“For the Love of Meat” Brand Identity for Licious by Codesign

Brand Identity of Licious
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Codesign shares their journey of creating the new brand identity for Licious that captures perfectly the sensorial emotion of “love of meat”. Have a behind the scenes look into how the heartier, meatier and more delicious identity of Licious transpired.


Requirements Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity of Licious
Before (L) & After (R)

The Brief

Born out of the love for meat, Licious was founded in 2015. Licious emerged as India’s largest tech-driven, direct-to-consumer fresh meat and seafood brand by focusing on product quality, freshness, and innovation. In 2021, it became the first D2C brand in India to achieve unicorn status in India. With an expansion of the fresh meats category, the Licious brand needed to distinguish itself from other players with a strong voice, while also launching new offerings and formats to serve broader consumer needs.

Brand Identity of Licious
Brand Identity of Licious

Key Requirements

The brand identity must

  1. Capture an emotional mind space.
  2. Evoke the sensorial emotion of “love of meat”.
  3. Instil trust in freshness and quality.
  4. Unify core brand recall across the rapidly growing portfolio of products.
Brand Identity of Licious
Brand Identity of Licious
Carry Bag

The Problem

With a rapidly expanding portfolio, it was critical for the Licious brand to distinguish itself from other players in the category by developing a distinct identity while also launching new offerings and formats to meet broader consumer needs. It was critical to unify core brand recall across new categories while also allowing for careful adaptation for different contexts.

Packaging Elements

The Strategy

Codesign’s partnership with Licious to refresh the brand identity was aimed at two key, interconnected objectives

Brand Identity of Licious

Capturing an emotional mind space for the brand


Make it Licious – Create authentic and ownable brand expressiveness that evokes the sensorial emotion of ‘love for meat’ while adhering to category codes of freshness and quality. The aim was to strengthen the brand’s connection to deliciousness and passion for food.

App Icon
Social Posts

Strengthen brand recall alongside brand growth

Always Licious –
Unify core brand recall across the rapidly growing portfolio, while allowing for thoughtful adaptation for different contexts (formats, content, packaging & more).

Packaging Elements
Apron & T-shirt

The Approach

The New Flavour of Licious

The brand’s inherent gastronomic passion is brought to life by the identity refresh, which is served with affable quirk. It’s heartier, meatier, and more flavorful, boosting brand ownership and recall. A warm and friendly family of brand assets lends a natural good-natured and fun-loving tonality to the brand. Carefully crafted cues instil trust in freshness and quality, which is critical for the category. Guidelines and usage principles enable consistently delightful implementation across diverse touchpoints—from online experiences to offline retail—to create a very Licious universe.

Plate Design

The Design

Licious is now heartier, meatier and more flavourful! The updated colour palette combines appetising, rich tones of red, grey, and warm white to create a unique combination. While the smile from the previous iteration remains, the wordmark has been redrawn to represent a delicious flow with meatier weight and warm, handcrafted details. The brand font complements other brand assets with its fullness and warmth, and goes well with the brand’s witty, light-hearted tone. The handcrafted juicy quirks of the wordmark also serve as inspiration for the distinct icon and illustration styling, which features thick-thin lines and spontaneous strokes in brand colours.

Brand Identity of Licious
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