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Transforming Education

The pandemic has brought many different challenges for everyone. But educating our young ones is among the top priority. Though we all have found our unique ways to use digital tools for education, we see struggles on many fronts.


The issue focused on how design education is still possible while most of us are locked in our homes. We interviewed many design educators from well-known design institutes to understand the current challenges and how they will affect future designers.


We also interacted with illustrators and photographers such as Jasjyot Singh Hans and Anirudh Agarwal, who seem to stand firm with their uniqueness in this time of chaos. Jasjyot jolts society by highlighting the prejudices of beauty standards, whereas Anirudh captures the individual’s story in a raw and unique way in each portrait.


Overall this issue serves food for thought with visually stunning creativity on a single platter. It’s a must-read for insights, inspirations and ideas to be a bold and unique creative individual. Grab your copy and enjoy in your cosy corner!


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