Can Love Seep Through Ages and Still Emerge Youthfully?

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Priya Amrut Shinde has followed a simple guiding principle through her art; love is supposed to complement. Through her unconventional interpretations of age old love stories, she has created minimal illustrations of Indian love stories of deities.

Infinite Love (Radha Krishna)

Contemporary traditions

Starting with traditional forms of Gods and Goddesses, Priya transformed them using contemporary design elements. Subtly doing so, she has retained parts of the originality while minimising unnecessary details thus resulting in a vibrant and youthful canvas.


In an attempt to accessorise the artwork while maintaining a focus on the key characters, she has used motifs that are generally associated with the characters. Hence, you find minimalistic elements like flowers, mountains, and waves serving as backdrops in each artwork.

Eternal Love (Lakshmi Narayan)

Seamlessly integrating the male and female deity was a challenge, solved by the colour blue which is evidently a common theme across all artworks as the ‘Neelkanth’ is another name for Shiva, Vishnu rests underwater and Krishna has often been represented in the colour blue. So while the blue symbolises the men in all three couples, it is the other half that brings more colours and variety to the artwork.

Affectionate Love (Shiv Shakti)

Published in Issue 37

The issue includes interactions with Preeti Vyas from VGC on ‘How to pitch for clients or retain the existing one’ and Ashish Deshpande from Elephant on ‘Challenges of working with a startup’, along with some best freelancers like Archan Nair, Shreya Shetty and Paul Sandip, sharing their knowledge of working with various clients. Also, Sachin Puthran from Thatzit.com gave a 10-point no-nonsense guide for studios to handle their finances. A must read, if you are planning for the financial year ahead or worried about your handling your money matter, this issue can give you much-needed insight and guide you to a better financial health of your business or freelancing.

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