How far does passion take you?

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Ruchita Bhoir is an artist governed by passion and bound by loyalty. Obsessed with good music, she draws inspiration from lyrics and goes on to develop the imagery. Find out how she expresses her uniqueness on good days and bad.

Being inspired by the glamorous industry of fashion at a very early age, Ruchita learned a great deal of how to develop her personal style and hence to make a statement. The addition of flowers as her signature has put her on the map as someone who is confident to make her own distinctiveness stand out!

She and so many others live a dual life: digital designer by day and doodling artist by night. To keep the creative juices flowing, it is a sort of mandatory practice to continue a sketch a day. Though the growing trend of digital art has put good old hand sketching on the back seat; however Ruchita believes in the international trend followed by brands like Vogue and Chanel of marketing their products through sketches and illustrations which renders a very classy look.

Finding Real Joy.

Inspired by the song, Runaway by Aurora Aksnes, this artwork urges its viewers to take a break from daily routines and embrace nature, in order to find a happy life as opposed to moments of joy.

Self Portrait.

Ruchita’s signature flowers obviously make their way into her portrait; scale and colour of the same to be noted!

The Inevitable Visit.

Positively portraying death and softening the entire process with a balance of colours, while sticking to the ‘typical grim reaper comes for you’ concept. While death and with it the visit of the reaper is inevitable, the entire process should be perceived as a transformation losing your body and moving ahead with your soul.



Spread it! Let everyone know!

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