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Furniture Design
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What once was simply a carpenter’s job has now become an entire field in designing. Furniture design has evolved from the regular chairs and tables to more sophisticated forms. Redo Design Studio from Poland, believe the evolution is due to the discovery of new and the unique materials that solve the functional problems. Here they reveal their concepts and beliefs to give a better understanding of furniture design.

TAO Set - Creative Gaga
TAO FURNITURE SET. Inspired by Japanese calligraphy, the sturdy legs and arrangements establish a balanced form
PUFFI UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE SET. Designed for residential interiors, inspired by bean bags
PUFFI UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE SET. Designed for residential interiors, inspired by bean bags

CG. Kindly tell us about your journey; how did Redo Design come about? What were the challenges involved in starting off designing furniture? What is your design philosophy?

RedoDesign. The design has always interested me, and furniture design was something that stood out the most because my father was a carpenter. Hence in 2008, a co-founding initiative called Timoore was started which was dedicated to children furniture design.


But once Timoore started acquiring numerous projects, the need for a sophisticated and a dedicated design studio came about and that is how Redo Design Studio was first launched.

VI-CHAIR. The design is characterised by a simple and extremely compact form
VI-CHAIR. The design is characterised by a simple and extremely compact form
Base Light Armchair

CG. Your designs are simple and minimalistic. What do your designs communicate? What emotions and reactions do you instil in your audience?

RedoDesign. How one’s designs manifest has a lot to do with what the project demands. Projects that are intelligible, precise, clear and logical are appealing, not only for the designer but for the audience as well. People are surprised not only by form, shape and colour, but also by the way they’re perceived.

MAGH. This collection makes a wise choice of material with a base made of wooden legs contrasted with white lacquered MDF surfaces

CG. What are some of the things you need to be mindful of while designing furniture? How do you balance functionality and aesthetics?

RedoDesign. The material is the fulcrum of the balance between functionality and aesthetics. Everything from knowledge of the material, its possibilities to its limitations depends largely on the success of the project.


Properties of the materials used definitely play a vital role in the overall aesthetics of the design. It is the primary problem that needs to be solved wisely. For example, in a design by Benjamin Hubert, he makes use of wood veneer to design an ultra-light table.


When designing furniture, it’s an asset to be familiar with various properties of options available, everything from its structure and surface to texture and colour.

Boo Sofa
TAO FURNITURE SET. Inspired by Japanese calligraphy, the sturdy legs and arrangements establish a balanced form
TUBE LIGHTS. This lighting design uses a minimalistic approach to make these lights fit into any space

CG. Would you say your designs have any Polish influence? How do your designs appeal to the international segment? How do you give them a modern touch?

RedoDesign. If all the designs have any Polish characteristics, it’s entirely due to subconscious actions. Frankly, while designing, it’s hard to keep such things in mind. One is very much focused on the brief, the project and technicalities that style becomes an effortless task. It can be said that style and character develop over time through continual experimentation with material and form.

Ortho Pillow-SHELL
Ortho Pillow-PLUS
Ortho Pillow-TRIPLE
Ortho Pillow-VIEN

CG. What’s the story behind your contrasts add to the appeal of your designs?

RedoDesign. Every designer has their own private niche that they use as signatures in every design they create. Likewise, Redo Design loves using intense, pure colour contrasted with white, grey or black. It has a major impact on the visual perception of the whole project.


Of course, this depends largely on the specific project. Again, ‘something new’ is what we all work towards, and hence experimentation with flashy colours or even interesting nuances and shades is always happening.

WOOD SHELF. This colourful and concept based book shelf design has the potential to make reading space the favorite place for kids

CG. What advice would you give to those who would like to take up furniture design? The research must they do? What should be their motto?

RedoDesign. That is a difficult question. It is important to continually practice, improve skills and simple curiosity about the world. Don’t be afraid to be different.

Wing Armchair
NYMPHA. This is inspired by water lily leaves and has an essential element of a triangular pin welded to the top and the base of the furniture
BASE ARMCHAIR. This seat concept is based on the reduced form to a few basic organic solids
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