Graphic Design Trends Which Marked 2017

Graphic Design Tends 2017
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Currents in the graphic design world are constantly changing, and those trends that keep adapting, growing and switching affect the entire business world. If you want to release a product, create a new website, rebrand your business, or invest in your advertising, you need to know what is in and what is popular right now.

However, quality and popularity are two very different terms that you need to have in mind. Some trends are popular for a short time –they light up in flames as fast as they go out. So, if you’re on a serious project and you’re in need of a valuable design that won’t be forgotten quickly, then you need to do your homework and find out which trends will be left with a quality stamp. The following definitely worth your attention.


Although symmetry isn’t dead, it’s clear that it’s now shadowed by a trend which enables richer options when it comes to composition – asymmetry. Because of its form, asymmetry opens more possibilities for accenting; it’s simpler to make action buttons visible this way, for example.


Bold Colours

Pastel and soft colours are now a thing of the past – neon as well, thankfully. During this year, many outstanding pieces of graphic design contained two strong, vibrant colours. If you decide to go with this trend, you can be positive that your brand will stand out.

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Geometric Shapes

Those with OCD will be happy to know that there’s still some structure left. Geometric shapes have been introduced to graphic design, and it’s not at all uncommon to see them used as a minimalistic element. So, if you desire simplicity, this is a trend you should turn to.

Visual Communication - AnantKulkarni
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When we speak about the trends that marked 2017, illustrations must be mentioned. Original artwork finally found its place in the contemporary graphic design, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your run into a website that consists only of illustrations. They give a whimsical storytelling vibe to the digital world.

While we’re on the subject, you should also pay attention to modern retro – it has very interesting elements that simultaneously breathe with urban and vintage. These two currents will give your business a spirit and make it alive.

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If you’re ready to go beyond limits and incorporate something completely different into your brand, then you should know that now is a perfect time. Dynamics designs that are completely chaotic and without any frames or outer lines are a new movement that’s taking over the internet. So, if you think you need something bold, daring and unexpected, this is the thing for you.

Another consequence of disorder is a mixture of photography and other elements – open composition. So now you don’t have to dwell on a decision in order to figure out whether you want to implement photos or original artwork to your business because you can go with both.

Playful Fonts

Up until recently, graphic design was minimalistic, which also implied that the lettering needs to be neat and clean. However, these limits were also broken, and now it’s not at all uncommon to come across playful writings, scattered letters and cropped titles. It’s a trend that goes well together with reigning chaos and designs without determined restrictions.

It’s obvious that this trend can do damage to your business – it takes a real professional to develop a design like this that works well, so make sure you find the right person for the job.



A wonderful addition to all trends listed above are cinemagraphs – a moving picture is the final puzzle piece that the world of graphic design needs. However, simplicity is the key here; if you want to implement a cinemagraph on your website, make sure that it doesn’t draw too much attention to what you have to offer. But, if you make the right decision, you can be positive that it will leave a wow impression on your visitors.

It’s obvious that minimalism which was extremely popular up until this year, became boring to everyone. So now, graphic designers worldwide turned to drawing and experimenting, and welcomed chaos into their work. Each of the trends listed above will linger on – it’s up to you to see which one is the most suitable for what you have in mind and need realized.

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