How Important Are Ideas While Executing A Design Project?

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Shirin Kekre is an illustrator who doesn’t suspend her work; continuously thinking about the next design. Movies, music and scribbles are the way she does it; working late into the night. Varied themes and thoughts are an outcome of her excessive thinking and doodling.

Dear LCD, You Weren’t Even Born Back Then.

Therapeutic Designing.

An illustrator who works even after work; Shirin Kekre has a mind that is continuously imagining her next design. She has sacrificed many hours of sleep on developing each design that represent her thoughts; spending time, perfecting her work while others at sleep is a form of therapy for her.

Look, A Guy Playing A Guitar. Happy? You are the only one who can judge yourself; your own highlight differs from others. Find yourself, challenge yourself, and love yourself!

In search of ’the idea’, Shirin has experimented with various themes and colours to reach an outcome that satisfies both the audience and her inner designer. Sketching and scribbling, she spends enough time in the process before she finally reaches the elements that will shine in her designs. Her simple theme named “Round pegs and square holes” is quite unique and reflects her ideas of the world we live in; fitting in and yet not completely fulfilling expectations.

Mommy, Look. I’m Dead!

Drawing inspiration from illustrators such as Sir Joan Cornella, Henn Kim and Steve Cutts, Shirin believes in working on multiple projects at a time and taking much needed breaks to accommodate her fitness routines. She also has a creative outlet, a comic strip named “Retard” which she started with a copywriter friend. She demonstrate that abundance of creativity can be funneled into positive outlets, hence almost completely avoiding a creative block!

Creative Gaga - Issue 49


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