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2021 Graduates

With pandemic, varients, and lockdowns, the year 2021 has not been kind to most of us, especially those who have lost more than just freedom. We all have to find our unique ways to deal with new norms of working and connecting. Though it is evident that we all have figured the way forward, it is still unclear for a significant number of people around us.


Despite all the challenges, adapting to new ways of learning and working, honing many new skills, this year’s design graduates are having uniques problems. This issue focuses on 2021 design graduates to help them shine in some spotlight, whose talent you can surely see through their portfolios.


The cover of the issue by Shahul Hameed perfectly represents the hope we are all carrying inside. Also, we have some insightful interviews with young talented designers like Khyati Trehan, illustrator Nipen Bhuyan, Siddhant Jumde, and Dhiman Gupta. Don’t forget to read the special talk with Sabeena Karnik on how her love for typography and design has given birth to her art pieces.


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