Lego to build Eco-friendly Bricks by 2030

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Renowned global toy manufacturing company, Lego, is now attempting to be ecologically sustainable by 2030.

Established in the year 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the Danish company, Lego, is amongst the world’s leading toy brands even in the technologically advancing day and age of today.

Since the early part of the 1960s, most of Lego’s innumerable pieces of bricks have been produced from a form of plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
However, Lego is now in the process of creating a strategy that will make all its core products from environmentally sustainable materials by 2030. Its sustainability goals thus include creating bricks from bioplastic and being able to generate little to no waste. Just the previous year, Lego announced that it would begin eliminating single-use plastic from its boxes.
This time, prototypes of the renewed brick were created from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET), a kind of thermoplastic that is used to make everyday items such as bottles and clothing.
This plastic, acquired from the USA, revealed that a 1-litre plastic bottle provided sufficient raw material to create about ten of Lego’s 2×4 bricks.
Lego went through the arduous process of trying out more than 250 different formulations of recycled plastic to come up with a brick that complies with the company’s quality, safety and play requirements.
At the same time, being able to find a material as durable as traditional ABS has been a challenge for the global toymaking brand.
“For us, the challenge comes from needing materials that can be moulded to the accuracy of a hair width to ensure bricks produced today fit with those made over 60 years ago, while being durable and safe enough to be handled by children day-in, day-out,” said Lego.
In spite of that, Lego stands by its word of inspiring not just pay but also a positive impact. “We’re committed to playing our part in building a sustainable future for generations of children,” it stated.
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