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Anime artist and illustrator, Anurag Ankit Kumar goes through his journey in art, where he talks about his biggest dreams, worst fears, and most importantly, how he grew up as an artist.

He has always been interested in cartoons. His passion began from the last bench of his school days, and later into a professional anime artist. He overcame multiple fears and stereotypes of whether artists can make a good living with just their work.

Following your passion despite knowing your roadblocks and hurdles is very important, he says. The community of artists across the internet, who are so well connected today also motivated him to pursue further in this way.

Cyberpunk is one of Anurag’s most recent favourites and he has been absolutely fascinated with the possibilities of approach to this genre. He hopes to work on more pieces and integrate minor, yet important details to make his pieces stand out.

His brother was the first person to introduce him to the world of anime, with Naruto. Anurag’s very first impression was that he found the character designs bizarre yet appealing. He quickly jumped to his sketchpad, inspired, made a few sketches and posted them online. The response gave him enough confidence to push himself further. Ever since then, Anime has been inseparable from his life.

His biggest advice to new artists is to not spend too much time on correcting or creating a new style that is entirely their own. He believes that the style evolves with time, work, and with upcoming trends. For instance, his own style is inspired by his love for Anime, his taste for cool colour combinations, various perspectives, compositions and minimalism. But he is quite sure that when his taste changes with time, so will his style.

Anurag derives inspiration from multiple contemporaries and legends in the field like Vinnie, Yun Ling and Xi Zhang. He believes that his first commissioned project gave him immense confidence and drive to move ahead.


Clients on the other hand commission for sketches of the kind of their favourite character or ask him to create characters based on the stories that they have in mind. He aspires to extend his expertise in art by integrating 3D designs and working with entertainment agencies, he says as he concludes.

If you enjoy anime and Manga related designs, you can check out more of his work here.

Creative Gaga - Issue 55


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