Light and Witty View To The Days ahead

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Freelance illustrator, Nithin Rao Kumblekar, felt the need to look at life positively, especially the days ahead (which people generally are anxious about). What resulted was a lively and lighthearted calendar with fun images and engaging colours.

days ahead
days ahead

The Brief.

Calendars, in general, are mostly boring, drawing an unexciting or rather tedious perception of the days to come. In contrast to these standard, typical and monotonous patterns, the intention was to create a positive-feeling calendar that would radiate a sense of exuberance and liveliness as one looks through the days ahead and schedules priorities or the likes.

days ahead

The Concept.

The approach thus involved simply creating colourful and playful imagery for every month of the year; ones that would cheer-up and bring a smile upon the viewer, instead of causing a sense of seriousness or grimness. This required bright colours, fun settings and depictions of quirky characters in positive fantasy worlds.

The Outcome.

Projected images featured an otherwise irksome traffic jam, a common situation on Indian roads, in a happy context, providing an upbeat view into everyday life. Likewise, images ironic to India yet funny, such as a Santa funnily sunbathing at a beach, found their way in. Yet, the calendar avoids necessarily adopting a month-specific illustration, considering that the weather across India is not very distinct as it is in western countries.

Published in Issue 35

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