Festival Greetings Through Denim!

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Creative Controller, Vipin KV, talks about how his team spread seasons greeting across festive India, using Lee products such as denims, tees and accessories as the mediums of depiction. Every Indian festival is unique, and so must be its celebration!



The Brief.

India being a land of festivals, Lee – the world’s premier denim brand – runs promotional offers for various festive occasions across India, Featuring popularly celebrated festivals such as Durga Pooja, Diwali, etc. we were asked to create posters announcing the same.



The Concept.

Taking forward the inimitable visual language we had earlier developed for Lee, every festival was given a representation made purely out of their apparel such as denims, tees and accessories. Shot and designed in-house, each poster was worked on more as a work of art than as a sales push. Be it dhols (a kind of Indian drum) or boats or mithai (traditional Indian sweets), we recreated the instantly recognisable elements by hand, purely using the Lee products.


The Outcome.

Since the brief allowed a free reign to work with and experiment, it became possible to make for unique communication pieces amidst all the starburst clutter, while having fun with the possibilities. What thus materialised was a representation of festive India, using the brand’s products as a medium.

Published in Issue 35

The season of the festival has started and everyone is preparing to have a unique one this time with less cash and more fun. We interview many creatives who creates promotional or calendar design each year. As most of the thing around us had shifted to digital, even calendar design and the promotion has shifted. But Yorick Pintos, a strategic consultant at studio Kohl suggests that best option would be a mix of both. If you are interested in print design & want to understand the future of the same. So, go ahead and order your latest issue copy!


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