Nature Can Inspire Your Design Thoughts & Techniques!

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Snow, rain, forest, desert – nature never followsany particular style. Graphic design studio, Prasun Mazumdar Design believes in a similar variety. Inspired by nature, it likes to work with natural tools, the hands, to create artworks that are organic and free-flowing, just like nature itself.

Installation art for DLF Promenade
Shiva Illustration

Nature is the Best Reference.

Wings of a butterfly. Tail of a peacock. The sunset sky. The veins of leaves. Nature is full of such beautiful designs and v aried display of creativity. The idea is to make a regular morning walk in the park seem like a walk through an art gallery. Spend more time with nature. Register natural patterns and forms. That’s how you’ll gradually realize that lessons from a book don’t help as much as dir ect interaction with life and nature.

Illustration for Rajesh Pratap Singh, Rock Collection
Designed for Royal Enfield

Variety Makes This World an Exciting Place.

Graphic designers must learn this from nature. Everything that exists around us has been designed for a particular purpose. Designs should also have a similar aim, an appropriate purpose. Nature is a live demonstration of the various simulations and executions of the same subject. Like that tree in front of your home. It’s the same tree that looks different in the morning sunshine as compared to its dark shadows dancing on a wall at night.

Pundits. A mixed visual language, showing the musical combination of heavy classical notes backed by electronic beats
Through the Words of Mr. Bond. Illustration for ‘The Kashmiri Storyteller’ by Ruskin Bond
Should start again? The world after the apocalypse with the crow holding a hope in the form of a seedling
Jim. Tee and denim design, inspired by Jim Morrison, showcases his persona using shapes and colours

Design Should Not Be What You Want It To Be, But Rather What it Should Be.

The main problem these days is that many designers are creating artworks that ‘appeal to the masses’. That’s usually because clients want it that way. In a world where everyone interprets art differently, such works of art are ineffective. Moreover, they are detrimental to the diversity that is inherent in nature and society. As a result, the whole world of art and design is getting formulated. The philosophy should be to do good designs and make them for what they are meant to be.

Metamorphosis. Inspired by constellations and night sky phenomenon, the design shows metamorphosis at different levels around us
Metamorphosis. Inspired by constellations and night sky phenomenon, the design shows metamorphosis at different levels around us

Nature Gave Us Tools.

We decide its use. Like our hands. It gives one a lot of options to experiment with allowing for new outcomes every time. Technology has helped graphic designers immensely. However, working with hands is a different feeling altogether. The idea is not to be different, but to feel your work as you make it. Those pencil impressions on the thumb, the colour and ink stains on the palm, the aching joints of the finger s, are all signs of raw and fresh work.

Tanabana. The word ‘tanabana’ means matrix. This illustrative book cover was made with a thread like effect
Packaging for Smuze

Your Design is an Ecosystem.

If trees, rivers, animals, birds, insects, soil and rocks were design elements, a forest would be the artwork. It’s for a designer to bring together unrelated elements to make it seem like one harmonious family. Singling out one element and making it rich can disturb the balance of the overall layout later on. Hence, the bigger picture should always be kept in mind.

Packaging for Spichi
Packaging for Spichi
For Royal Enfield

Evolution is a Way of Survival.

Mutation, we all know, is what keeps life going. Nature has an appropriate solution for revival and survival. The same concept can be applied while making identities. Using the right fonts, understanding them and their usage, can create identities that can stand the test of time. Experiment with fonts, mutate them. But before all that, know the surroundings, that is, the philosophy of the brand, its placement in the market and various other factors affecting the brand. Keeping all this in mind, make necessary changes to the font to get a desired result.

Rebranding for Erna’s Gourmet
Rebranding for Erna’s Gourmet

Self Belief Leads to Adaptation.

While starting off as an independent venture, don’t narrow the choices. Try your hands on everything. Be everything. Don’t restrict your capabilities. Of course, the change from a protected environment to the wilderness is not easy. But if you’re good, nothing can stop you.

Designed for Jawa

Published in Issue 11

This is a Design in India Festival Special! This issue also explored the Jewellery Design & Wedding Photography with some cool techniques to learn from experts in Gyaan section.


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