Japanese Style Olympics 2020 trailer by BBC

Olympics 2020
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BBC Creative, the company’s in-house agency, recently launched its Japanese style Olympics 2020 campaign through a 1-minute trailer.

After a year of anticipation and postponement, the much-awaited Tokyo Olympics 2020 is not too far this month. Thereby, BBC Creative, in association with Nexus Studios and Factory Fifteen, has created a trailer in honour of the global sporting event through Japanese art and culture.

Referring to the project, BBC Creative Director Tim Jones said: “An Olympics hosted in Tokyo was a real gift – a city rich in pop culture, hosting the world’s most eclectic sporting event. It gave us the opportunity to push our campaign both conceptually and in its execution… I’ve watched the edit more times than I can count and I still spot something new or something I forgot we included.”

The minute-long campaign, ‘Let’s Go There,’ projects the ambience in Tokyo to be a celebration of the Olympics that reflects in all its elements – shops, street signs, arcades and even a J-Pop music video full of Olympic references.
Every frame of the video, though made to feel continuously shot through a single camera, is packed with a wide range of original artwork by Nexus Director and contemporary artist, Fantasista Utamaro. More than 50 “easter egg moments” spread through the 60 seconds ensure one spot a new element every time.
Factory Fifteen, the directorial collective made up of Kibwe Tavares, Jonathan Gales and Paul Nichols, adds: “We love bringing places to live with a heightened sense of reality and fantasy, often using the environment as a character. It was amazing to re-interpret evocative Japanese scenes with the world’s biggest sports and athletes woven into the city through authentic design and storytelling.”
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