


Starting just with a simple but well-thought-out and effectively designed piece of cardboard, one can make anything from a 13-key piano to a fishing pole or even a motorbike – the horizon is wide with as many genius choices as a player can imagine – so much so that building is just as much fun as playing is. One might even invent new ways to play with each Toy-Con creation as one has fun discovering how it all works.


You can not only customise your creations but also create new ways to play with it.


The steps simply go as: Build Toy-Con creations with step-by-step instructions. Then add the Nintendo Switch console and have fun using the included software. Finally, explore how the mechanics work as you build and play with your Toy-Con creation.


With so many different ways to bring out one’s creativity through colour, paint, stickers or other original crafting ideas, one can dream-up new ways to use one’s Toy-Con creations and even bring them to life. It’s all a matter of how far you can imagine.


There are also a lot of accessories that you can build your own kit with, be it in the form of various exiting stencils, stickers and colourful tape rolls, or specific pre-designed kits known as “Variety kit” (where you can make, play and discover through 5 different Toy-con projects in the form of a motorbike, piano, house, etc.) and “Robot Kit” (through which you get to make, play and discover through a cool robot suit.)

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