Improve Your Chances to be Hired

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Improve Your Chances to be Hired
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Mohor Ray, co-founder of Codesign, explains the two most fundamental and key aspects that play a significant role and make the difference in whether you are hired or not as a promising designer

Usually, an interview is a conversation that begins almost always at the portfolio and then meanders to understand intention, clarity, and commitment behind the showcased work and person behind the work. There are two things that stand out beyond the basics:

Firstly, originality.

It might sound almost obvious, but the originality of thought and craft is not as common as one would (and should) expect. The originality of thought is a strong, unique approach to a problem or context, while originality of craft demonstrates proficiency with basic skills to create a unique aesthetic approach. Originality establishes that the designer has internalised the fundamental and foundational aspects of a design process, and is now able to create his/her own unique approaches.

All design is problem-solving, but it is the original ingenuity of some that stand out. As a practice, I am concerned not only with the quality of output but also how distinct and differentiated it is.

Secondly, creative ability.

The ability to think and work across media and contexts, seamlessly. This will be the norm and not a good-to-have in the immediate future. While specialisations and specialists will continue to be significant in a time of growing creative collations, it will also warrant designers who are able to move between media seamlessly in the pursuit of impactful and meaningful design solutions.

Media, both new and old, rarely exists in vacuum, and to match integrated experiences that we now live as consumers, designers too will need to think ‘integrated’ from day one.

Published in Issue 38

This issue, we try to explore different views from many well-known studio owners and senior designers. While Anthony Lopez of Lopez Design shared tips on what a studio looks for in a designer, Mohar Ray from Codesign highlights the key aspects that play a significant role and make the difference in whether you are hired or not as a promising designer. Also, this issue has an insightful article on ‘Branding with reason and love’ from Itu Chaudhuri, founder ICD (Itu Chaudhuri Design) along with Siddhi Ranade, explaining his tools of story telling through his unique style of illustrations. This issue is a must read for a talented graduate to a branding expert. Order you copy and enjoy reading it!


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