Making Mark with Pop Art and Bold Colours!

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta
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A Pop art artist with bold choices in patterns and lines, the captivating art of Dhiman Gupta.

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

With a keen interest in English Literature and Cinema, Dhiman Gupta channels his vibrant colours and lines in his pop art. Along with a unique sense of style, he captures the audience with his digital pop art creations. Dhiman Gupta gives a sneak peek into his creative process.

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

CG. How do you choose the bold and vibrant colour scheme that is a distinctive quality in your illustrations?

Dhiman. Creativity for me is all about courage and audacity. I guess the bold and vibrant colour scheme of my illustrations reflects the same spirit. I call it “a collage of geometric shapes in bold colours”.

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

CG. Upon observations, there is a definite keen interest in Hollywood that comes through in your art, where does this stem from?

Dhiman. I guess this stems from my interest in English literature and world cinema.

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

CG. What do you want to communicate to the comic book reader community through the “DaBong Diaries”?

Dhiman. I have created ‘DaBong Diaries’ mixing many strange potions from across India. I want to tell stories mixing science and art again keeping India in mind.

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

CG. How did it feel to be the only Indian artist shortlisted for the FIDA Fashion Illustration 2020 Awards? Does this create additional pressure to create more innovative illustrations?

Dhiman. I was ecstatic. Yes, it creates additional pressure to match international standards. But then I strongly feel that art dissolves all boundaries and I perform best under deadlines and pressure. So the pressure is quite a good thing for me.

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

CG. With a diverse variety of powerhouse actresses and models featured in your illustrations, which is your favourite piece so far?

Dhiman. I feel Bella Hadid has the most drawable and the most photogenic face amongst all the recognisable faces in recent times. I am sure her face is a visual feast for any artist.

CG. How did the concept of playing with curse words and infusing Shakespearean works into that come from?

Dhiman. I love anything written by William Shakespeare. It has been a lifelong passion. I feel his texts should be made more accessible for the general audience. Curse words seemed to be the easiest thing to start with.

CG. How do you choose which personalities should be the focal point in your illustrations?

Dhiman. It can be anyone. I always have tried to capture a fleeting expression in my illustrations that will live forever

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

CG. Which rendering techniques and software do you use to create bold digital art?

Dhiman. I have been using Adobe Animate Pro (previously Macromedia Flash) for the last 20 years. I have such a great relationship with the software that I can almost draw with my eyes closed 🙂 I am planning to switch to iPad Pro soon to use ProCreate.

CG. Will there be a fourth title to the “DaBong Dairies”?

Dhiman. Oh yes! In my mind, I am ready with at least the next three stories. I will be through with the fourth one by next year.

CG. What kind of work do you want to create next?

Dhiman. I want to establish DaBong as a super detective (he has tremendous potential) and keep communicating ideas/stories through my art.

Pop art by Dhiman Gupta

CG. What words of wisdom would you like to impart to the illustrators just starting their creative journey?

Dhiman. As the famous saying goes “good artists copy, great artists steal”. It is very important to get inspired by the works of various artists from across the world. Only then will we be able to find our style. And that’s the ultimate objective, to have our unique style.

You can discover the diverse portfolio of Dhiman Gupta on his website and follow him along on his creative endeavours on Instagram.

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