Graphic Design Trends of 2022

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Mira Malhotra
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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” The world has been going through interesting changes, and in the design world, these events have changed the way art is used to communicate. Mira Malhotra, a graphic designer and artist shares design innovations we will see dominate the landscape in 2022.

Graphic design is a fast-moving discipline, with trends changing massively over the past few years. The pandemic brought a shift in how we perceive art, design and media and with the Internet of Things (IoT) gaining prevalence, the design world is going to see a lot of changes in the coming years. This has led an increasing number of designers and agencies to be more experimental and approach design in new and unique ways. 2022 design trends promise to be nothing short of unpredictable. This year—like an echo of the end of the pandemic — the graphic design trends represent a fresh new start.


Here’s a quick rundown of the emerging trends in graphic design around the world.

1. Emergence of 3D Elements

Graphic design is moving towards the use of 3D elements in the design. The past year saw the surge of NFTs further bringing 3D artwork into focus. NFTs will further see branching out to create mini narratives out of them. Animated 3D elements are being used in advertising and promotional content to catch the fleeting attention of consumers.

2. Ubiquitousness of Animation

Social media has gone through massive shifts with the emergence of reels. TikTok, its alternatives and even Instagram has brought to the forefront reels and short videos. A lot of creators and artists who have established their identities through Instagram will embrace the algorithm and focus more on motion content. In graphic design, reels come in the form of animated content. Adobe After Effects is the sought-after software all designers are learning while Adobe CC has also introduced some new 3D programs that are simpler to learn for beginners.

3. Augmented Reality

2022 is the year we will see a lot more AR (Augmented Reality). Virtual Reality is a lot more taxing to create and we are still further away from trickling it into mainstream design. The centre of much of technology’s attention currently is Mobile AR. Many users already own an AR capable smartphone and we are going to see how people are creating designs and illustrations to fit into the spaces they already inhabit, except through screens.

4. Pop Colours in the RGB Colour Palette

Illustrations and graphics are seeing the use of really bright and pop colours that can only be made in the RGB gamut. A trend that has been around for a while and gained an even stronger foothold due to the pandemic and the subsequent emphasis on experiencing art through screens. RGB is so commonplace that print files are practically non-existent. Applications like Procreate and Fresco have made it much more difficult to make print files but at the same time made it that much easier to paint in vivid colours which one can only get on a screen.

5. Social Media Content for LinkedIn, Instagram

With the Instagram algorithm constantly changing and less focused on still images, graphic designers are also looking at its alternatives. However, Instagram reels have also led to designers making more BTS videos and showcasing their process behind designs. LinkedIn has also emerged as a platform for designers to showcase their talents using short videos or external links and amalgamate their art with the corporate world.

6. Plan Downtime

Plan for the downtime and try to save up at least 3-6 months of your basic living expenses. When you start out keep your overheads low, embrace the frugality till you know you have saved up enough to not panic if the work dries up for a while.

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