All in One Full Face Mask - AARMR

All in One Full Face Mask - AARMR

In the times of COVID-19, face mask has become the necessity for everyone, but using and throwing out a disposable mask daily creates a huge challenge for our oceans. By which, we may be able to solve one problem, but at the same time, we're creating another.

To counter this, the design team of Desmania designed the full face mask called 'AARMR' which is reusable and durable. The design philosophy behind this mask is a thoughtful integration of Goggles, Face Shield and N95 Mask into one single product.

It's a simple and affordable mask which has 3 times the efficacy of the normal mask. Some of the highlights of the mask are:

Covers the entire face so that there is no risk of touching your eyes, nose or mouth. 

Stands on the sustainability tenet of being reusable and durable. 

It provides a clear vision to the wearer because of the low refractive index of acrylic. 

Also solves the problem of fogging and heavy breathing through innovative features. 

Can be washed or sanitised with soap water and also can be used for a long time. 
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